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A's & B's Of Catatonia is a promotional EP CD released only in America by the band, Catatonia. As its title suggests, it contains A-Sides, "I Am The Mob" and "Bleed" and the rest of the tracks, B-Sides. Unique to this release was a difference in the sample dialogue at the beginning of the track "I Am The Mob" where usually (and as on the International Velvet album version) a female with an American accent is heard ranting. On this release the voice has a Welsh accent. Track listing "I am the Mob" (with alternative dialogue) "Jump or Be Sane" "No Stone Unturned" "Road Rage (Live)" "Bleed" "I am the Mob (Luca Brasi Mix)"
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bleed crd260.00
blow the millenium blow crd300.00


dazed beautiful and bruised crd240.00
difrycheulyd crd320.00
do you believe in me crd250.00
dont need the sunshine crd240.00
dont need the sunshine ver2 crd170.00
dream on crd240.00
dream on tab220.00


for tinkerbell crd140.00


game on tab210.00


i am the mob tab230.00
imaginary friend tab160.00
infantile crd230.00
international velvet crd200.00


johnny come lately crd220.00
johnny come lately tab180.00


londinium crd200.00
londinium solo tab210.00
lost cat crd210.00


mulder and scully crd280.00
my selfish gene crd290.00


painful crd280.00


road rage crd290.00
road rage ver2 crd210.00
roadrage crd210.00


selfish gene crd220.00
some half baked idea crd230.00
strange glue crd190.00
strange glue ver2 crd200.00
sweet catatonia crd220.00


way beyond blue album crd200.00
way beyond blue album tab190.00
why i cant stand one night stands crd180.00
why i hate one night stands crd250.00


you can crd170.00
youve got a lot to answer for crd250.00