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Box Car Racer was an American rock band formed in San Diego, California in 2001. The group consisted of guitarist and vocalist Tom DeLonge and drummer Travis Barker of Blink-182, alongside guitarist David Kennedy of Hazen Street. Anthony Celestino later joined the ensemble as a bassist. DeLonge created the project to pursue darker ideas he felt unsuited to his work with Blink-182. He invited Barker in order to refrain from paying a studio drummer, and fellow guitarist David Kennedy, whom DeLonge had met in the San Diego music circuit years prior. Jeff Russell from Signals Midwest was also invited to join the band but declined. Box Car Racer was partly inspired and viewed as a tribute to Jawbox, Quicksand, Fugazi and Refused. The group recorded the band's eponymous debut, Box Car Racer, in quick fashion with a more DIY spirit. MCA Records issued the band's lone release in May 2002, which peaked on the Billboard 200 at number 12. Singles "I Feel So" and "There Is" also charted on the...
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all systems go btab370.00
all systems go crd290.00
all systems go tab460.00
all systems go ver2 btab370.00
all systems go ver2 crd 840644id 25062009date280.00
all systems go ver2 tab320.00
all systems go ver3 btab 849707id 18072009date280.00
all systems go ver3 tab380.00
all systems go ver4 tab360.00
all systems go ver5 tab370.00
all systems go ver6 tab370.00
all systems go ver7 tab340.00
all systems go ver8 tab270.00
and i btab380.00
and i crd360.00
and i drum tab 880955id 07102009date320.00
and i tab420.00
and i ver2 btab 822992id 11052009date350.00
and i ver2 crd 840650id 25062009date270.00
and i ver2 drum tab 880929id 07102009date310.00
and i ver2 tab330.00
and i ver3 tab510.00


boxcar racer album btab270.00
boxcar racer album tab330.00
boxcar racer album ver2 tab280.00
boxcar racer album ver3 tab310.00


cat like theif btab350.00
cat like theif tab320.00
cat like thief btab340.00
cat like thief crd 840649id 25062009date300.00
cat like thief drum tab 869037id 07092009date370.00
cat like thief intro tab330.00
cat like thief solo tab390.00
cat like thief tab290.00
cat like thief ver2 btab280.00
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cat like thief ver4 btab 1065617id 13062011date340.00
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cat like thief ver5 tab410.00
concert special drum tab 880767id 07102009date260.00


dance with me tab320.00


elavator tab310.00
elevator btab 822987id 11052009date340.00
elevator crd430.00
elevator drum tab 883093id 14102009date330.00
elevator intro tab570.00
elevator tab410.00
elevator ver2 btab450.00
elevator ver2 crd 840656id 25062009date340.00
elevator ver2 tab330.00
elevator ver3 tab290.00
end with you btab370.00
end with you tab330.00
end with you ver2 btab360.00
end with you ver2 tab390.00
end with you ver3 btab350.00
end with you ver3 tab360.00


forget about me tab350.00


i am tab320.00
i feel so btab350.00
i feel so crd310.00
i feel so drum tab 869029id 07092009date290.00
i feel so intro tab390.00
i feel so tab290.00
i feel so ver10 tab330.00
i feel so ver11 tab320.00
i feel so ver2 btab280.00
i feel so ver2 crd290.00
i feel so ver2 tab310.00
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i feel so ver5 tab280.00
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im kicking tab340.00
instrumental btab370.00
instrumental crd 840657id 25062009date360.00
instrumental tab290.00
instrumental ver2 btab310.00
instrumental ver2 tab340.00
instrumental ver3 tab380.00


letters to god btab380.00
letters to god crd360.00
letters to god solo btab480.00
letters to god solo tab370.00
letters to god tab360.00
letters to god ver2 crd260.00
letters to god ver2 tab280.00
letters to god ver3 crd 838696id 19062009date230.00
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letters to god ver5 tab320.00
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letters to god ver9 tab270.00


mandy btab460.00
mandy crd440.00
mandy tab300.00
my first punk song btab450.00
my first punk song crd420.00
my first punk song tab410.00
my first punk song ver2 crd 873281id 15092009date250.00
my first punk song ver2 tab410.00
my first punk song ver3 tab380.00
my first punk song ver4 tab450.00


sorrow btab360.00
sorrow crd350.00
sorrow drum tab 869351id 07092009date420.00
sorrow tab310.00
sorrow ver2 btab340.00
sorrow ver2 crd 840653id 25062009date400.00
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sorrow ver2 tab330.00
sorrow ver3 tab320.00
sorrow ver4 tab390.00
sorrow ver5 tab410.00
sorrow ver6 tab380.00


the end with you btab310.00
the end with you crd 840655id 25062009date340.00
the end with you drum tab 869048id 07092009date240.00
the end with you tab370.00
the end with you ver2 tab420.00
there is acoustic crd 943415id 26042010date280.00
there is acoustic tab 969218id 19072010date320.00
there is btab390.00
there is crd360.00
there is drum tab 865022id 24082009date330.00
there is intro tab340.00
there is live tab420.00
there is tab320.00
there is ver2 btab450.00
there is ver2 crd 840654id 25062009date270.00
there is ver2 drum tab 880527id 07102009date460.00
there is ver2 tab330.00
there is ver3 btab390.00
there is ver3 crd400.00
there is ver3 tab290.00
there is ver4 btab300.00
there is ver4 crd460.00
there is ver4 tab330.00
there is ver5 tab380.00
there is ver6 tab370.00
there is ver7 tab320.00
there is ver8 tab340.00
tiny voices btab410.00
tiny voices crd 840647id 25062009date310.00
tiny voices tab320.00
tiny voices ver2 tab350.00
tiny voices ver3 tab430.00
tiny voices ver4 tab330.00
tiny voices ver5 tab390.00
tiny voices ver6 tab360.00


under the stars tab290.00


watch the world acoustic tab340.00
watch the world btab420.00
watch the world crd 840646id 25062009date280.00
watch the world tab460.00
watch the world ver2 tab300.00
watch the world ver3 tab300.00
watch the world ver4 tab400.00
watch the world ver5 tab310.00
watch the world ver6 tab370.00
watch the world ver7 tab420.00
what went wrong tab320.00
what went wrong ver2 tab380.00
why tab490.00
why ver2 tab480.00
world outside tab470.00