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Bowling for Soup (often typeset as ¡Bowling for Soup! and abbreviated as BFS) is an American rock band originally formed in Wichita Falls, Texas, in 1994. The band consists of Jaret Reddick (lead vocals, guitar), Chris Burney (guitar, backing vocals), Erik Chandler (bass, backing vocals, acoustic guitar), and Gary Wiseman (drums, percussion, backing vocals). The band is best known for its singles "Girl All the Bad Guys Want", "1985", "Almost", and "High School Never Ends". History Formation and early years (1986–2001) Bowling for Soup has its origins in Wichita Falls, Texas, where Jaret Reddick (born March 6, 1972) and other members of the band grew up. Reddick and guitarist Chris Burney (born May 25, 1969) knew each other in high school (they met in 1986), and as students in the 1980s, they grew up on the commercially successful heavy metal music of bands such as Quiet Riot, RATT, and Mötley Crüe, but were also influenced by the zippier punk rock of the Ramones and later Green...
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1985 acoustic tab150.00
1985 btab230.00
1985 crd210.00
1985 drum tab 869356id 07092009date140.00
1985 tab130.00
1985 ver2 btab140.00
1985 ver2 crd 827445id 22052009date110.00
1985 ver2 tab170.00
1985 ver3 btab230.00
1985 ver3 crd 857800id 08082009date150.00
1985 ver3 tab140.00
1985 ver4 btab170.00
1985 ver4 crd 1112395id 01122011date130.00
1985 ver4 tab150.00
1985 ver5 btab 1143652id 05042012date110.00
1985 ver5 tab 965564id 09072010date170.00


2113 intro tab 845493id 09072009date180.00


99 biker friends crd 1144483id 06042012date150.00
99 biker friends tab180.00
99 biker friends ver2 tab130.00
99 biker friends ver3 tab110.00


a hole crd180.00
a hole intro tab 866368id 28082009date160.00
a hole tab160.00
a friendly goodbye tab150.00
a friendly goodbye ver2 tab160.00
a hangover you dont deserve album tab150.00
a really cool dance song tab 880281id 07102009date160.00
a really cool dance song ver2 tab 1167434id 11072012date150.00
ack tab250.00
all figured out btab150.00
all i want for christmas is you tab 1009937id 09122010date160.00
almost acoustic crd140.00
almost acoustic tab 996772id 18102010date110.00
almost btab140.00
almost crd130.00
almost tab130.00
almost ver2 crd160.00
almost ver2 tab140.00
almost ver3 tab130.00
almost ver4 tab170.00
almost ver5 tab170.00
amateur night tab 852923id 27072009date110.00
america wake up army tab 989172id 20092010date110.00
andrew crd80.00
andrew tab120.00
assman tab120.00


baby one more time btab120.00
baby one more time tab230.00
baby one more time ver2 btab 938974id 09042010date110.00
baby one more time ver2 tab130.00
bare necessities intro tab210.00
bare necessities intro ver2 tab160.00
bear necessities crd110.00
belgium acoustic crd220.00
belgium acoustic tab 942822id 22042010date120.00
belgium acoustic ver2 crd170.00
belgium acoustic ver2 tab 946554id 05052010date170.00
belgium acoustic ver3 crd180.00
belgium acoustic ver4 crd100.00
belgium acoustic ver5 crd 1154061id 15052012date110.00
belgium btab170.00
belgium crd140.00
belgium tab150.00
belgium ver2 tab160.00
belguim tab120.00
bfff crd 988303id 17092010date100.00
bfff tab 888083id 30102009date140.00
bfff ver2 tab 1160092id 11062012date120.00
bipolar btab110.00
bipolar intro tab110.00
bipolar tab110.00
bipolar ver2 tab120.00
boulevard tab130.00
boulevard ver2 tab110.00


captain hook tab110.00
cody tab130.00
cold shower tuesday tab120.00
come back to texas crd 955092id 03062010date130.00
corndog tab140.00


dance with you crd90.00
dance with you intro tab150.00
dance with you tab180.00
dear megan fox tab 1054643id 10052011date140.00
dont let it be love tab120.00
down for the count crd90.00
down for the count intro tab160.00
down for the count tab100.00
drunk enough to dance album tab110.00


emily btab140.00
emily crd160.00
emily tab110.00
emily ver2 crd230.00
emily ver2 tab130.00
endless possibility tab140.00
epiphany tab130.00
epiphany ver2 tab100.00
everydays a saturday tab130.00
everything crd140.00
evil all over the world tab 1105605id 03112011date130.00


friday tab120.00
friends chicks guitars tab 1126112id 27012012date140.00
friends like you tab150.00
friends like you ver2 tab100.00
friends o mine crd160.00
friends of mine tab110.00


get happy btab170.00
get happy crd170.00
get happy tab110.00
girl all the bad guys want acoustic crd130.00
girl all the bad guys want btab150.00
girl all the bad guys want crd130.00
girl all the bad guys want tab100.00
girl all the bad guys want ver2 btab110.00
girl all the bad guys want ver2 crd140.00
girl all the bad guys want ver2 tab170.00
girl all the bad guys want ver3 btab 1057184id 20052011date130.00
girl all the bad guys want ver3 crd120.00
girl all the bad guys want ver3 tab130.00
girl all the bad guys want ver4 btab 1083720id 15082011date140.00
girl all the bad guys want ver4 crd 1125609id 24012012date140.00
girl all the bad guys want ver4 tab110.00
girl all the bad guys want ver5 tab180.00
girl all the bad guys want ver6 tab150.00
girl all the bad guys want ver7 tab130.00
girl all the bad guys want ver8 tab 927893id 05032010date130.00
girls in america tab 1063414id 06062011date140.00
goodbye friend tab 1062929id 03062011date140.00
graduation trip crd 1053588id 10052011date140.00
graduation trip tab 1054636id 10052011date110.00
greatest day tab140.00
guard my heart crd210.00


halfway around the world crd120.00
halfway around the world ver2 crd 1150450id 30042012date110.00
hang on intro tab190.00
hang on tab120.00
here we go tab140.00
heres your freakin song btab 1118011id 04012012date160.00
heres your freakin song tab 1051291id 10052011date80.00
heres your freakin song ver2 tab 1052653id 10052011date140.00
heres your freakin song ver3 tab 1054918id 10052011date120.00
high school never ends btab120.00
high school never ends crd120.00
high school never ends tab250.00
high school never ends ver2 btab120.00
high school never ends ver2 tab130.00
high school never ends ver3 tab130.00
hit me baby one more time acoustic crd220.00
hit me baby one more time tab120.00
hooray for beer tab 963124id 30062010date170.00
hooray for beer ver2 tab 1004459id 16112010date130.00


i dont wanna rock intro tab120.00
i dont wanna rock tab100.00
i gotchoo crd 887347id 28102009date140.00
i gotchoo tab 1132353id 21022012date90.00
i melt with you btab120.00
i melt with you tab130.00
i melt with you ver2 tab 833308id 06062009date90.00
i ran so far away crd100.00
i ran so far away tab110.00
if you come back to me crd90.00
if you come back to me solo tab170.00
if you come back to me tab140.00
if you come back to me ver2 crd130.00
if you come back to me ver2 tab110.00
if you come back to me ver3 crd 1181873id 13092012date130.00
ill always remember you that way tab 861062id 17082009date130.00
ill melt with you crd120.00
im gay btab110.00
im gay crd 1067254id 17062011date160.00
im gay tab170.00
im gay ver2 tab160.00
im gay ver3 tab130.00
ive never done anything like this tab 1057705id 20052011date150.00


jimmy neureon theme intro tab210.00
jimmy neutron theme tab150.00


kool aid tab130.00


last call casualty tab150.00
last call casualty ver2 tab130.00
last call causualty intro tab160.00
last rock show btab110.00
last rock show tab130.00
lets do it for johnny album crd150.00
lets go to the pub tab 1184428id 25092012date140.00
lets pretend were not in love tab 1105791id 04112011date130.00
life after lisa crd100.00
life after lisa tab150.00
little red riding hood cursed soundtrack tab190.00
live it up tab140.00
london bridge btab150.00
london bridge tab110.00
london bridge ver2 btab160.00
london bridge ver2 tab140.00
love goes boom tab 908450id 06012010date200.00
love sick stomach ache btab90.00
love sick stomach ache tab140.00
luckiest loser tab160.00


major denial tab150.00
major denial ver2 tab150.00
make it up to you tab120.00
me with no you crd 881663id 12102009date170.00
me with no you tab 1014721id 23122010date170.00
merry christmas i dont wanna fight tonight tab 1008778id 03122010date120.00
milo tab140.00
much more beautiful person btab120.00
much more beautiful person tab130.00
much more beautiful person ver2 tab160.00
my girlfriend is an alcoholic tab 1055651id 10052011date120.00
my girlfriend sucks tab 1058220id 20052011date200.00
my hometown btab200.00
my hometown crd 834998id 11062009date120.00
my hometown tab90.00
my wena acoustic crd 853200id 27072009date110.00
my wena btab 855412id 01082009date90.00
my wena crd 976553id 09082010date170.00
my wena tab 854456id 30072009date110.00
my wena ver2 btab 865997id 27082009date110.00


next ex girlfriend tab140.00
next ex girlfriend ver2 tab 795695id 27022009date140.00
no hablo ingles acoustic crd 1054796id 10052011date140.00
no hablo ingles btab 918469id 04022010date170.00
no hablo ingles tab 876931id 28092009date120.00
no opinion acoustic crd 881146id 08102009date180.00
no opinion acoustic tab150.00


ohio come back to texas btab150.00
ohio come back to texas crd130.00
ohio come back to texas tab140.00
ohio come back to texas ver2 crd160.00
ohio come back to texas ver2 tab230.00
on and on crd120.00
on and on intro tab120.00
on and on tab190.00
on and on ver2 tab130.00
on and on ver3 tab170.00
only young tab 876944id 28092009date120.00
other girls tab 1061378id 03062011date110.00
out the window live drum tab 880946id 07102009date130.00
out the window crd110.00
out the window tab150.00
out the window ver2 tab90.00


phineas ferb theme crd 983721id 02092010date90.00
pictures he drew btab110.00
pictures he drew crd90.00
pictures he drew intro tab80.00
pictures he drew tab170.00
pictures he drew ver2 btab 1007518id 29112010date130.00
pictures he drew ver2 tab 860496id 14082009date190.00
pictures he drew ver3 tab 964814id 05072010date170.00
psycho tab170.00
punk rock 101 btab 816678id 23042009date130.00
punk rock 101 tab160.00
punk rock 101 ver2 btab150.00
punk rock 101 ver2 tab160.00


ready or not omaha nebraska tab130.00
really might be gone tab130.00
ridiculous crd130.00
ridiculous tab140.00
ridiculous ver2 tab 855345id 01082009date160.00
running away crd 1102657id 24102011date110.00
running from your dad crd120.00
running from your dad tab100.00
running from your dad ver2 tab260.00


s s s saturday acoustic tab 1098320id 07102011date140.00
s s s saturday tab 1048331id 18042011date140.00
sad sad situation btab100.00
sad sad situation tab190.00
sad sad situation ver2 tab 879112id 05102009date180.00
scaring myself tab110.00
scope crd100.00
scope tab 860486id 14082009date120.00
scope ver2 tab 1031567id 25022011date150.00
self centered intro tab110.00
self centered intro ver2 tab150.00
self centered tab 938955id 09042010date120.00
self centred tab160.00
shes got a boyfriend tab120.00
shut up and smile crd 1099315id 11102011date110.00
shut up and smile intro tab180.00
shut up and smile tab130.00
shut up and smile ver2 tab110.00
shut up and smile ver3 tab100.00
shut up and smile ver4 tab 914114id 21012010date160.00
shut up and smile ver5 tab 1129373id 08022012date120.00
sick of myself tab140.00
smiley face its all good tab 1053769id 05052011date150.00
smiley face its all good ver2 tab 1051710id 10052011date130.00
smiley face its all good ver3 tab 1102515id 24102011date120.00
smoothie king tab220.00
somebody get my mom crd150.00
somebody get my mom tab130.00
somebody get my mom ver2 crd190.00
sometimes tab120.00
spanish harlem tab150.00
star song tab150.00
straight to video tab 1080540id 04082011date110.00
suckerpunch crd130.00
suckerpunch tab140.00
suckerpunch ver2 tab160.00
suckerpunch ver3 tab140.00
summer of 69 btab140.00
summer of 69 crd160.00
summer of 69 tab100.00
summer of 69 ver2 tab120.00
surf colorado tab220.00
surf colorado ver2 tab120.00


that mystery enanchment crd110.00
the bitch song btab180.00
the bitch song crd140.00
the bitch song live drum tab 880601id 07102009date110.00
the bitch song tab170.00
the bitch song ver2 btab120.00
the bitch song ver2 crd 1026724id 14022011date130.00
the bitch song ver2 tab110.00
the bitch song ver3 tab130.00
the bitch song ver4 tab120.00
the bitch song ver5 tab130.00
the breakup song tab110.00
the hard way tab110.00
thespian tab120.00
this aint my day tab 1097639id 04102011date100.00
today is gonna be a great day crd 986970id 13092010date90.00
today is gonna be a great day tab 994397id 11102010date130.00
track 2 crd250.00
trucker hat crd100.00
trucker hat tab160.00
turbulence crd 1056077id 20052011date110.00
turbulence intro tab 1079657id 01082011date130.00
turbulence tab 1066463id 15062011date170.00
turbulence ver2 crd 1063006id 03062011date150.00
turbulence ver3 crd 1100317id 17102011date140.00
two seater btab110.00
two seater crd 1025184id 01022011date130.00
two seater tab140.00
two seater ver2 btab 903775id 21122009date110.00


undertow crd 1113439id 05122011date110.00
undertow tab 837945id 17062009date100.00


val kilmer btab220.00
val kilmer crd140.00
val kilmer tab120.00
val kilmer ver2 tab120.00
val kilmer ver3 tab120.00
valentino crd90.00


walk of shame tab 1063799id 06062011date120.00
what about us acoustic tab 1054294id 10052011date110.00
when we die btab200.00
when we die crd130.00
when we die tab120.00
when we die ver2 crd120.00
when we die ver2 tab110.00
where to begin crd 1079277id 01082011date70.00
where to begin intro tab140.00
where to begin tab120.00
where to begin ver2 tab120.00
why dont i miss you acoustic crd 1173618id 07082012date150.00
why dont i miss you tab110.00
why dont i miss you ver2 tab160.00
wisk tab180.00
world falling apart tab200.00


you and me tab140.00
you and me ver2 tab190.00
you and me ver3 tab 858328id 11082009date110.00