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Most of Bob Marley's early music was recorded with Peter Tosh and Bunny Wailer, who together with Marley were the most prominent members of The Wailers. In 1972, The Wailers had their first hit outside Jamaica when Johnny Nash covered their song "Stir It Up", which became a U.K. hit. The 1973 album, Catch a Fire, was released worldwide, and sold well. It was followed by Burnin' which included the song "I Shot the Sheriff", of which a cover version by Eric Clapton became a hit in 1974. Peter Tosh and Bunny Wailer left The Wailers in 1974. Bob Marley proceeded with Bob Marley and the Wailers, which included the Wailers Band and the I Threes. In 1975, he had his first own hit outside Jamaica with "No Woman, No Cry," from the Natty Dread album. His subsequent albums, including Rastaman Vibration, Exodus, Kaya, Survival and the last album released during his lifetime, Uprising, were big international sellers. Between 1991 and 2007 Bob Marley and The Wailers sold in excess of 21 million...
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400 years btab340.00


acoustic medley crd 803639id 19032009date260.00
africa unite btab380.00
africa unite crd360.00
africa unite ver2 btab 896762id 30112009date250.00
african herbman intro tab 935457id 29032010date360.00
african herbsman crd330.00
african herbsman tab270.00
african herbsman ver2 crd300.00
all day and all night btab 810769id 08042009date230.00
all day and all night crd 777159id 21012009date240.00
am a do crd330.00
ambush in the night btab 987319id 13092010date290.00
ambush in the night crd 983582id 01092010date240.00


baby weve got a date btab 977079id 12082010date270.00
baby weve got a date crd 982638id 30082010date240.00
baby weve got a date tab290.00
babylon by bus tab340.00
babylon system crd 949425id 17052010date240.00
back out crd 981115id 24082010date240.00
bad boys btab410.00
bad boys ver2 btab 835139id 10062009date290.00
bad card btab340.00
bad card crd 1059668id 27052011date280.00
bad card tab270.00
bad card ver2 btab220.00
bend down low btab270.00
bend down low crd 983324id 01092010date300.00
buffalo soilder crd330.00
buffalo soldier btab410.00
buffalo soldier crd280.00
buffalo soldier tab320.00
buffalo soldier ver2 btab 1179155id 31082012date280.00
buffalo soldier ver2 crd300.00
burnin and lootin btab320.00
burnin and lootin crd360.00
by the rivers of babylon tab320.00


caution btab 822338id 12052009date250.00
caution crd 981116id 24082010date240.00
chances are tab300.00
chances are ver2 tab320.00
chances are ver3 tab330.00
chances are ver4 tab 984053id 02092010date260.00
chant down babylon btab 984299id 06092010date340.00
chant down babylon crd320.00
cheer up intro tab270.00
cheer up tab 949122id 14052010date250.00
comin in from the cold btab300.00
coming in from the cold btab270.00
coming in from the cold crd340.00
coming in from the cold ver2 crd 983599id 01092010date220.00
concrete jungle btab310.00
concrete jungle crd340.00
concrete jungle tab260.00
concrete jungle ver2 btab 934889id 29032010date260.00
concrete jungle ver2 tab 938190id 09042010date250.00
could you be loved btab360.00
could you be loved crd330.00
could you be loved tab260.00
could you be loved ver2 btab260.00
could you be loved ver2 tab 796252id 27022009date180.00
could you be loved ver3 btab270.00
could you be loved ver4 btab 835517id 11062009date250.00
could you be loved ver5 btab 1170678id 25072012date230.00
crazy baldheads btab300.00
crazy baldheads crd300.00
crisis crd 983296id 01092010date220.00
crisis tab400.00
cry to me acoustic crd 1055192id 10052011date260.00
cry to me crd250.00


dewdrops crd280.00
do it twice crd300.00
do it twice intro tab370.00
dont rock my boat crd 981117id 24082010date250.00
dont worry about a thing crd300.00
duppy conqueror crd370.00


easy skankin btab270.00
easy skanking btab290.00
easy skanking crd340.00
easy skanking ver2 btab350.00
easy skanking ver2 crd340.00
everythings gonna be alright crd 941480id 19042010date220.00
exodus btab310.00
exodus tab390.00


forever loving jah btab310.00
forever loving jah crd280.00
forever loving jah ver2 crd 983611id 01092010date260.00


get up stand up btab320.00
get up stand up crd 797401id 02032009date220.00
get up stand up tab300.00
get up stand up ver2 btab 865332id 25082009date230.00
get up stand up ver2 crd 1201218id 17122012date250.00
guava jelly crd270.00
guava jelly intro tab 1181689id 12092012date270.00
guava jelly ver2 crd 981118id 24082010date210.00
guiltiness crd 802819id 17032009date240.00


hallelujah time btab 1065957id 13062011date240.00
hallelujah time crd 982337id 30082010date250.00
hammer btab 972776id 30072010date210.00
hammer crd 981119id 24082010date320.00
hammer tab290.00
high tide or low tide crd280.00
how many times crd 891306id 09112009date260.00
hurting inside crd300.00
hurting inside tab320.00


i dont want to wait in vain solo tab280.00
i know a place crd280.00
i know a place ver2 crd 816271id 22042009date260.00
i shot the sheriff btab250.00
i shot the sheriff crd 844553id 06072009date330.00
i shot the sheriff tab460.00
i shot the sheriff ver2 btab330.00
i shot the sheriff ver2 crd370.00
i shot the sheriff ver2 tab340.00
i shot the sheriff ver3 btab 901236id 14122009date290.00
i shot the sheriff ver3 tab290.00
i shot the sheriff ver4 tab390.00
i shot the sheriff ver5 tab 1020517id 18012011date370.00
if the cap fits tab 857039id 07082009date290.00
im hurting inside crd 981123id 24082010date280.00
im still waiting crd 981124id 24082010date270.00
iron lion zion btab370.00
iron lion zion crd330.00
is this love btab270.00
is this love crd270.00
is this love intro tab260.00
is this love intro ver2 tab290.00
is this love tab260.00
is this love ver2 btab310.00
is this love ver2 crd360.00
is this love ver2 tab360.00
is this love ver3 crd 1160810id 13062012date270.00


jah live btab 1104665id 31102011date330.00
jah live crd320.00
jamaica rum btab 1107139id 09112011date230.00
jammin btab450.00
jammin crd340.00
jammin tab330.00
jammin ver2 btab 929969id 12032010date280.00
jammin ver2 crd280.00
jamming crd290.00
johnny was crd270.00
johnny was tab 1061900id 03062011date240.00
johnny was ver2 crd 983520id 01092010date380.00
judge not crd290.00
judge not ver2 crd 853834id 30072009date210.00
judge not ver3 crd 892258id 12112009date330.00
judge not ver4 crd 981125id 24082010date250.00


kaya crd330.00
kaya ver2 crd320.00
keep on moving btab 881219id 08102009date250.00
keep on moving crd 918424id 04022010date220.00
keep on moving ver2 crd 981127id 24082010date220.00
kinky reggae btab310.00
kinky reggae crd 982644id 30082010date250.00
kinky reggae live btab350.00
kinky reggae tab310.00
kinky reggae ver2 btab 980776id 23082010date240.00
knocking on heavens door crd390.00


legend album crd310.00
lick samba crd 981130id 24082010date260.00
lively up yourself btab410.00
lively up yourself crd 924101id 22022010date270.00
lively up yourself ver2 btab360.00
lively up yourself ver3 btab330.00
lively up yourself ver4 btab 905049id 25122009date260.00
looking in your big brown eyes btab400.00
looking in your big brown eyes crd 1178053id 27082012date260.00


mellow mood crd310.00
mellow mood ver2 crd 981131id 24082010date200.00
misty morning btab 980121id 23082010date250.00
misty morning crd380.00
misty morning ver2 crd 983304id 01092010date310.00
mix up mix up btab280.00
mr brown crd 981132id 24082010date270.00


natty dread btab350.00
natty dread crd280.00
natty dread ver2 btab 842400id 29062009date300.00
natural mystic btab310.00
natural mystic crd360.00
natural mystic ver2 btab 797396id 02032009date240.00
natural mystic ver2 crd 983283id 01092010date260.00
nice time crd330.00
nice time ver2 crd 981133id 24082010date270.00
night shift btab 984891id 06092010date280.00
night shift crd 983550id 01092010date260.00
no more trouble btab270.00
no more trouble crd 982645id 30082010date220.00
no water btab330.00
no woman no cry acoustic crd 1058940id 23052011date350.00
no woman no cry acoustic tab350.00
no woman no cry acoustic ver2 crd 1177644id 24082012date260.00
no woman no cry btab1270.00
no woman no cry crd440.00
no woman no cry solo tab 812673id 14042009date330.00
no woman no cry tab270.00
no woman no cry ver2 btab 894570id 20112009date230.00
no woman no cry ver2 crd380.00
no woman no cry ver2 tab270.00
no woman no cry ver3 tab310.00
no woman no cry ver4 tab380.00
no woman no cry ver5 tab420.00


one cup of coffee crd440.00
one cup of coffee ver2 crd 981134id 24082010date280.00
one drop btab330.00
one drop crd300.00
one drop ver2 btab320.00
one drop ver2 crd310.00
one drop ver3 btab 1050316id 26042011date250.00
one drop ver4 btab 1050481id 26042011date310.00
one foundation crd 982347id 30082010date250.00
one love btab300.00
one love crd320.00
one love drum tab 880687id 07102009date270.00
one love people get ready btab320.00
one love people get ready ver2 btab 896748id 30112009date260.00
one love ver2 btab 976266id 09082010date260.00
one love ver2 crd320.00
one love ver3 crd 915230id 01022010date330.00
one love ver4 crd 1046705id 15042011date270.00
one love ver5 crd 1051000id 26042011date250.00
oppressed song tab350.00


pass it on crd240.00
pimpers paradise btab270.00
pimpers paradise crd 983613id 01092010date270.00
pimpers paradise tab290.00
pimpers paradise ver2 btab 912009id 21012010date310.00
positive vibration btab430.00
positive vibration crd 983554id 01092010date230.00
punky reggae party crd280.00
put it on btab440.00
put it on crd450.00
put it on ver2 btab 974413id 05082010date310.00


rastaman chant btab290.00
rastaman live up btab330.00
rastaman live up crd 981135id 24082010date290.00
rastaman live up ver2 btab 905059id 25122009date310.00
rat race btab280.00
rat race crd 983556id 01092010date230.00
real situation btab320.00
real situation crd 983615id 01092010date310.00
real situation intro tab 1181693id 12092012date340.00
real situation tab350.00
real situation ver2 btab350.00
rebel music btab320.00
rebel music crd330.00
rebel music ver2 btab 1066841id 16062011date300.00
rebel music ver2 crd 983330id 01092010date250.00
red red wine crd460.00
redempition song btab 935195id 29032010date430.00
redempition song crd 1097439id 03102011date250.00
redempition song tab410.00
redemption song btab360.00
redemption song crd 888817id 02112009date210.00
redemption song intro btab280.00
redemption song intro tab 877564id 28092009date240.00
redemption song intro ver2 tab350.00
redemption song intro ver3 tab 964405id 05072010date250.00
redemption song intro ver4 tab 1116627id 19122011date330.00
redemption song tab250.00
redemption song ver2 btab 974121id 02082010date470.00
redemption song ver2 crd290.00
redemption song ver2 tab320.00
redemption song ver3 crd340.00
redemption song ver3 tab270.00
redemption song ver4 tab 1090339id 05092011date310.00
redemption songs crd 1044845id 07042011date270.00
redmeption song crd290.00
revolution crd380.00
revolution ver2 crd 983331id 01092010date220.00
ride natty ride crd330.00
ride natty ride ver2 crd 983587id 01092010date200.00
rivers of babylon crd380.00
rivers of babylon tab350.00
rivers of babylon ver2 tab 828250id 25052009date280.00
rock it baby btab330.00
roots rock raggae tab290.00
roots rock reggae btab280.00
roots rock reggae crd310.00
roots rock reggae ver2 btab370.00
roots rock reggae ver3 btab 929437id 12032010date310.00
running away tab270.00


satisfy my soul btab 833186id 05062009date220.00
satisfy my soul crd280.00
satisfy my soul ver2 btab 857186id 07082009date220.00
satisfy my soul ver2 crd 983306id 01092010date230.00
satisfy my soul ver3 crd 1139525id 22032012date240.00
screwface crd 981136id 24082010date290.00
shes gone crd320.00
shes gone ver2 crd 983310id 01092010date260.00
simmer down btab350.00
simmer down crd300.00
slave driver btab260.00
slave driver crd 982658id 30082010date210.00
slave driver ver2 btab 1125999id 27012012date270.00
slave driver ver3 btab 1188025id 12102012date270.00
slogans crd340.00
small axe btab 974640id 05082010date280.00
small axe crd330.00
smile jamaica crd 981137id 24082010date250.00
smoke two joints intro tab 886536id 26102009date280.00
so jah say tab 952308id 24052010date280.00
so jah seh crd 983333id 01092010date320.00
so much things to say crd 931661id 17032010date190.00
so much trouble in the world btab280.00
so much trouble in the world crd 983588id 01092010date230.00
so much trouble in the world ver2 btab 1107891id 14112011date270.00
soul almighty btab350.00
soul captives crd290.00
soul rebel acoustic crd 826842id 20052009date220.00
soul rebel btab350.00
soul rebel crd260.00
soul rebel ver2 crd 797656id 04032009date190.00
soul shake down party crd 981139id 24082010date300.00
soul shake down party intro tab240.00
stand alone crd310.00
stiff necked fools btab350.00
stiff necked fools crd330.00
stiff necked fools ver2 btab 865345id 25082009date290.00
stiff necked fools ver3 btab 905092id 25122009date280.00
stir it up btab330.00
stir it up crd360.00
stir it up intro tab430.00
stir it up intro ver2 tab 991030id 27092010date320.00
stir it up solo tab 835684id 11062009date250.00
stir it up tab750.00
stir it up ver2 btab380.00
stir it up ver2 crd 1053322id 10052011date300.00
stir it up ver2 tab360.00
stir it up ver3 btab 928762id 09032010date310.00
stir it up ver4 btab 999861id 01112010date350.00
stop that train btab 962163id 25062010date300.00
stop that train crd360.00
sun is shining btab350.00
sun is shining crd250.00
sun is shining solo tab270.00
sun is shining tab240.00
survival crd 983589id 01092010date240.00


talkin blues crd460.00
talkin blues ver2 crd 983335id 01092010date220.00
thank you lord crd340.00
thank you lord ver2 crd 981141id 24082010date280.00
the heathen crd 983287id 01092010date290.00
them belly full btab340.00
them belly full tab 775410id 21012009date270.00
them belly full ver2 btab 839054id 23062009date270.00
there she goes crd420.00
there she goes intro tab 826200id 20052009date230.00
this train crd320.00
this train ver2 crd 1072908id 07072011date260.00
three little birds btab380.00
three little birds crd330.00
three little birds tab500.00
three little birds ver2 btab 1123350id 16012012date290.00
three little birds ver2 crd340.00
three little birds ver2 tab 946270id 05052010date310.00
three little birds ver3 crd370.00
three little birds ver3 tab 949314id 14052010date340.00
three little birds ver4 crd 932556id 22032010date340.00
three little birds ver4 tab 952528id 26052010date320.00
time will tell acoustic crd230.00
time will tell crd 983321id 01092010date270.00
time will tell tab300.00
top rankin crd 983591id 01092010date340.00
trench town rock tab260.00
trenchtown rock btab250.00
trenchtown rock crd300.00
trenchtown rock ver2 btab 925471id 26022010date270.00
turn your lights down low crd300.00
turn your lights down low tab340.00
turn your lights down low ver2 crd310.00
turn your lights down low ver3 crd 983291id 01092010date310.00


waiting in vain btab260.00
waiting in vain crd280.00
waiting in vain new key crd340.00
waiting in vain solo tab260.00
waiting in vain tab280.00
waiting in vain ver2 btab290.00
waiting in vain ver2 crd 812821id 14042009date240.00
waiting in vain ver2 tab380.00
waiting in vain ver3 btab 874710id 21092009date240.00
waiting in vain ver3 crd310.00
waiting in vain ver3 tab 1200698id 14122012date290.00
waiting in vain ver4 btab 909834id 21012010date270.00
waiting in vain ver4 crd330.00
waiting in vain ver5 crd290.00
wake up and live btab 1058466id 20052011date310.00
want more crd 983557id 01092010date270.00
want more tab310.00
war btab350.00
war crd 983560id 01092010date240.00
war tab420.00
we and dem crd 983618id 01092010date250.00
we and them btab340.00
who colt the game crd370.00
who the cap fit btab270.00
who the cap fit crd 883214id 17102009date240.00
who the cap fit tab290.00
who the cap fit ver2 btab 991639id 30092010date300.00
whos the cap fit crd290.00
work btab 825026id 16052009date240.00
work crd 983620id 01092010date230.00


you cant blame the youth btab220.00


zimbabwe btab400.00
zimbabwe crd360.00
zimbabwe ver2 btab430.00
zimbabwe ver2 crd290.00
zion train btab330.00
zion train crd370.00
zion train intro tab 1011450id 13122010date350.00