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Cannibal Corpse is an American death metal band from Buffalo, New York. Formed in December 1988, the band has released thirteen studio albums, two box sets, four video albums and two live albums. The band has had little radio or television exposure throughout its career, although a cult following began to build after the release of the 1991 album Butchered at Birth, and 1992 album Tomb of the Mutilated. As of 2015, they had achieved worldwide sales of two million units for combined sales of all their albums, making them the top-selling death metal band of all time. Cannibal Corpse has had only a few lineup changes since its inception, with bassist Alex Webster and drummer Paul Mazurkiewicz being the only constant members. The members of Cannibal Corpse were originally inspired by thrash metal bands like Metallica, Slayer and Kreator, as well as other death metal bands such as Morbid Angel and Death. The band's album art (most often by Vincent Locke) and lyrics, drawing heavily on...
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a cauldron of hate btab560.00
a cauldron of hate solo tab660.00
a cauldron of hate tab560.00
a cauldron of hate ver2 tab680.00
a skull full of maggots btab470.00
a skull full of maggots tab730.00
a skull full of maggots ver2 tab740.00
a skull full of maggots ver3 tab710.00
a skull full of maggots ver4 tab570.00
absolute hatred tab550.00
addicted to vaginal skin btab610.00
addicted to vaginal skin tab620.00
addicted to vaginal skin ver2 btab720.00
addicted to vaginal skin ver2 tab610.00
addicted to vaginal skin ver3 tab720.00
an experiment in homcide tab630.00


barbaric bludgeonings tab740.00
bent backwards and broken tab600.00
beyond the cemetery intro tab660.00
beyond the cemetery tab590.00
beyond the cemetery ver2 tab580.00
blood drenched execution tab590.00
bloody chunks tab660.00
blowtorch slaughter btab630.00
blowtorch slaughter tab530.00
blowtorch slaughter ver2 btab530.00
blowtorch slaughter ver3 btab680.00
born in a casket tab730.00
born in a casket ver2 tab710.00
brain removal device tab600.00
buried in the backyard tab540.00
buried in the backyard ver2 tab670.00
butchered at birth tab590.00


carnivorous swarm tab580.00
carrion sculpted entity tab470.00
centuries of torment tab500.00
chambers of blood intro tab690.00
coffinfeeder btab640.00
coffinfeeder tab520.00
compelled to lacerate tab550.00
compelled to lacerate ver2 tab660.00
condemned to agony tab500.00
covered with sores tab470.00
covered with sorses btab510.00
covered with sorses tab510.00
crushing the despised tab470.00


dead human collection tab640.00
death walking terror tab530.00
decency defied btab560.00
decency defied tab690.00
demented aggression tab510.00
demented aggression ver2 tab740.00
devoured by vermin tab570.00
disfigured btab610.00
disfigured tab610.00
disfigured ver2 tab560.00
disfigured ver3 tab550.00
disfigured ver4 tab560.00
dismembered and molested tab660.00
disposal of the body btab660.00
disposal of the body tab820.00
disposal of the body ver2 tab950.00
dormant bodies bursting tab660.00


eaten from inside tab640.00
ecstacy in decay tab680.00
ecstacy in decay ver2 tab790.00
edible autopsy tab560.00
encased in concrete btab580.00
entrails ripped from a virgins cunt tab660.00
entrails ripped from a virgins cunt ver2 tab550.00
entrails ripped from a virgins cunt ver3 tab700.00
evidence in the furnace intro tab600.00
evisceration plague btab700.00
evisceration plague intro tab580.00
evisceration plague tab540.00
evisceration plague ver2 btab660.00
evisceration plague ver2 tab640.00


festering in the crypt btab770.00
festering in the crypt tab560.00
festering in the crypt ver2 tab570.00
five nails through the neck tab640.00
force fed broken glass tab510.00
frantic disembowelment btab640.00
frantic disembowelment tab650.00
frantic disembowelment ver2 tab750.00
frantic disembowelment ver3 tab620.00
frantic disembowlement tab510.00
from skin to liquid tab620.00
fucked with a knife tab670.00


gallery of suicide btab610.00
gallery of suicide solo tab600.00
gallery of suicide tab480.00
gutted btab590.00
gutted tab580.00
gutted ver2 tab660.00


hacksaw decapitation tab660.00
hammer smashed face btab650.00
hammer smashed face drum tab800.00
hammer smashed face live btab640.00
hammer smashed face live tab570.00
hammer smashed face tab570.00
hammer smashed face ver2 btab590.00
hammer smashed face ver2 tab580.00
hammer smashed face ver3 btab610.00
hammer smashed face ver3 tab590.00
hammer smashed face ver4 tab530.00
hammer smashed face ver5 tab600.00
hammer smashed face ver6 tab710.00
hatchet to the head tab640.00
headless tab660.00
hung and bled tab700.00


i cum blood btab550.00
i cum blood drum tab590.00
i cum blood tab730.00
i cum blood ver2 tab670.00
i cum blood ver3 tab690.00
i will kill you tab610.00
i will kill you ver2 tab560.00
i will kill you ver3 tab770.00
infinate misery tab490.00
innards decay tab500.00


living dissection tab540.00
living dissection ver2 tab630.00
living dissection ver3 tab540.00


make them suffer tab550.00
mangled tab810.00
maniacal tab650.00
meat hook sodomy tab570.00
meat hook sodomy ver2 tab750.00
meat hook sodomy ver3 tab540.00
monolith tab680.00
monolith ver2 tab730.00
mummified in barbed wire tab670.00
murder worship tab550.00
my pockets got a hole in it crd540.00


necropedophile tab670.00
necropedophile ver2 tab660.00
no remorse tab630.00
no remorse ver2 tab550.00


orgasm through torture tab450.00


perverse suffering tab560.00
pick axe murders tab490.00
pit of zombies btab520.00
pit of zombies tab540.00
post mortal ejaculation tab590.00
post mortal ejaculation ver2 tab720.00
pounded into dust btab610.00
pounded into dust tab620.00
priests of sodom tab530.00
psychotic precision tab580.00
pulverized tab540.00
puncture pulverized tab610.00
puncture wound massacre tab700.00
purification by fire tab510.00
put them to death tab580.00
put them to death ver2 tab600.00


rancid amputation crd730.00
rancid amputation tab610.00
raped by the beast tab590.00
relentless beating tab700.00
return to flesh tab620.00
return to flesh ver2 tab550.00
return to flesh ver3 tab680.00
rotted body landslide tab580.00
rotting head tab690.00


sanded faceless tab560.00
savage butchery tab510.00
scalding hail tab700.00
scattered remains splattered brains tab540.00
scattered remains splattered brains ver2 tab640.00
sentenced to burn btab550.00
sentenced to burn drum tab650.00
sentenced to burn intro tab710.00
sentenced to burn tab580.00
severed head stoning tab500.00
shatter their bones intro tab770.00
she was asking for it tab560.00
shredded humans tab610.00
shredded humans ver2 tab480.00
sickening metamorphosis tab690.00
skull full of maggots tab660.00
slain tab710.00
smoke on the water tab630.00
spine splitter btab540.00
spine splitter tab520.00
split wide open tab610.00
stabbed in the throat tab570.00
staring through the eyes of the dead btab710.00
staring through the eyes of the dead tab550.00
staring through the eyes of the dead ver2 tab570.00
stripped raped and strangled tab550.00
stripped raped and strangled ver2 tab710.00
submerged in boiling flesh tab570.00


the bleeding btab620.00
the bleeding tab660.00
the bleeding ver2 tab640.00
the bloodlands tab530.00
the cryptic stench tab540.00
the cryptic stench ver2 tab660.00
the undead will feast tab460.00
the undead will feast ver2 tab680.00
they deserve to die tab510.00
time to kill is now tab620.00
tomb of the mutilated tab670.00


under the rotted flesh tab650.00
under the rotted flesh ver2 tab600.00
unite the dead tab630.00
unleashing the bloodthirsty drum tab570.00
unleashing the bloodthirsty tab450.00
unnatural intro tab620.00


vomit the soul tab610.00


when death replaces life btab470.00
when death replaces life tab520.00
worm infested tab630.00
wretched spawn tab650.00
wretched spawn ver2 tab670.00


zero the hero tab500.00
zero the hero ver2 tab730.00