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Paths of Possession is an American melodic death metal band featuring George "Corpsegrinder" Fisher in a more melodic environment, with song structures that have much more in common with early Bay Area Thrash than the Tampa death metal scene. Biography Formed in 1999 by Randy Butman (Silhaven), Jay Fossen, Erin "Goat" Fuller (Cryptic Winds) and Richard Brunelle (ex-Morbid Angel guitarist), as Swollen, Paths of Possession is a solid mix of traditional heavy metal with influences of Swedish melodic death metal. Paths of Possession independently released their first CD-r demo, Legacy in Ashes, in 2000. Following the release of Legacy of Ashes, Erin left the band to join Hell on Earth and was replaced by Brian Ridley (Cancerslug , Union Down) in 2002. Soon after, Paths of Possession was approached by Keith Suchland better known as "Splattergod" about releasing their next CD. It was mutually decided that they and Dark Faith would release a split EP, with each band contributing four...
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a lullaby to help you die tab260.00
alleyways and ditches intro tab270.00


circles tab300.00
curdled tab300.00


deaths call tab300.00
demonic angel btab300.00


fetus milkshake btab310.00
fetus milkshake tab390.00


gone intro tab340.00
gone tab360.00


i want to fuck your girl friend tab320.00
in dreams intro tab260.00
in dreams tab270.00


me tab300.00
my black angel tab290.00


nadia intro tab360.00
nadia tab320.00
nora tab310.00


shapeshift intro tab280.00
shapeshift tab320.00
so many dead tab340.00
succubus tab360.00