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Daughtry /ˈdɔːtri/ is an American rock band formed and fronted by namesake Chris Daughtry, who was a finalist on the fifth season of American Idol. Their self-titled debut album was released in November 2006 and reached number one on the Billboard 200. The album went on to sell more than four million copies in the United States, and has been certified quadruple platinum by the RIAA. Daughtry was also named the best selling album of 2007 by Billboard, becoming the fastest-selling debut rock album in Soundscan history. The album produced four top 20 hits on the Billboard Hot 100, including top five hits "It's Not Over" and "Home". The band's second album, Leave This Town, was released in July 2009 and debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 chart, becoming Daughtry's second number one album in the United States. To date, Leave This Town has sold over 1.3 million copies in the United States and has been certified platinum by the RIAA. The album's lead single, "No Surprise," became...
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4am crd210.00


all these lives crd180.00
all these lives ver2 crd200.00
all these lives ver3 crd220.00
all these lives ver4 crd180.00
all these lives ver5 crd240.00
all these lives ver6 crd150.00
all these lives ver7 crd190.00


back to me acoustic crd220.00
break the spell crd140.00
break the spell ver2 crd240.00
breakdown btab200.00
breakdown crd340.00
breakdown intro tab180.00
breakdown tab290.00
breakdown ver2 tab270.00


call your name crd260.00
call your name tab200.00
call your name ver2 crd230.00
call your name ver3 crd230.00
call your name ver4 crd270.00
call your name ver5 crd310.00
call your name ver6 crd250.00
crashed acoustic crd200.00
crashed acoustic tab220.00
crashed acoustic ver2 crd230.00
crashed btab250.00
crashed crd400.00
crashed intro crd180.00
crashed ver2 crd200.00
crashed ver4 crd210.00
crashed ver5 crd200.00
crashed ver6 crd220.00
crawling back to you acoustic crd230.00
crawling back to you crd190.00
crawling back to you tab190.00
crawling back to you ver2 crd230.00
crawling back to you ver3 crd220.00
crawling back to you ver4 crd210.00
crazy crd250.00


drown in you tab270.00
drown in you ver2 tab200.00
drown in you ver3 tab220.00


everything but me crd230.00


feels like the first time tab140.00
feels like tonight crd270.00
feels like tonight intro tab200.00
feels like tonight intro ver2 tab270.00
feels like tonight intro ver3 tab210.00
feels like tonight tab280.00
feels like tonight ver2 crd180.00
feels like tonight ver2 tab230.00
feels like tonight ver3 crd180.00
feels like tonight ver3 tab290.00
feels like tonight ver4 crd240.00
feels like tonight ver5 crd180.00
feels like tonight ver6 crd270.00


ghost of me crd250.00
ghost of me tab240.00
gone crd320.00
gone tab360.00
gone too soon crd200.00
gone too soon ver2 crd240.00


home acoustic crd160.00
home acoustic ver2 crd230.00
home acoustic ver3 crd250.00
home acoustic ver4 crd240.00
home acoustic ver5 crd170.00
home btab240.00
home tab270.00


i walk the line crd230.00
it feels like tonight crd230.00
it feels like tonight tab280.00
its not over btab240.00
its not over crd190.00
its not over tab250.00
its not over ver2 btab220.00
its not over ver2 crd220.00
its not over ver2 tab240.00
its not over ver3 btab320.00
its not over ver3 crd300.00
its not over ver4 btab200.00
its not over ver5 btab330.00


keep me close crd210.00


learn my lesson crd340.00
learn my lesson tab270.00
learn my lesson ver2 crd200.00
learn my lesson ver3 crd260.00
life after you acoustic crd230.00
life after you acoustic ver2 crd170.00
life after you acoustic ver3 crd200.00
life after you crd230.00
life after you tab200.00
life after you ver10 crd240.00
life after you ver2 crd320.00
life after you ver2 tab360.00
life after you ver3 crd200.00
life after you ver4 crd270.00
life after you ver5 crd370.00
life after you ver6 crd190.00
life after you ver7 crd260.00
life after you ver8 crd200.00
life after you ver9 crd270.00
long way crd270.00
long way ver2 crd240.00
loosing my mind tab200.00
losing my mind crd210.00
louder than ever crd240.00
louder than ever tab180.00


no suprise crd280.00
no suprise tab290.00
no surprise acoustic tab200.00
no surprise btab260.00
no surprise crd270.00
no surprise drum tab230.00
no surprise tab240.00
no surprise ver2 crd280.00
no surprise ver2 tab220.00
no surprise ver3 crd310.00
no surprise ver3 tab190.00
no surprise ver4 crd170.00
no surprise ver5 crd210.00
no surprise ver6 crd230.00


on the inside acoustic crd190.00
on the inside crd250.00
on the inside ver2 crd220.00
on the inside ver3 crd250.00
one last chance crd220.00
one last chance solo tab260.00
one last chance tab260.00
open up your eyes crd170.00
open up your eyes tab290.00
open up your eyes ver2 crd220.00
outta my head tab270.00
outta my head ver2 tab270.00
over you album tab200.00
over you crd270.00
over you solo tab340.00
over you tab260.00
over you ver2 tab370.00
over you ver3 crd210.00
over you ver3 tab210.00
over you ver4 tab180.00
over you ver5 tab210.00
over you ver6 crd230.00
over you ver7 crd180.00


poker face acoustic crd250.00
poker face acoustic tab240.00
poker face crd200.00
poker face intro tab230.00
poker face tab220.00
poker face ver2 crd180.00


renegade crd240.00
renegade tab230.00
renegade ver2 crd240.00
rescue me crd310.00
rescue me tab200.00
rocketman crd230.00


september crd180.00
september intro tab270.00
september tab240.00
september ver2 crd240.00
september ver2 tab340.00
september ver3 crd220.00
september ver3 tab250.00
september ver4 crd200.00
september ver4 tab300.00
september ver5 tab200.00
sorry crd240.00
sorry tab250.00
sorry ver2 crd240.00
spaceship crd220.00
spotlight album crd230.00
start of something good crd150.00
start of something good tab240.00
start of something good ver2 crd200.00
start of something good ver3 crd200.00
start of something good ver4 crd210.00
start of something good ver5 crd240.00
supernatural crd260.00


tennessee line crd190.00
tennessee line intro tab240.00
tennessee line tab200.00
tennessee line ver2 crd180.00
tennessee line ver3 crd180.00
tennessee line ver4 crd190.00
tennessee line ver5 crd240.00
tennessee line ver6 crd210.00
tennessee line ver7 crd250.00
tennissee line crd220.00
there and back again btab220.00
there and back again crd260.00
there and back again tab260.00
traffic light crd170.00
traffic light tab230.00


used to crd280.00
used to tab300.00
used to ver2 crd230.00
used to ver2 tab240.00
used to ver3 crd230.00
used up tab220.00


were not gonna fall crd230.00
were not gonna fall ver2 crd190.00
what about now acoustic tab330.00
what about now btab270.00
what about now crd240.00
what about now tab260.00
what about now ver2 btab210.00
what about now ver2 crd330.00
what about now ver2 tab220.00
what about now ver3 crd140.00
what about now ver4 crd220.00
what about now ver5 crd190.00
what have we become crd240.00
what i meant to say crd230.00
what i meant to say tab210.00
what i want btab290.00
what i want crd160.00
what i want tab170.00
what i want ver2 tab180.00
whos they crd300.00
whos they solo tab200.00


you dont belong acoustic crd220.00
you dont belong crd210.00
you dont belong tab170.00
you dont belong to me tab230.00
you dont belong ver2 crd180.00
youre in my hands crd190.00