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This is the discography of Bruce Springsteen, an American songwriter, singer and musician. Springsteen has released records steadily since 1973, and is widely known for his brand of heartland rock infused with pop hooks, poetic lyrics, and Americana sentiments centered on his native New Jersey. The E Street Band have been Springsteen's primary backing band since 1972 and have appeared on a majority of his studio albums and live releases. Springsteen also released one studio and live album with The Sessions Band. Springsteen's recordings have tended to alternate between commercially accessible rock albums and somber folk-oriented works. His most commercially successful period occurred between 1975's Born to Run and 1987's Tunnel of Love. 1984's Born in the U.S.A. launched Springsteen into superstardom and the album went on to become one of the biggest selling albums of all-time producing seven top-10 hit singles, tied for the most ever with Michael Jackson's Thriller and Janet Jackson's...
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4th of july asbury park sandy crd560.00
4th of july asbury park sandy ver2 crd380.00


57 channels and nothin on btab310.00


a night with the jersey devil tab 849172id 16072009date410.00
a reason to believe crd350.00
across the border crd320.00
across the border ver2 crd 827806id 23052009date410.00
adam raised a cain crd470.00
adam raised a cain tab470.00
aint good enough for you crd 1015764id 06012011date320.00
aint good enough for you ver2 crd 1021045id 18012011date380.00
aint good enough for you ver3 crd 1023547id 28012011date350.00
aint got enough for you crd 1015756id 06012011date400.00
aint got you crd410.00
all along the watchtower crd420.00
all im thinkin about crd240.00
all that heaven will allow crd370.00
all the way home crd440.00
all the way home tab510.00
all the way home ver2 crd340.00
american land crd330.00
american skin 41 shots crd380.00
angel crd450.00
angel ver2 crd 1008400id 02122010date290.00
atlantic city crd470.00
atlantic city ver2 crd420.00
atlantic city ver3 crd 1089426id 01092011date280.00


back in your arms crd 854325id 30072009date290.00
backstreets crd 1042979id 04042011date260.00
backstreets tab430.00
badlands crd390.00
badlands solo tab440.00
badlands tab 962935id 28062010date340.00
badlands ver2 crd350.00
badlands ver3 crd 859963id 14082009date310.00
badlands ver4 crd 1042595id 01042011date310.00
balboa park crd 827801id 23052009date400.00
be true crd390.00
because the night crd330.00
because the night live crd410.00
because the night solo tab550.00
because the night ver2 crd 1099559id 12102011date200.00
better days crd470.00
better days ver2 crd 1043318id 04042011date290.00
black cowboys crd 779066id 22012009date340.00
blinded by the light crd320.00
blinded by the light live in dublin crd 1100793id 17102011date330.00
blinded by the light ver2 crd 857541id 07082009date350.00
blood brothers crd380.00
blood brothers tab260.00
blood brothers ver2 crd390.00
blood brothers ver3 crd 1043353id 04042011date380.00
blowing in the wind crd310.00
bobby jean crd350.00
bobby jean ver2 crd 1043371id 04042011date280.00
book of dreams crd 948024id 10052010date350.00
born in the usa btab380.00
born in the usa crd350.00
born in the usa tab320.00
born in the usa ver2 tab310.00
born to run acoustic crd 873450id 16092009date310.00
born to run acoustic ver2 crd 1019935id 18012011date310.00
born to run crd380.00
born to run tab400.00
born to run ver2 crd380.00
born to run ver2 tab400.00
born to run ver3 crd 1043379id 04042011date320.00
born to run ver3 tab310.00
born to run ver4 crd 1154075id 14052012date350.00
born to run ver4 tab410.00
brilliant disguise crd400.00
brilliant disguise tab330.00
brilliant disguise ver2 crd 854215id 30072009date330.00
brilliant disguise ver3 crd330.00
brilliant disguise ver4 crd400.00
brilliant disguise ver5 crd 1079683id 01082011date380.00
brilliant disguise ver6 crd 1086965id 25082011date390.00
brilliant disguise ver7 crd 1149966id 27042012date320.00
bring em home crd360.00
brothers under the bridge btab410.00
brothers under the bridge crd380.00


cadillac ranch crd440.00
cadillac ranch intro tab 894237id 19112009date400.00
cadillac ranch tab340.00
cadillac ranch ver2 crd 936004id 01042010date370.00
cadillac ranch ver2 tab350.00
cadillac ranch ver3 crd 1102057id 21102011date340.00
candys boy crd 1041751id 30032011date300.00
candys room crd 1059556id 27052011date330.00
candys room tab370.00
candys room ver2 crd 1089383id 01092011date390.00
candys room ver3 crd 1145392id 10042012date440.00
car wash crd380.00
cautious man crd400.00
chicken lips crd360.00
chimes of freedom crd370.00
chimes of freedom ver2 crd 1111952id 29112011date360.00
cindy crd 1100782id 17102011date300.00
countin on a miracle crd 865557id 27082009date250.00
countin on a miracle intro tab 953118id 27052010date340.00
countin on a miracle tab330.00
counting on a miracle crd 1099560id 12102011date300.00
county fair crd590.00
county fair tab340.00
cover me btab430.00
cover me crd370.00
cover me ver2 btab 1023086id 28012011date330.00
cross my heart crd300.00
crush on you crd410.00
crush on you ver2 crd420.00


dancin in the dark crd370.00
dancing in the dark crd470.00
dancing in the dark tab420.00
dancing in the dark ver2 crd370.00
dancing in the dark ver3 crd370.00
dancing in the dark ver4 crd 1012777id 17122010date340.00
dancing in the dark ver5 crd 1087212id 26082011date340.00
darkness on the edge of town crd360.00
darkness on the edge of town ver2 crd 865558id 27082009date400.00
darkness on the edge of town ver3 crd 1099561id 12102011date430.00
darlington co crd350.00
darlington county crd 1014516id 23122010date350.00
darlington county tab400.00
darlington county ver2 crd 1089365id 01092011date290.00
dead man walking crd440.00
death to my hometown crd 1133617id 01032012date310.00
death to my hometown ver2 crd 1135379id 06032012date410.00
detroit medley crd 792492id 19022009date380.00
devils and dust crd340.00
devils and dust ver2 crd480.00
devils arcade crd470.00
devils arcade tab420.00
does this bus stop at 82nd street crd420.00
dont you wish it was true crd300.00
downbound train crd390.00
downbound train tab390.00
downbound train ver2 crd360.00
downbound train ver3 crd 865559id 27082009date360.00
downbound train ver4 crd 1044703id 07042011date370.00
drive all night crd360.00
dry lightning crd 827802id 23052009date310.00


e street shuffle crd310.00
easy money crd 1132711id 24022012date360.00
easy money solo tab 1171528id 30072012date350.00
easy money ver2 crd 1133641id 02032012date350.00
empty sky crd390.00
empty sky ver2 crd 878858id 05102009date270.00
empty sky ver3 crd 888883id 02112009date340.00
empty sky ver4 crd 1044755id 07042011date310.00
erie canal btab 899344id 07122009date410.00
erie canal crd490.00
erie canal ver2 crd630.00
erie canal ver3 crd360.00
evacuation of the west crd 1084902id 22082011date390.00
eyes on the prize crd360.00


factory crd450.00
fade away crd500.00
fire btab590.00
fire crd400.00
fire tab420.00
fire ver2 crd 835022id 11062009date360.00
fire ver3 crd 1090177id 05092011date280.00
for you crd320.00
frankie crd 1171768id 30072012date410.00
froggie went a courtin crd470.00
from small things big things one day come crd350.00
from small things big tings one day come tab380.00
further on up the road crd320.00
further on up the road live in dublin crd 1089713id 05092011date350.00
further on up the road tab 865561id 27082009date380.00


gave it a name crd 851052id 22072009date320.00
girls in their summer clothes crd330.00
girls in their summer clothes ver2 crd 1045133id 11042011date340.00
glory days btab370.00
glory days crd380.00
glory days intro tab420.00
glory days tab 812252id 14042009date300.00
glory days ver2 crd 792494id 19022009date340.00
glory days ver3 crd 1045145id 11042011date300.00
going down crd350.00
good eye crd 783531id 28012009date380.00
growin up crd330.00
growin up tab370.00
growin up ver2 crd 1008398id 02122010date370.00
gypsy biker crd330.00


hearts of stone crd 824410id 15052009date360.00
held up without a gun crd 947202id 07052010date400.00
highway 2 crd340.00
highway patrolman crd340.00
highway patrolman ver2 crd370.00
how can a poor man stand such times and live crd370.00
human touch crd380.00
human touch ver2 crd300.00
hungry heart crd440.00
hungry heart ver2 crd 784557id 28012009date370.00
hungry heart ver3 crd 995816id 15102010date460.00
hungry heart ver4 crd 1046494id 15042011date350.00


i wanna marry you crd350.00
i want you crd390.00
i wish i were blind crd410.00
i wish i were blind ver2 crd 1047108id 15042011date470.00
iceman crd 971018id 26072010date390.00
if i should fall behind crd380.00
if i should fall behind live in dublin crd360.00
if i should fall behind ver2 crd 1137886id 15032012date420.00
if i was the priest crd390.00
ill work for your love crd370.00
ill work for your love ver2 crd550.00
ill work for your love ver3 crd 1047329id 15042011date360.00
im a rocker crd460.00
im goin down crd 1047347id 15042011date310.00
im goin down tab370.00
im going down crd410.00
im on fire crd460.00
im on fire tab390.00
im on fire ver2 crd380.00
im on fire ver2 tab460.00
im on fire ver3 crd 1047368id 15042011date380.00
im on fire ver4 crd 1159306id 05062012date330.00
incident on 57th street crd310.00
incident on 57th street ver2 crd 1008488id 02122010date370.00
incident on 57th street ver3 crd 1052428id 10052011date470.00
independance day crd370.00
independence day crd 1047419id 15042011date270.00
independence day tab350.00
independence day ver2 tab 1131412id 17022012date350.00
into the fire crd470.00
its hard to be a saint in the city crd410.00
its hard to be a saint in the city tab450.00


jack of all trades crd 1133634id 01032012date350.00
jack of all trades solo tab 1160758id 12062012date290.00
jackson cage crd370.00
janey dont you lose heart crd 839975id 23062009date350.00
janey dont you lose heart ver2 crd 1047978id 18042011date310.00
jersey girl btab410.00
jersey girl crd390.00
jersey girl tab400.00
jersey girl ver2 btab330.00
jesse james crd340.00
jesse james ver2 crd380.00
john henry crd500.00
john henry ver2 crd 999199id 28102010date380.00
johnny 99 crd400.00
johnny 99 intro tab 830335id 29052009date400.00
jungleland solo tab510.00
jungleland solo ver2 tab510.00
jungleland tab480.00
jungleland ver2 tab340.00


kingdom of days crd 784221id 28012009date340.00
kingdom of days ver2 crd 785883id 02022009date360.00
kingdom of days ver3 crd 1090548id 05092011date290.00
kittys back intro tab460.00
kittys back tab340.00
kittys back ver2 tab370.00


land of hope and dreams crd370.00
land of hope and dreams tab290.00
last to die crd 1048622id 26042011date300.00
last to die tab420.00
leah crd 1020733id 18012011date350.00
leah ver2 crd 1022920id 28012011date420.00
leap of faith crd 1082541id 10082011date320.00
lets be friends skin to skin crd340.00
life itself crd 788619id 09022009date380.00
light of day tab340.00
livin in the future crd320.00
living proof crd350.00
local hero crd 1081795id 08082011date320.00
london calling tab 899935id 07122009date430.00
lonesome day crd290.00
lonesome day tab 865563id 27082009date240.00
lonesome day ver2 crd 1048977id 26042011date370.00
long time coming crd380.00
long time coming ver2 crd440.00
long walk home crd390.00
long walk home ver2 crd 1049244id 26042011date330.00
lonsome day crd530.00
loose change crd350.00
lost in the flood crd310.00
lost in the flood ver2 crd430.00
lost in the flood ver3 crd 842283id 29062009date350.00
lost in the flood ver4 crd 1168148id 16072012date410.00
lucky town crd400.00
lucky town ver2 crd460.00
lucky town ver3 crd340.00
lucky town ver4 crd450.00


magic crd400.00
magic solo crd350.00
magic ver2 crd 1049576id 26042011date340.00
man at the top crd580.00
man at the top ver2 crd420.00
mans job tab330.00
mansion on the hill crd410.00
marias bed crd360.00
marias bed ver2 crd450.00
mary queen of arkansas crd420.00
mary queen of arkansas ver2 crd 828061id 25052009date410.00
marys place crd 975801id 09082010date300.00
marys place ver2 crd 1197193id 26112012date290.00
matamoros banks crd390.00
meeting across the river crd340.00
mrs mcgrath crd360.00
mrs mcgrath ver2 crd370.00
mrs mcgrath ver3 crd 932900id 22032010date340.00
murder incorporated tab340.00
my beautiful reward crd410.00
my beautiful reward ver2 crd 1137472id 14032012date290.00
my best was never good enough crd 867787id 02092009date310.00
my city of ruins crd310.00
my city of ruins ver2 crd 1090887id 06092011date280.00
my fathers house tab360.00
my home town crd330.00
my hometown crd490.00
my hometown ver2 crd 1125062id 24012012date310.00
my love will not let you down crd310.00
my lover man crd450.00
my lucky day crd310.00
my lucky day ver2 crd 783525id 28012009date360.00
my lucky day ver3 crd 796988id 02032009date410.00
my lucky day ver4 crd 798308id 05032009date400.00
my lucky day ver5 crd 1050640id 26042011date300.00
my oklahoma home crd330.00
my oklahoma home ver2 crd 1137461id 14032012date410.00
my ride is here crd340.00


nebraska album crd 813583id 16042009date470.00
nebraska crd340.00
nebraska ver2 crd400.00
nebraska ver3 crd520.00
new york city serenade crd390.00
night crd400.00
no surrender crd440.00
no surrender intro tab 817530id 27042009date410.00
no surrender ver2 crd350.00
no surrender ver3 crd 1050913id 26042011date390.00
none but the brave crd470.00
nothing man crd400.00
nothing man ver2 crd 816717id 23042009date340.00
nothing man ver3 crd 1050937id 26042011date290.00


o mary dont you weep crd430.00
o mary dont you weep ver2 crd470.00
old dan tucker crd320.00
one step up crd430.00
one step up tab350.00
one step up ver2 crd 891260id 09112009date270.00
one step up ver2 tab 988387id 17092010date300.00
one way street crd 1009736id 09122010date420.00
one way street ver2 crd 1035176id 09032011date320.00
one way street ver3 crd 1036929id 17032011date350.00
open all night intro tab370.00
open all night tab370.00
out in the street tab400.00
outlaw pete crd 787617id 05022009date290.00
over the rise crd390.00


paradise crd390.00
paradise intro tab480.00
paradise ver2 crd 1051303id 10052011date420.00
pay me my money down crd390.00
pink cadillac crd470.00
pink cadillac intro tab 838915id 23062009date350.00
pink cadillac tab400.00
pink cadillac ver2 crd350.00
pink cadillac ver3 crd 1087973id 29082011date260.00
point blank crd440.00
point blank ver2 crd 865565id 27082009date360.00
pony boy tab 1026472id 07022011date380.00
prove it all night crd300.00
prove it all night live solo tab510.00


queen of the supermarket crd 785939id 02022009date320.00
queen of the supermarket ver2 crd 1051410id 10052011date350.00


racing in the street crd340.00
racing in the street ver2 crd 1020462id 18012011date420.00
radio nowhere btab360.00
radio nowhere crd340.00
radio nowhere intro tab 985189id 06092010date310.00
radio nowhere intro ver2 tab 1011407id 13122010date380.00
radio nowhere tab410.00
radio nowhere ver2 btab380.00
radio nowhere ver2 crd410.00
radio nowhere ver2 tab380.00
radio nowhere ver3 crd400.00
radio nowhere ver4 crd450.00
radio nowhere ver5 crd 1099562id 12102011date310.00
ramrod crd340.00
real world crd470.00
reason to believe crd500.00
red headed woman crd360.00
rockaway the days crd360.00
rockin all over the world crd 920412id 10022010date460.00
rocky ground crd 1137410id 14032012date330.00
roll of the dice crd380.00
rosalita btab430.00
rosalita crd460.00
rosalita intro tab360.00
roulette btab420.00
roulette tab400.00


sad eyes btab440.00
sad eyes tab390.00
sandy crd450.00
santa ana crd 1201399id 18122012date420.00
santa claus is comin to town btab 901442id 14122009date330.00
save my love crd 982703id 30082010date340.00
save my love tab 983480id 02092010date430.00
save my love ver2 tab 1005833id 22112010date270.00
secret garden crd420.00
secret garden tab410.00
secret garden ver2 crd400.00
secret garden ver3 crd380.00
secret garden ver4 crd 1088501id 30082011date320.00
seeds acoustic crd340.00
shackled and drawn crd 1133626id 02032012date350.00
shackled and drawn ver2 crd 1136318id 08032012date310.00
shackled and drawn ver3 crd 1137584id 14032012date330.00
sherry darling tab370.00
shes the one crd370.00
shes the one ver2 crd 1088513id 30082011date360.00
shut out the light crd320.00
shut out the light ver2 crd370.00
sinaloa cowboys crd410.00
someday well be together crd 1007647id 29112010date350.00
something in the night crd390.00
something in the night ver2 crd430.00
soul driver tab 865569id 27082009date360.00
spare parts crd 1020465id 18012011date320.00
spare parts tab420.00
spirit in the night crd440.00
spirit in the night ver2 crd 865570id 27082009date360.00
state trooper tab390.00
state trooper ver2 tab440.00
stolen car crd340.00
stolen car ver2 crd 835001id 11062009date350.00
straight time tab370.00
streets of fire tab430.00
streets of philadelphia btab340.00
streets of philadelphia crd340.00
streets of philadelphia drum tab 912909id 18012010date430.00
streets of philadelphia ver2 crd 1088576id 30082011date460.00
streets of philadelphia ver3 crd 1130183id 14022012date380.00
summertime blues crd 843402id 02072009date310.00
surprise surprise crd 800644id 11032009date310.00
surprise surprise ver2 crd 1090551id 05092011date320.00


tenth avenue freeze out crd420.00
tenth avenue freeze out tab370.00
terrys song crd350.00
the e street shuffle tab310.00
the fever crd 894025id 19112009date310.00
the fever ver2 crd 1083716id 15082011date440.00
the fuse crd310.00
the fuse ver2 crd 1088590id 30082011date340.00
the ghost of tom joad crd450.00
the ghost of tom joad tab500.00
the ghost of tom joad ver2 crd 825945id 18052009date390.00
the ghost of tom joad ver3 crd 925799id 01032010date410.00
the hitter crd320.00
the last carnival crd 783437id 27012009date400.00
the last carnival ver2 crd 793341id 20022009date290.00
the last carnival ver3 crd 1088604id 30082011date310.00
the line crd 823681id 12052009date310.00
the little things my baby does crd 1141146id 29032012date310.00
the new timer crd 1132170id 24022012date400.00
the price you pay btab350.00
the price you pay crd 847864id 13072009date390.00
the promise crd 815350id 20042009date440.00
the promised land crd420.00
the promised land ver2 crd 865571id 27082009date440.00
the rising crd420.00
the rising solo tab360.00
the rising tab340.00
the rising ver2 crd400.00
the rising ver3 crd 1088613id 30082011date310.00
the river btab 1138446id 19032012date300.00
the river crd400.00
the river tab 1184639id 26092012date310.00
the river ver2 crd440.00
the river ver3 crd420.00
the river ver4 crd 1088883id 31082011date420.00
the times they are a changin crd380.00
the wall crd 935568id 01042010date290.00
the way crd 1022403id 28012011date330.00
the wrestler crd390.00
the wrestler ver2 crd400.00
the wrestler ver3 crd380.00
the wrestler ver4 crd 784120id 28012009date320.00
the wrestler ver5 crd 786105id 02022009date300.00
the wrestler ver6 crd 789695id 10022009date430.00
the wrestler ver7 crd 1088610id 30082011date330.00
this hard land crd410.00
this hard land ver2 crd 847622id 13072009date230.00
this hard land ver3 crd 1133939id 02032012date360.00
this land is your land crd370.00
this land is your land ver2 crd 995407id 13102010date380.00
this life crd 783540id 28012009date340.00
this life ver2 crd 786238id 02022009date360.00
this life ver3 crd 1088890id 31082011date280.00
this little light of mine crd 785325id 31012009date430.00
thunder road btab 911553id 22012010date310.00
thunder road crd460.00
thunder road tab380.00
thunder road ver2 crd390.00
thunder road ver2 tab 1021282id 18012011date350.00
thunder road ver3 crd450.00
thunder road ver4 crd370.00
thunder road ver5 crd350.00
thunder road ver6 crd 1046019id 11042011date300.00
thunder road ver7 crd 1088889id 31082011date300.00
thundercrack tab430.00
thundercrack ver2 tab 802014id 16032009date360.00
ties that bind tab340.00
tomorrow never knows crd 783833id 27012009date290.00
tomorrow never knows ver2 crd 831866id 02062009date340.00
tomorrow never knows ver3 crd 1088896id 31082011date320.00
tougher than the rest crd490.00
tougher than the rest tab 865574id 27082009date340.00
tougher than the rest ver2 crd420.00
tougher than the rest ver3 crd 1088909id 31082011date320.00
trapped crd320.00
trapped ver2 crd 1055216id 10052011date320.00
trouble in paradise crd 834999id 11062009date330.00
trouble river crd 799171id 07032009date300.00
tunnel of love crd460.00
tunnel of love tab 776912id 22012009date340.00
twist and shout tab 920958id 12022010date420.00
two faces crd 890629id 07112009date330.00
two faces tab380.00
two hearts crd400.00


used cars crd320.00


valentines day btab 865581id 27082009date270.00
valentines day crd320.00
valentines day intro btab 1017498id 06012011date310.00


waitin on a sunny day crd410.00
waitin on a sunny day tab 865576id 27082009date360.00
waitin on a sunny day ver2 crd 1088913id 31082011date380.00
waiting on a sunny day crd 1195400id 19112012date260.00
walk like a man crd350.00
we are alive crd 1136345id 08032012date320.00
we shall overcome live crd 924575id 25022010date360.00
we take care of our own crd 1124593id 20012012date350.00
we take care of our own ver2 crd 1124594id 20012012date360.00
we take care of our own ver3 crd 1124920id 24012012date380.00
we take care of our own ver4 crd 1125582id 24012012date290.00
we take care of our own ver5 crd 1135881id 06032012date300.00
what love can do crd 782655id 27012009date290.00
what love can do solo tab 791698id 16022009date400.00
what love can do ver2 crd 1055840id 23052011date340.00
when i leave berlin crd 1163585id 25062012date360.00
when the lights go out btab 1025235id 31012011date370.00
when you need me crd390.00
when youre alone crd300.00
wild billys circus story crd400.00
wish i were blind crd 970735id 23072010date330.00
with every wish crd 907663id 06012010date300.00
with every wish tab320.00
working on a dream crd390.00
working on a dream ver2 crd390.00
working on a dream ver3 crd410.00
working on a dream ver4 crd 1056218id 23052011date350.00
working on the highway btab360.00
working on the highway crd320.00
worlds apart crd280.00
worlds apart solo tab390.00
wreck on the highway crd360.00
wreck on the highway ver2 crd 1056234id 23052011date400.00
wrecking ball crd 1122090id 16012012date290.00
wrong side of the street solo tab 1016198id 06012011date260.00


you can look but better not touch crd350.00
youll be coming down crd440.00
youll be coming down ver2 crd350.00
youll be coming down ver3 crd 1056507id 23052011date360.00
youngstown crd440.00
your own worst enemy crd340.00
youre missing crd 865577id 27082009date340.00
youre missing tab310.00
youre missing ver2 crd 1056525id 23052011date290.00
youve got it crd 1152833id 09052012date360.00