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The Best Buono! is the a greatest hits album by Japanese girl idol group Buono! It was released on 10 August 2010 on the label Pony Canyon. Release The album was released in two versions: a regular edition and a limited edition. The limited edition included an additional CD and an additional DVD. The CD included in both editions, the regular and the limited, contains the A-sides of 8 of the 10 singles released by Buono! by that time (the ones excluded are the 4th single "Gachinko de Ikō!" and the 6th single "Co-no-Mi-chi". The second CD included in the limited edition contains the B-sides of all 10 singles released by Buono! by that time. Chart performance The album debuted at number 16 in the Japanese Oricon weekly albums chart. Track listing Charts References External links Profile of the album on the official website of Hello! Project
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baketsu no mizu crd 1153695id 15052012date142.70
blue sky blue crd 978509id 16082010date122.10
bravo bravo tab 998209id 25102010date132.60
buonos theme tab 1019260id 18012011date143.90


cafe buono tab 918103id 04022010date154.00
co no mi chi tab 976375id 09082010date203.20


deep mind tab 1127050id 31012012date133.50
dreamin tab 1146138id 13042012date73.70


early bird tab 928234id 09032010date152.80


gachinko de ikou tab 1013489id 20122010date122.00
garakuta no yume crd 927142id 03032010date142.00
goal tab 932485id 22032010date153.20


hatsukoi cider crd 1125284id 24012012date143.80
honto no jibun tab 1127837id 02022012date172.50


i need you tab 1009831id 09122010date172.10
independent girl tab 982933id 30082010date113.50


janakya mottainai tab 1038845id 22032011date102.70
juicy heart crd 1097345id 03102011date152.20


kataomoi crd 1015778id 06012011date153.80
kia ora gracias arigato crd 1110118id 23112011date143.50
kimi ga ireba tab 1140438id 27032012date112.00
kira kira crd 1155703id 21052012date92.50
kiss kiss kiss tab 997960id 25102010date183.10
kokoro no tamago tab 1153697id 15052012date133.90
koucha no oishii mise crd 1016018id 06012011date153.20


last forever tab 1114423id 09122011date193.10


minna daisuki crd 1155816id 22052012date123.20
miracle happy love song tab 1154460id 16052012date122.20
my boy tab 918096id 04022010date152.60
my love crd 1096076id 28092011date152.50


nakimushi shounen tab 1013487id 20122010date82.20
natsu dakara tab 1142809id 03042012date123.60


one way my way crd 1016173id 06012011date133.70
our songs crd 1016194id 06012011date152.30


renai rider tab 910913id 11012010date164.00
rock no kamisama crd 978251id 16082010date153.10
rottara rottara tab 1009605id 06122010date162.40
runaway train tab 1137295id 14032012date133.60


shoushitsuten tab 1155574id 21052012date153.90


tabidachi no uta tab 980798id 23082010date113.50
take it easy crd 999570id 01112010date153.30


urahara tab 973783id 02082010date132.10


warp tab 1144063id 06042012date142.80
winter story tab 1106265id 07112011date93.40


youre my friend tab 1162519id 20062012date123.10


zassou no uta crd 1092954id 20092011date92.10