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Colbie Marie Caillat (/ˈkoʊlbi kəˈleɪ/; born May 28, 1985) is an American pop singer-songwriter and acoustic guitarist from Malibu, California. She debuted in 2007 with Coco, which included hit singles "Bubbly" and "Realize". In 2008, she recorded a duet with Jason Mraz, "Lucky", which won a Grammy. Caillat released her second album, Breakthrough, in August 2009. Breakthrough was nominated for Best Pop Vocal Album at the 2010 Grammy Awards. She was also part of the group that won Album of the Year at the 2010 Grammys for her background vocals and writing on Taylor Swift's Fearless album. Caillat has sold over 6 million albums worldwide and over 10 million singles. In 2009, she was named Billboard magazine's 94th-best-selling music artist of the 2000s. In 2011, she released her third studio album, All of You. On October 23, 2012 she released her first Christmas album, Christmas in the Sand. Life and career 1985–2006: Childhood and youth Caillat was born in Malibu, California,...
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all of you crd310.00
all of you ver2 crd290.00


battle crd420.00
battle ver2 crd440.00
battle ver3 crd400.00
before i let you go crd320.00
begin again crd400.00
breakeven fast car crd310.00
breakevenfast car crd330.00
breakin at the cracks crd300.00
breakin at the cracks ver2 crd340.00
breakin at the cracks ver3 crd350.00
breakthrough crd300.00
brighter than the sun crd310.00
brighter than the sun ver2 crd310.00
brighter than the sun ver3 crd400.00
brighter than the sun ver4 crd340.00
brighter than the sun ver5 crd290.00
brighter than the sun ver6 crd480.00
brighter than the sun ver7 crd350.00
bubbly acoustic crd420.00
bubbly acoustic tab320.00
bubbly acoustic ver2 crd390.00
bubbly acoustic ver2 tab530.00
bubbly acoustic ver2 video lesson320.00
bubbly acoustic video lesson330.00
bubbly btab440.00
bubbly crd480.00
bubbly tab350.00
bubbly ver10 crd380.00
bubbly ver11 crd350.00
bubbly ver2 btab400.00
bubbly ver2 crd370.00
bubbly ver2 tab350.00
bubbly ver3 crd410.00
bubbly ver3 tab370.00
bubbly ver4 crd310.00
bubbly ver4 tab290.00
bubbly ver5 crd400.00
bubbly ver5 tab370.00
bubbly ver6 crd420.00
bubbly ver6 tab460.00
bubbly ver7 crd420.00
bubbly ver8 crd330.00
bubbly ver9 crd380.00
bullet proof vest crd290.00


capri crd460.00
capri intro tab360.00
capri ver2 crd430.00
capri ver3 crd300.00
capri ver4 crd430.00
christmas in the sand crd280.00


dont hold me down crd280.00
dream life crd310.00
dreams collide tab360.00
dreams collide ver2 tab390.00
droplets crd400.00
droplets tab340.00
droplets ver2 crd370.00
droplets ver3 crd400.00
droplets ver4 crd370.00


fallin for you btab340.00
fallin for you crd340.00
fallin for you ver2 crd320.00
fallin for you ver3 crd340.00
fallin for you ver4 crd290.00
fallin for you ver5 crd360.00
fallin for you ver6 crd340.00
fallin for you ver7 crd300.00
fallin for you ver8 crd340.00
fallin for you video lesson330.00
falling for you crd330.00
falling for you ver3 crd330.00
falling for you ver4 crd370.00
falling for you ver5 crd310.00
falling for you ver6 crd360.00
falling for you ver7 crd420.00
favorite song crd360.00
favourite song crd260.00
fearless crd370.00
fearless ver2 crd420.00
feelings show crd420.00
feelings show ver2 crd370.00


happy christmas crd350.00
have yourself a merry little christmas crd300.00
hold on crd300.00


i do btab340.00
i do crd390.00
i do ver2 crd460.00
i do ver3 crd300.00
i do ver4 crd370.00
i never told you btab370.00
i never told you crd380.00
i never told you tab360.00
i never told you ver2 crd350.00
i never told you ver2 tab420.00
i never told you ver3 crd420.00
i never told you ver4 crd360.00
i never told you ver5 crd400.00
i never told you ver6 crd370.00
i never told you ver7 crd430.00
i wont crd420.00
i wont ver2 crd400.00
it stops today btab360.00
it stops today crd340.00


killing me softly crd480.00
kiss the girl crd350.00


like yesterday crd360.00
like yesterday ver2 crd350.00
like yesterday ver3 crd420.00
little thing crd320.00


magic crd430.00
magic intro tab450.00
magic intro ver2 tab330.00
magic intro ver3 tab370.00
magic intro ver4 tab420.00
magic intro ver5 tab320.00
magic ver2 crd370.00
make it rain crd390.00
midnight bottle crd390.00
midnight bottle ver2 crd400.00
midnight bottle ver3 crd330.00
midnight bottle ver4 crd310.00
mistletoe crd360.00
mistletoe ver2 crd330.00


never let you go crd400.00


older crd370.00
older ver2 crd420.00
one fine wire crd340.00
one fine wire ver2 crd370.00
one fine wire ver3 crd470.00
one fine wire ver4 crd340.00
one fine wire ver5 crd290.00
one fine wire ver6 crd420.00
one fine wire ver7 crd430.00
out of my mind crd430.00
oxygen crd420.00
oxygen intro tab350.00
oxygen tab350.00
oxygen ver2 crd530.00
oxygen ver3 crd350.00


paint it golden tab430.00
puzzle pieces crd380.00


rainbow crd420.00
realize crd380.00
realize tab320.00
realize ver2 crd370.00
realize ver2 tab400.00
realize ver3 crd400.00
realize ver4 crd310.00
realize ver5 crd370.00
realize ver6 crd310.00
realize ver7 crd350.00
realize ver8 crd350.00
realize video lesson340.00
runnin around crd280.00


shadow crd410.00
something special crd330.00
stay with me crd380.00
stay with me tab370.00
stereo crd380.00


tailor made crd320.00
tailor made ver2 crd430.00
tell him crd370.00
tell him ver2 crd330.00
the little things crd510.00
the little things intro tab370.00
the little things ver2 crd340.00
the little things ver3 crd340.00
the little things ver4 crd420.00
the little things ver5 crd280.00
think good thoughts crd410.00
think good thoughts ver2 crd340.00
think good thoughts ver3 crd310.00
tied down crd340.00
tied down ver2 crd320.00
tied down ver3 crd390.00
tied down ver4 crd450.00
tied down ver5 crd380.00
tied down ver6 crd370.00


what i wanted to say crd430.00
what if crd410.00
what means the most crd420.00


you got me crd340.00
you got me ver2 crd400.00
you got me ver3 crd290.00
you got me ver4 crd300.00
you got me ver5 crd380.00
you got me ver6 crd360.00