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This is the discography of OPM music band Callalily. Albums Other albums Singles All singles 1Radio-only single.2Single currently charting.3Upcoming single. Other singles References
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a starry night crd1154.00
a starry night tab1003.20
a starry night ver2 crd952.20
akoy babalik crd982.30
akoy babalik tab1033.20


bisyo crd1012.60
buhay crd1363.30
buhos ng ulan crd1032.60


dahilan crd1182.00
dance all night crd1002.70
destination xyz album crd812.60
destination xyz album tab963.00
dito ka lang crd932.30
dito ka lang tab893.30
dreams crd963.70
dreams tab1023.60
dreams ver2 crd912.00


fake lullabies crd953.00
fake lullabies tab1213.30
fake lullabies ver2 crd994.00
farwell friends btab983.20
final song btab873.60
final song crd942.90
final song tab1002.10
final song ver2 tab912.70
final song ver3 tab912.10
fisheye album crd1113.20
flower power album crd822.50


gabay crd954.00
gabay tab1032.70
goodnight crd942.30


hintay crd1143.40
hintay tab1163.00
hintay ver2 crd1112.70
hintay ver2 tab883.70
hintay ver3 tab1032.70
hkm crd1013.20
hkm ver2 crd973.40
hkm ver3 crd1062.50


i love you bisaya crd1023.20
insane crd1212.20
insane tab1012.50
insane ver2 tab952.40
insane ver3 tab982.90
insane ver4 tab922.90
inside my heart crd1082.00
isabel crd1033.90
isabel tab1803.80
isabel ver2 tab1023.80
isabel ver3 tab1203.10


jewelry box crd1073.20


kundiman intro tab972.20
kung kaya ko lang crd1022.10
kung kaya ko lang tab892.50
kung kaya ko lang ver2 tab843.10


l o v e crd923.80
langit crd1053.00
lapit crd1092.70
liwanag crd1253.40
luha crd1083.80
luha tab993.30
lumbay crd1113.50


magbalik btab1123.20
magbalik crd1094.00
magbalik tab1063.80
magbalik ver2 btab1162.30
magbalik ver2 crd912.90
magbalik ver2 tab1123.30
magbalik ver3 btab1022.20
magbalik ver3 crd1063.70
magbalik ver3 tab1043.50
magbalik ver4 btab1012.60
magbalik ver4 crd1113.80
magbalik ver4 tab1023.90
magbalik ver5 btab1043.10
magbalik ver5 tab1183.40
magbalik ver6 btab1123.50
magbalik ver6 tab1103.50
magbalik ver7 tab1072.10
magbalik ver8 tab1123.70
malamig crd922.50
minami kaze crd992.70
muli crd952.60
muli tab1262.50
muli ver2 tab913.90


nagagalit crd1052.10
nananaginip crd1043.60
nananaginip tab1073.80
nananaginip ver2 crd932.20
nananaginip ver2 tab1022.30
nananaginip ver3 tab943.30


ooh la la crd893.70


pansamantala crd802.50
pansamantala intro tab1013.40
para sayo crd932.60
pasan btab1182.50
pasan crd1083.00
pasan tab1062.60
pasan ver2 crd1203.30
pasan ver2 tab992.40
pasan ver3 tab943.30
pasan ver4 tab1072.40
pasan ver5 tab983.50
pasan ver6 tab1082.00
pasasalamat crd1003.90
pasasalamat ver2 crd833.00
pawiin crd962.10


right crd903.90


sabik na sabik crd963.90
sabik na sabik ver2 crd1063.40
sanctuary btab1092.10
sanctuary crd1053.60
sanctuary tab933.10
sanctuary ver2 crd1122.70
sanctuary ver2 tab963.40
sanctuary ver3 tab1003.50
sanctuary ver4 tab943.90
shine crd963.40
shine tab912.10
someday oneday crd823.00
song for the youth crd873.90
song for the youth tab873.10
star tab962.70
stars acoustic crd1022.60
stars acoustic ver2 crd1042.10
stars btab1242.90
stars crd1073.80
stars solo tab1113.50
stars tab1292.70
stars ver2 btab993.30
stars ver2 crd1053.40
stars ver2 tab1202.70
stars ver3 tab1172.60
stars ver4 tab1212.50
stars ver5 tab1033.60
stars ver6 tab1182.70
stars ver7 tab1143.50
susundan crd1113.30
susundan tab982.90
susundan ver2 crd902.70
susundan ver2 tab1023.80
susundan ver3 crd1013.40
susundan ver3 tab1062.10


take my hand btab1242.40
take my hand crd1273.10
take my hand intro tab1343.00
take my hand tab1152.40
take my hand ver2 crd1103.80
take my hand ver2 tab1323.90
take my hand ver3 crd993.80
take my hand ver3 tab993.80
take my hand ver4 tab1022.80
take my hand ver5 tab1062.40
takipsilim crd1213.40
takipsilim tab1014.00
takipsilim ver2 crd882.30
takipsilim ver2 tab1063.70
takipsilim ver3 crd953.30
takipsilim ver4 crd902.50
tatsi song crd812.70
trapped inside the moment crd913.40
trapped inside the moment tab832.10
tunay na ligaya crd1083.40
tunay na ligaya tab962.80


yakap crd1092.00
yakap tab1072.60
yakap ver2 crd1073.10
yakap ver2 tab913.00
yakap ver3 crd1043.50
yakap ver3 tab1022.70
yakap ver4 tab1092.40