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This is the discography of OPM music band Callalily. Albums Other albums Singles All singles 1Radio-only single.2Single currently charting.3Upcoming single. Other singles References
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a starry night crd850.00
a starry night tab730.00
a starry night ver2 crd670.00
akoy babalik crd780.00
akoy babalik tab770.00


bisyo crd800.00
buhay crd1100.00
buhos ng ulan crd760.00


dahilan crd890.00
dance all night crd760.00
destination xyz album crd590.00
destination xyz album tab740.00
dito ka lang crd690.00
dito ka lang tab660.00
dreams crd670.00
dreams tab800.00
dreams ver2 crd700.00


fake lullabies crd700.00
fake lullabies tab910.00
fake lullabies ver2 crd730.00
farwell friends btab780.00
final song btab690.00
final song crd670.00
final song tab780.00
final song ver2 tab670.00
final song ver3 tab670.00
fisheye album crd880.00
flower power album crd610.00


gabay crd740.00
gabay tab770.00
goodnight crd730.00


hintay crd880.00
hintay tab880.00
hintay ver2 crd880.00
hintay ver2 tab670.00
hintay ver3 tab790.00
hkm crd760.00
hkm ver2 crd750.00
hkm ver3 crd780.00


i love you bisaya crd800.00
insane crd940.00
insane tab730.00
insane ver2 tab710.00
insane ver3 tab760.00
insane ver4 tab700.00
inside my heart crd810.00
isabel crd810.00
isabel tab1510.00
isabel ver2 tab760.00
isabel ver3 tab970.00


jewelry box crd770.00


kundiman intro tab770.00
kung kaya ko lang crd760.00
kung kaya ko lang tab650.00
kung kaya ko lang ver2 tab650.00


l o v e crd720.00
langit crd820.00
lapit crd840.00
liwanag crd970.00
luha crd800.00
luha tab770.00
lumbay crd900.00


magbalik btab830.00
magbalik crd750.00
magbalik tab820.00
magbalik ver2 btab830.00
magbalik ver2 crd690.00
magbalik ver2 tab820.00
magbalik ver3 btab750.00
magbalik ver3 crd790.00
magbalik ver3 tab830.00
magbalik ver4 btab730.00
magbalik ver4 crd820.00
magbalik ver4 tab770.00
magbalik ver5 btab810.00
magbalik ver5 tab840.00
magbalik ver6 btab820.00
magbalik ver6 tab800.00
magbalik ver7 tab810.00
magbalik ver8 tab890.00
malamig crd710.00
minami kaze crd790.00
muli crd750.00
muli tab890.00
muli ver2 tab710.00


nagagalit crd780.00
nananaginip crd820.00
nananaginip tab810.00
nananaginip ver2 crd700.00
nananaginip ver2 tab810.00
nananaginip ver3 tab730.00


ooh la la crd680.00


pansamantala crd600.00
pansamantala intro tab790.00
para sayo crd700.00
pasan btab930.00
pasan crd900.00
pasan tab820.00
pasan ver2 crd950.00
pasan ver2 tab750.00
pasan ver3 tab730.00
pasan ver4 tab780.00
pasan ver5 tab720.00
pasan ver6 tab800.00
pasasalamat crd770.00
pasasalamat ver2 crd700.00
pawiin crd650.00


right crd730.00


sabik na sabik crd740.00
sabik na sabik ver2 crd820.00
sanctuary btab840.00
sanctuary crd840.00
sanctuary tab690.00
sanctuary ver2 crd860.00
sanctuary ver2 tab740.00
sanctuary ver3 tab820.00
sanctuary ver4 tab730.00
shine crd760.00
shine tab710.00
someday oneday crd640.00
song for the youth crd680.00
song for the youth tab640.00
star tab720.00
stars acoustic crd810.00
stars acoustic ver2 crd800.00
stars btab1000.00
stars crd800.00
stars solo tab850.00
stars tab1010.00
stars ver2 btab760.00
stars ver2 crd780.00
stars ver2 tab950.00
stars ver3 tab880.00
stars ver4 tab890.00
stars ver5 tab750.00
stars ver6 tab870.00
stars ver7 tab820.00
susundan crd830.00
susundan tab730.00
susundan ver2 crd710.00
susundan ver2 tab770.00
susundan ver3 crd770.00
susundan ver3 tab810.00


take my hand btab950.00
take my hand crd990.00
take my hand intro tab980.00
take my hand tab860.00
take my hand ver2 crd670.00
take my hand ver2 tab1030.00
take my hand ver3 crd740.00
take my hand ver3 tab730.00
take my hand ver4 tab780.00
take my hand ver5 tab820.00
takipsilim crd930.00
takipsilim tab730.00
takipsilim ver2 crd680.00
takipsilim ver2 tab820.00
takipsilim ver3 crd680.00
takipsilim ver4 crd640.00
tatsi song crd590.00
trapped inside the moment crd700.00
trapped inside the moment tab630.00
tunay na ligaya crd860.00
tunay na ligaya tab670.00


yakap crd860.00
yakap tab810.00
yakap ver2 crd800.00
yakap ver2 tab680.00
yakap ver3 crd850.00
yakap ver3 tab780.00
yakap ver4 tab890.00