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Cradle of Filth are a British extreme metal band that formed in Suffolk in 1991. The band's musical style evolved from black metal to a cleaner and more "produced" amalgam of gothic metal, symphonic metal and other metal genres. Their lyrical themes and imagery are heavily influenced by gothic literature, poetry, mythology and horror films. The band has broken free from its original niche by courting mainstream publicity (often to the chagrin of its early fanbase), giving the band a "commercial" image. This increased accessibility has brought coverage from the likes of Kerrang! and MTV, along with frequent main stage appearances at major festivals such as Ozzfest, Download and even the mainstream Sziget Festival. They have sometimes been perceived as satanic by casual observers, even though their outright lyrical references to Satanism are few and far between; their use of satanic imagery has arguably always been more for shock value rather than any seriously held...
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13 auttums and a widow tab220.00


a crescendo of passion bleeding tab280.00
a dream of wolves in the snow tab280.00
a dream of wolves in the snow ver2 tab270.00
a gothic romance btab250.00
a gothic romance tab320.00
a gothic romance ver2 tab340.00
a gothic romance ver3 tab300.00
a thousand hands on the maid of ruin tab210.00
absinthe with faust btab290.00
absinthe with faust tab340.00
absinthe with faust ver2 tab250.00
absinthe with faust ver3 tab280.00
absinthe with faust ver4 tab320.00
adest rosa secreta eros tab310.00
all hope in eclipse tab240.00
all hope in eclipse ver2 tab250.00
all hope in eclipse ver3 tab250.00
amor e morte tab260.00
an enemy led the tempest btab230.00
an enemy led the tempest tab250.00
an enemy led the tempest ver2 tab260.00
angel of death tab220.00


babalon ad so glad for the madness btab240.00
babalon ad so glad for the madness tab190.00
bathory area tab380.00
bathory aria tab400.00
bathory aria ver2 tab300.00
beast of extermination tab420.00
beauty slept in bodom tab390.00
beauty slept in sodom btab290.00
beauty slept in sodom tab310.00
beauty slept in sodom ver2 tab340.00
beneath the depths of evil tab310.00
beneath the howling stars btab280.00
beneath the howling stars intro tab300.00
beneath the howling stars tab230.00
beneath the howling stars ver2 tab250.00
bestial lust tab330.00
better to reign in hell btab320.00
better to reign in hell tab330.00
beyond eleventh hour solo tab320.00
beyond eleventh hour tab320.00
black metal btab360.00
black metal tab290.00
black metal ver2 tab310.00
bleeding in heaven tab230.00
bloody tears intro tab400.00
born in a burial gown btab250.00
born in a burial gown intro tab290.00
born in a burial gown tab290.00
bryonic man tab390.00
byronic man solo tab280.00
byronic man tab300.00
byronic man ver2 tab390.00
byronic man ver3 tab310.00
byronic man ver4 tab410.00


carrion btab340.00
carrion intro tab300.00
carrion tab370.00
castlevania tab290.00
cemetery and sundown intro tab360.00
cemetery and sundown tab290.00
cemetery and sundown ver2 tab250.00
cemetery and sundown ver3 tab330.00
coffin fodder btab380.00
coffin fodder solo tab380.00
coffin fodder tab330.00
coffin fodder ver2 tab340.00
coffin fodder ver3 tab360.00
cruelty brought thee orchids btab290.00
cruelty brought thee orchids tab300.00
cruelty brought thee orchids ver2 tab190.00
cthulhu dawn btab300.00
cthulhu dawn part one tab310.00
cthulhu dawn tab450.00
cthulhu dawn ver2 tab430.00
cthulhu dawn ver3 tab290.00
cthulhu dawn ver4 tab240.00
cthulhu dawn ver5 tab260.00
cthulu dawn tab380.00


darkly darkly venus aversa album tab250.00
darkly erotic tab290.00
darkness incarnate tab380.00
darkness our bride tab440.00
dawn of eternity tab260.00
dawn of eternity ver2 tab270.00
death comes ripping btab220.00
death comes ripping crd260.00
death comes ripping tab290.00
death comes ripping ver2 btab370.00
death magic for adepts tab310.00
death magick for adepts btab290.00
death magick for adepts tab360.00
death magick for adepts ver2 tab310.00
death the great adventure tab310.00
deceiving eyes tab240.00
desire in violent overture btab280.00
desire in violent overture tab310.00
devil to the metal btab270.00
devil to the metal intro tab390.00
devil to the metal intro ver2 tab350.00
devil woman btab270.00
devil woman tab310.00
dirge inferno btab260.00
dirge inferno intro tab310.00
dirge inferno intro video lesson300.00
dirge inferno tab430.00
dirge inferno ver2 tab150.00
dirge inferno ver3 tab200.00
doberman pharaoh tab280.00
dusk and her embrace btab280.00
dusk and her embrace tab300.00
dusk and her embrace ver2 btab260.00
dusk and her embracelive tab270.00


ebony dressed for sunset tab300.00
ebony dressed for sunset ver2 tab240.00
english fire tab290.00


fear of the dark tab240.00
filthy little secret btab490.00
filthy little secret tab280.00
filthy little secret ver2 tab320.00
filthy little secrets tab360.00
fire still burns tab290.00
foetus of a new day kicking tab290.00
foetus of a new day kicking ver2 tab270.00
foetus of a new day kicking ver3 tab330.00
foetus of a new day kicking ver4 tab350.00
for those who died tab240.00
for your vulgar delectation tab250.00
forest whispers my name tab400.00
forgive me father i have sinned solo tab290.00
forgive me father i have sinned tab250.00
forgive me father i have sinned ver2 tab260.00
forgive me father i have sinned ver3 tab280.00
forgive me father i have sinned ver4 tab260.00
from cradle to enslave btab270.00
from cradle to enslave tab290.00
from the cradle to enslave btab260.00
from the cradle to enslave tab220.00
from the cradle to enslave ver2 btab200.00
frost on her pillow tab400.00
funeral in carpathia tab330.00


gabrielle tab320.00
gabrielle ver2 tab400.00
gilded cunt btab290.00
gilded cunt tab380.00
gilded cunt ver2 btab320.00
gilded cunt ver2 tab280.00
gilded cunt ver3 tab310.00
gilded cunt ver4 tab280.00
godspeed on the devils thunder album tab220.00
godspeed on the devils thunder tab260.00
gothic romance tab310.00


hallowed be thy name tab170.00
hallowed be thy name ver2 tab290.00
hallowed be thy name ver3 tab310.00
hallowed be thy name ver4 tab300.00
hallowed be thy name ver5 tab240.00
hallowed be thy name ver6 tab290.00
harlot on a pedestal tab300.00
haunted shores tab430.00
heaven torn asunder btab300.00
heaven torn asunder tab320.00
hell awaits tab350.00
her ghost in the fog btab320.00
her ghost in the fog intro tab350.00
her ghost in the fog tab230.00
her ghost in the fog ver2 btab340.00
her ghost in the fog ver2 tab280.00
her ghost in the fog ver3 tab330.00
her ghost in the fog ver4 tab240.00
her ghost in the fog ver5 tab300.00
her ghost in the fog ver6 tab360.00
honey and sulphur tab300.00
honey and sulphur ver2 tab260.00
huge onyx wings behind despair tab230.00
hurt and virtue intro btab320.00
hurt and virtue tab450.00
hurt and virtue ver2 tab280.00


i am the thorn tab270.00
i am the thorn ver2 tab340.00
ii paradise lost better to reign in hell intro tab240.00
illicitus tab280.00
into the crypt of rays tab230.00


libertina grimm tab270.00
libertina grimm ver2 tab280.00
lilith immaculate tab270.00
lord abortion btab320.00
lord abortion tab290.00
lord abortion ver2 btab380.00
lord abortion ver2 tab250.00
lovesick for mina btab360.00
lovesick for mina intro tab310.00
lovesick for mina intro ver2 tab410.00
lovesick for mina tab260.00
lovesick for mina ver2 tab330.00
lovesick for mina ver3 tab340.00
lovesick for mina ver4 tab310.00
lustmord and wargasm btab290.00
lustmord and wargasm tab280.00


malice through the looking glass btab250.00
malice through the looking glass synth tab290.00
malice through the looking glass tab320.00
mannequin btab280.00
mannequin drum tab280.00
mannequin tab310.00
mannequin ver2 tab320.00
manticore tab370.00
medusa and hemlock btab330.00
medusa and hemlock tab300.00
midnight shadows crawl to darken counsel with life tab240.00
mistress from the sucking pit tab290.00
mother of abominations tab220.00


nemesis btab340.00
nemesis tab360.00
nemesis ver2 tab390.00
nevermore tab220.00
nevermore ver2 tab320.00
nevermore ver3 tab310.00
nightmares of an ether drinker tab300.00
no time to cry btab320.00
no time to cry drum tab320.00
no time to cry tab360.00
no time to cry ver2 tab260.00
no time to cry ver3 tab220.00
nocturnal supremacy btab230.00
nocturnal supremacy tab280.00
not time to cry tab340.00
nymphetamine album tab250.00
nymphetamine btab340.00
nymphetamine crd340.00
nymphetamine tab320.00
nymphetamine ver10 tab290.00
nymphetamine ver11 tab260.00
nymphetamine ver12 tab250.00
nymphetamine ver2 btab360.00
nymphetamine ver2 tab270.00
nymphetamine ver3 btab380.00
nymphetamine ver3 tab240.00
nymphetamine ver4 btab290.00
nymphetamine ver4 tab280.00
nymphetamine ver5 btab250.00
nymphetamine ver5 tab210.00
nymphetamine ver6 tab340.00
nymphetamine ver7 tab240.00
nymphetamine ver8 tab380.00
nymphetamine ver9 tab240.00


of mist and midnight skies tab290.00
one final graven kiss btab260.00
one final graven kiss tab310.00
one foul step from the abyss tab310.00
orgiastic pleasures tab240.00


pallid reflection tab280.00
portrait of the dead countess btab270.00
presents from the poison hearted btab250.00
presents from the poison hearted intro tab330.00
presents from the poison hearted tab250.00


queen of the winter throned tab380.00
queen of winter throned tab320.00
queen of winter throned ver2 tab280.00


retreat of the sacred heart tab210.00
rise of the pentagram tab320.00


saffrons curse btab420.00
saffrons curse intro tab290.00
saffrons curse tab350.00
scorched earth erotica tab300.00
scorched earth erotica ver2 tab320.00
scorched earth erotica ver3 tab270.00
serpent tongue btab300.00
serpent tongue tab340.00
serpent tongue ver2 tab270.00
shat out of hell tab330.00
shat out of hell ver2 tab320.00
shat out of hell ver3 tab260.00
siding with the titans tab220.00
sleepless btab390.00
sleepless tab310.00
sleepless ver2 btab320.00
smoke of her burning btab250.00
smoke of her burning intro tab310.00
smoke of her burning tab270.00
sodomy and lust tab410.00
succumb to this tab290.00
suicide and other comforts tab270.00
summer dying fast btab340.00
summer dying fast tab380.00
summer dying fast ver2 tab350.00
swansong for a raven tab210.00
sweetest maleficia tab340.00


tearing the veil from grace tab270.00
temptation btab390.00
temptation tab310.00
temptation ver2 tab380.00
temptation ver3 tab290.00
temptation ver4 tab360.00
temptation ver5 tab320.00
temptations tab320.00
thank god for the suffering btab190.00
thank god for the suffering tab280.00
thank your lucky scars tab280.00
the 13th caesar tab320.00
the abhorrent tab340.00
the black goddess rises ii btab220.00
the black goddess rises ii tab430.00
the black goddess rises tab220.00
the black goddess rises ver2 tab230.00
the black goddess rises ver3 tab280.00
the black godess rises btab260.00
the black godess rises tab230.00
the cult of venus aversa tab270.00
the death of love tab310.00
the death of love ver2 tab410.00
the eve the art of witchcraft tab270.00
the foetus of a new day kicking tab350.00
the forest whispers my name btab290.00
the forest whispers my name tab250.00
the forest whispers my name ver2 tab310.00
the nun with the astral habit tab300.00
the persecution song tab220.00
the promise of fever btab300.00
the promise of fever tab300.00
the promise of fever ver2 tab230.00
the promise of fever ver3 tab320.00
the rape and ruin of angels tab330.00
the raping of faith tab210.00
the snake eyed and the venomous intro tab350.00
the twisted nails of faith btab240.00
the twisted nails of faith tab340.00
the twisted nails of faith ver2 tab230.00
thirteen autumns and a widow tab240.00
thirteen autumns and a widow ver2 tab230.00
this fetid dank oasis tab320.00
thornography album tab280.00
to eve the art of witchcraft btab260.00
to eve the art of witchcraft tab340.00
tonight in flames btab420.00
tonight in flames solo tab300.00
tonight in flames tab280.00
tonight in flames ver2 btab250.00
tonight in flames ver2 tab210.00
tonight in flames ver3 tab220.00
tortured soul asylum btab270.00
tortured soul asylum tab260.00
tragic kingdom tab310.00
tragic kingdom ver2 tab330.00
truth and agony tab540.00
twisted nails of faith btab290.00


unbridled at dusk tab330.00
under huntress moon btab220.00
under huntress moon tab240.00
under huntress moon ver2 btab250.00
under huntress moon ver2 tab300.00


what dies within btab300.00