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Chimaira /kaɪˈmɪərə/ was an American heavy metal band from Cleveland, Ohio. Formed in 1998, the group was a notable member of the New Wave of American Heavy Metal scene. The band's name is derived from the word Chimera, a monstrous creature in Greek mythology. Throughout its history, the band endured numerous line-up changes, leaving vocalist Mark Hunter as the only constant member. The band dissolved in 2014. Biography Early days (1998–1999) Chimaira was founded during 1998 by guitarist Jason Hager, and vocalist Mark Hunter. The pair contacted friends and recruited Jason Genaro on drums and Andrew Ermlick on bass to complete the required positions for a line-up. After a few practices, the four decided that the band needed to thicken their sound and Ermlick recommended that Rob Arnold, a former bandmate from his time in Common Thread, could be recruited into the band as a guitarist. Arnold's band at the time, Sanctum had recently split, and he was available to join Chimaira....
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abeo tab450.00
army of me tab370.00
army of me ver2 tab310.00
army of me ver3 tab420.00
army of me ver4 tab340.00
army of me ver5 tab330.00


balls to the wall tab340.00
baptizing the dead tab390.00
black heart tab240.00
bloodlust tab350.00
bloodlust ver2 tab290.00


clayden tab440.00
clayden ver2 tab330.00
cleansation btab420.00
cleansation tab470.00
cleansation ver2 btab430.00
cleansation ver2 tab360.00
crawl btab440.00
crawl tab370.00


dead inside drum tab300.00
dead inside tab470.00
dead inside ver2 tab390.00
disposable heroes tab280.00
disposable heros btab340.00
divination tab300.00
down again btab380.00
down again tab370.00
down again ver2 tab280.00
down again ver3 tab450.00
down again ver4 tab410.00
down again ver5 tab370.00


empire btab420.00
empire tab500.00
empire ver2 tab320.00
empty tab350.00
everything you love intro tab300.00
everything you love tab350.00
everything you love ver2 tab290.00
eyes of a criminal btab390.00
eyes of a criminal tab380.00
eyes of a criminal ver2 tab270.00
eyes of a criminal ver3 tab300.00


fascination street tab320.00
flame tab490.00
forced life tab370.00


gag btab380.00
gag tab360.00


hammer and what tab360.00


i reject tab350.00
impending doom tab350.00
impending doom ver2 tab380.00
implements of destruction btab380.00
implements of destruction tab290.00
impossibility of reason tab370.00
impossibility of reason ver2 tab350.00
inside the horror btab300.00
inside the horror tab490.00


jade tab380.00


killing the beast tab320.00


lazarus btab390.00
lazarus solo tab400.00
lazarus tab510.00
lazarus ver2 tab420.00
left for dead intro tab430.00
lend a hand tab350.00
let go tab460.00
let go ver2 tab350.00
lumps tab450.00
lumps ver2 tab310.00


needle tab370.00
no reason to live tab440.00
nothing remains btab300.00
nothing remains tab250.00
nothing remains ver2 tab310.00
nothing remains ver3 tab410.00


on broken glass intro tab410.00
on broken glass intro ver2 tab300.00
on broken glass tab330.00
on broken glass ver2 tab350.00
options tab340.00
overlooked tab340.00


painting the white to grey btab350.00
painting the white to grey tab250.00
paralyzed tab350.00
pass out of existance tab330.00
pictures in the gold room btab340.00
pictures in the gold room tab430.00
pictures in the gold room ver2 tab280.00
pleasure in pain tab410.00
power trip btab420.00
power trip tab290.00
power trip ver2 tab280.00
pray for all btab460.00
pray for all intro tab380.00
pray for all tab320.00
pure hatred btab410.00
pure hatred tab280.00
pure hatred ver2 tab240.00


raining blood tab380.00
refuse to see tab380.00
resurrection album tab330.00
resurrection btab310.00
resurrection intro tab380.00
resurrection tab300.00
resurrection ver2 tab400.00
rizzo tab370.00


salvation btab350.00
salvation tab290.00
save ourselves btab330.00
save ourselves tab280.00
secrets of the dead btab290.00
secrets of the dead tab290.00
severed btab410.00
severed tab370.00
silence tab370.00
six tab500.00
sphere tab430.00
split btab340.00
split tab360.00
split ver2 tab320.00
stigmurder tab360.00


taste my btab360.00
taste my tab340.00
taste my ver2 tab330.00
taste my ver3 tab400.00
taste my ver4 tab360.00
the dehumanizing process btab290.00
the dehumanizing process intro tab470.00
the dehumanizing process tab330.00
the dehumanizing process ver2 btab300.00
the dehumanizing process ver2 tab350.00
the dehumanizing process ver3 tab260.00
the heart of it all tab530.00
the venom inside intro tab290.00
the venom inside tab280.00
this present darkness btab370.00
this present darkness tab320.00
this present darkness ver2 tab290.00
trimmed tab360.00


worthless tab510.00


year of the snake tab350.00