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Chicosci (officially stylized as ChicoSci) is a 5-piece Filipino rock band based in Manila. The band is composed of Miggy Chavez, Mong Alcaraz, Macoy Estacio, Ariel Lumanlan and Eco del Rio. The group's musical style primarily consists of rock with an emphasis on emo. Background Formation and early days ChicoSci (previously Chico Science) was originally composed of Miguel "Miggy" Chavez, Miguel "Mong" Alcaraz, Carlos "Calde" Calderon, Jan Kevin Santos and Joel Salvador from the Ateneo de Manila University. They later recruited guitarist Sonny Baquisal and long-time friend Eugene "Yug" Esquivias to solidify the songwriting process. The band won an inter school Battle of the Bands and spent the prize money recording a demo – an investment that landed them a two-album record deal with EMI Philippines as A&R'ed by three executives for the EMI Local Label Bob Guzman, Larry Chua, and Darrell James Laxamana. The band released the albums Revenge of the Giant Robot and Method of...
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3rd measure tab473.40


7 black roses btab413.10
7 black roses crd373.20
7 black roses tab373.40
7 black roses ver2 btab463.60
7 black roses ver2 crd392.50
7 black roses ver2 tab482.00
7 black roses ver3 crd433.10
7 black roses ver3 tab392.80


a habit of rest brings nothing tab372.90
a promise btab433.50
a promise crd443.90
a promise tab413.50
a promise ver2 crd342.00
a promise ver2 tab364.00
a promise ver3 crd463.00
a promise ver3 tab343.00
amen crd533.10
amen tab503.80
an argument tab503.70
an argument ver2 tab303.00
anything for two crd433.90
anything for two tab412.00


breath again crd353.80
breathe again tab384.00


chicosci album tab472.10
chicosci vampire social club acoustic crd332.00
chicosci vampire social club acoustic ver2 crd352.10
chicosci vampire social club btab373.70
chicosci vampire social club crd342.80
chicosci vampire social club tab463.50
chicosci vampire social club ver2 btab473.00
chicosci vampire social club ver2 tab283.90
chicosci vampire social club ver3 btab362.60
chicosci vampire social club ver3 tab442.70
cold tab592.90
cold ver2 tab352.40
colonized crd402.80
colonized tab463.90


devil made me do it crd423.20
devil made me do it tab443.10
diamond shotgun btab383.30
diamond shotgun crd473.40
diamond shotgun tab332.70
diamond shotgun ver2 crd413.70
diamond shotgun ver2 tab452.70
diamond shotgun ver3 crd383.30
diamond shotgun ver3 tab363.60
diamond shotgun ver4 tab594.00
dim tab552.80
dim ver2 tab502.30


gift of tongues tab532.40
glass is broken btab362.50
glass is broken crd393.20
glass is broken tab293.80
glass is broken ver2 tab412.10
glass is broken ver3 tab353.80


i am the snake crd412.00
i am the snake ver2 crd422.90


january days btab622.10
january days crd482.30
january days tab473.70
just my luck crd352.70


knives crd422.70
knives tab523.40


last look btab503.40
last look crd463.20
last look tab332.40
last look ver2 crd543.10
last look ver2 tab362.10
last look ver3 crd394.00
last look ver3 tab413.70
last look ver4 crd393.80
liar crd472.80
liar tab502.50


manila teenage death squad crd433.20
manila teenage death squad tab344.00
manila teenage death squad ver2 tab432.40
matinee btab532.00
matinee crd483.40
matinee tab422.60
matinee ver2 crd403.10
matinee ver2 tab382.50
most precious and hopeless btab483.70
most precious and hopeless tab403.20
my january days tab402.40


off with her head crd422.10
off with her head tab452.90
open casket romance tab454.00


paris btab452.50
paris crd562.80
paris tab463.30
paris ver2 btab442.50
paris ver2 crd483.50
paris ver2 tab432.90
paris ver3 btab604.00
paris ver3 tab443.60
paris ver4 tab393.40
paris ver5 tab372.70
paris ver6 tab403.80
paris ver7 tab392.70
pimpstyle crd413.10
pimpstyle tab422.30
pink hearts yellow stars harlequin lover btab482.70
pink hearts yellow stars harlequin lover crd393.80
pink hearts yellow stars harlequin lovers tab362.70


quail tab583.00


red lips crd473.30
rolento crd393.90
rolento tab432.20


seven black roses btab403.50
seven black roses crd342.10
seven black roses tab423.30
seven black roses ver2 crd343.10
seven black roses ver2 tab422.50
seven black roses ver3 crd363.90
seven black roses ver3 tab353.00
seven black roses ver4 tab382.10
shallow graves crd393.00
shallow graves tab453.70
shallow graves ver2 tab582.10
sink or swim crd433.20
sink or swim tab462.40
sink or swim ver2 tab562.80
sink or swim ver3 tab333.20
sink or swim ver4 tab423.00
sink or swim ver5 tab423.20
sink or swim ver6 tab413.80
smiles at high five crd452.60
someplace nice tab382.50
soopa fly tab403.70
soopa fly ver2 tab332.40
sound and taste of tears falling upon your chest crd413.40
sound and taste of tears falling upon your chest tab422.00
soy tab483.40
stop biting crd583.00
sweet maria crd462.00
sweet maria tab422.80
sweet maria ver2 tab402.70
sweet maria ver3 tab292.80


theme from conversation with fire tab362.60
theme from conversations with fire crd372.60
theme from conversations with fire tab442.90
theme from conversations with fire ver2 tab552.30


vampire social club crd403.20
vampire social club tab382.70


whats your poision crd433.20
when flight is denied crd463.60
when flight is denied tab463.70
when flight is denied ver2 tab322.80
when flight is denied ver3 tab393.40
who kissed you last night crd332.60


youre killing me crd472.00
youre killing me tab332.00
youre killing me ver2 crd423.00
youre killing me ver2 tab432.70