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Creed is an American rock band, formed in 1993 in Tallahassee, Florida. The band's best-known line-up consists of lead vocalist Scott Stapp, guitarist and vocalist Mark Tremonti, bassist Brian Marshall, and drummer Scott Phillips. Creed released two studio albums, My Own Prison in 1997 and Human Clay in 1999, before Marshall left the band in 2000 with the band remaining a three-piece. The band's third record, Weathered, was released in 2001 with Tremonti handling bass before the band disbanded in 2004 due to increasing tension between members. Tremonti, Marshall, and Phillips went on to found Alter Bridge while Stapp followed a solo career. After years of speculation, Creed reunited in 2009 for a tour and new album called Full Circle, later touring again in 2012. Another album was planned, but has since been shelved. Instrumental members turned their attention to Alter Bridge and Tremonti formed his own band, while Scott Stapp joined Art of Anarchy. There are currently no plans for the...
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a thousand faces btab330.00
a thousand faces tab370.00
a thousand faces ver2 tab410.00
alone acustic tab400.00
alone tab590.00
alone ver2 tab420.00
anthology tab440.00
apples and cider intro tab380.00
are you ready btab430.00
are you ready tab360.00
are you ready ver2 tab320.00
are you ready ver3 tab430.00
arms wide open tab390.00
away in silence crd300.00
away in silence tab330.00
away in silence ver2 tab310.00


beautiful btab420.00
beautiful drum tab340.00
beautiful tab420.00
beautiful ver2 btab380.00
beautiful ver2 tab430.00
beautiful ver3 tab390.00
beautiful ver4 tab440.00
beautiful ver5 tab320.00
bound and tied btab380.00
bound and tied tab340.00
bound and tied ver2 btab320.00
bound and tied ver2 tab400.00
bread of shame tab340.00
bullets btab390.00
bullets tab390.00
bullets ver2 tab340.00
bullets ver3 tab550.00
bullets ver4 tab340.00
bullets ver5 tab330.00


dont stop dancing acoustic crd310.00
dont stop dancing acoustic ver2 crd410.00
dont stop dancing acoustic ver3 crd370.00
dont stop dancing btab340.00
dont stop dancing crd350.00
dont stop dancing drum tab350.00
dont stop dancing solo tab360.00
dont stop dancing solo ver2 tab340.00
dont stop dancing tab290.00
dont stop dancing ver2 crd480.00
dont stop dancing ver2 tab410.00
dont stop dancing ver3 crd420.00
dont stop dancing ver3 tab510.00
dont stop dancing ver4 tab440.00
dont stop dancing ver5 tab360.00


faceless man crd400.00
faceless man tab360.00
faceless man ver2 tab370.00
faceless man ver3 tab360.00
faceless man ver4 tab350.00
fear tab380.00
fear ver2 tab380.00
freedom fighter btab500.00
freedom fighter tab330.00
freedom fighter ver2 tab340.00
freedom fighter ver3 tab350.00
freedom fighter ver4 tab410.00
freedom fighter ver5 tab470.00
full circle tab350.00


good fight tab350.00
greatest hits album tab280.00


hemroids tab440.00
hide btab550.00
hide crd410.00
hide tab440.00
hide ver2 crd390.00
hide ver2 tab380.00
hide ver3 crd390.00
hide ver3 tab370.00
hide ver4 tab440.00
hide ver5 tab400.00
hide ver6 tab320.00
hide ver7 tab400.00
hide ver8 tab370.00
hide ver9 tab410.00
higher btab410.00
higher crd400.00
higher intro tab400.00
higher tab390.00
higher ver2 btab430.00
higher ver2 crd360.00
higher ver2 tab360.00
higher ver3 crd490.00
higher ver3 tab450.00
higher ver4 tab360.00
higher ver5 tab410.00
higher ver6 tab330.00
human clay album btab350.00
human clay album tab320.00


illusion btab450.00
illusion tab380.00
illusion ver2 btab460.00
illusion ver2 tab380.00
illusion ver3 tab400.00
illusion ver4 tab380.00
im 1 tab480.00
im eighteen crd410.00
in america btab390.00
in america tab450.00
in america ver2 tab300.00
inside us all btab450.00
inside us all crd370.00
inside us all tab300.00
inside us all ver2 tab260.00
inside us all ver3 tab390.00
is this the end acoustic tab340.00
is this the end btab360.00
is this the end tab440.00
is this the end ver2 tab410.00


lullaby crd440.00
lullaby intro tab450.00
lullaby tab600.00
lullaby ver2 tab310.00
lullaby ver3 tab380.00
lullaby ver4 tab430.00
lullaby ver5 tab410.00
lullaby ver6 tab360.00
lullaby ver7 tab460.00
lullaby ver8 tab390.00


my own prison acoustic tab390.00
my own prison album btab360.00
my own prison album tab430.00
my own prison btab370.00
my own prison live btab380.00
my own prison tab380.00
my own prison ver2 btab450.00
my own prison ver2 tab420.00
my own prison ver3 btab490.00
my own prison ver3 tab390.00
my own prison ver4 tab450.00
my own prison ver5 tab480.00
my own prison ver6 tab350.00
my own prison ver7 tab360.00
my sacrifice acoustic crd380.00
my sacrifice acoustic tab360.00
my sacrifice btab450.00
my sacrifice crd380.00
my sacrifice tab350.00
my sacrifice ver2 crd510.00
my sacrifice ver2 tab310.00
my sacrifice ver3 crd400.00
my sacrifice ver3 tab320.00
my sacrifice ver4 crd380.00
my sacrifice ver4 tab430.00


never die btab280.00
never die intro tab440.00
never die tab430.00
never die ver2 btab390.00
never die ver2 tab400.00
never die ver3 tab410.00


ode btab430.00
ode intro tab430.00
ode tab340.00
ode ver2 tab510.00
ode ver3 tab400.00
on my sleeve btab330.00
on my sleeve intro tab390.00
on my sleeve tab370.00
on my sleeve ver2 tab290.00
one btab430.00
one last breath btab440.00
one last breath crd310.00
one last breath intro tab360.00
one last breath tab470.00
one last breath ver10 tab420.00
one last breath ver11 tab330.00
one last breath ver12 tab360.00
one last breath ver2 btab400.00
one last breath ver2 crd370.00
one last breath ver2 tab380.00
one last breath ver3 btab560.00
one last breath ver3 tab360.00
one last breath ver4 tab410.00
one last breath ver5 tab350.00
one last breath ver6 tab360.00
one last breath ver7 tab410.00
one last breath ver8 tab480.00
one last breath ver9 tab390.00
one live tab460.00
one tab380.00
one ver2 tab340.00
one ver3 tab310.00
one ver4 tab390.00
one ver5 tab360.00
opspeculate tab370.00
overcome btab410.00
overcome crd430.00
overcome tab420.00
overcome ver2 crd430.00
overcome ver2 tab340.00
overcome ver3 tab450.00
overcome ver4 tab390.00


pity for a dime btab330.00
pity for a dime solo tab320.00
pity for a dime tab340.00
pity for a dime ver2 tab430.00
pity for a dime ver3 tab480.00
pity for a dime ver4 tab350.00


rain crd540.00
rain tab520.00
rain ver2 tab510.00


say i btab530.00
say i tab580.00
say i ver2 tab370.00
say i ver3 tab320.00
signs btab460.00
signs tab400.00
signs ver2 tab390.00
signs ver3 tab450.00
silent teacher tab390.00
silent teacher ver2 tab360.00
sister btab890.00
sister tab470.00
sister ver2 tab360.00
sister ver3 tab500.00
six feet from the edge crd530.00
six feet from the edge tab420.00
stand here with me btab380.00
stand here with me solo tab380.00
stand here with me solo ver2 tab470.00
stand here with me solo ver3 tab410.00
stand here with me tab370.00
stand here with me ver2 btab450.00
stand here with me ver2 tab300.00
stand here with me ver3 tab350.00
stand here with me ver4 tab350.00
stand here with me ver5 tab370.00
stand here with me ver6 tab320.00
steal my freedom tab330.00
suddenly tab490.00
suddenly ver2 tab310.00


the song you sing tab360.00
time crd510.00
time tab570.00
time ver2 crd400.00
time ver2 tab310.00
time ver3 tab360.00
time ver4 tab350.00
to whom it may concern btab380.00
to whom it may concern tab320.00
torn btab460.00
torn drum tab520.00
torn live tab380.00
torn tab520.00
torn ver2 btab510.00
torn ver2 drum tab580.00
torn ver2 tab360.00
torn ver3 tab390.00


unforgiven btab360.00
unforgiven tab420.00
up around the bend tab400.00


wash away those years btab350.00
wash away those years tab390.00
wash away those years ver2 tab340.00
wash away those years ver3 tab430.00
wash away those years ver4 tab440.00
weathered album btab360.00
weathered album tab390.00
weathered btab400.00
weathered tab320.00
weathered ver2 tab360.00
weathered ver3 tab390.00
weathered ver4 tab370.00
weathered ver5 tab420.00
what if btab390.00
what if tab450.00
what if ver2 btab370.00
what if ver2 tab400.00
what if ver3 btab480.00
what if ver3 tab360.00
what if ver4 tab500.00
whats this life for acoustic crd370.00
whats this life for acoustic tab350.00
whats this life for btab380.00
whats this life for crd270.00
whats this life for tab270.00
whats this life for ver10 tab440.00
whats this life for ver2 tab360.00
whats this life for ver3 tab260.00
whats this life for ver4 tab320.00
whats this life for ver5 tab310.00
whats this life for ver6 tab400.00
whats this life for ver7 tab370.00
whats this life for ver8 tab360.00
whats this life for ver9 tab530.00
whos got my back btab320.00
whos got my back intro tab430.00
whos got my back tab300.00
whos got my back ver2 tab280.00
whos got my back ver3 tab350.00
whos got my back ver4 tab420.00
whos got my back ver5 tab360.00
with arms wide open btab390.00
with arms wide open crd360.00
with arms wide open intro tab360.00
with arms wide open tab440.00
with arms wide open ver2 btab410.00
with arms wide open ver2 crd360.00
with arms wide open ver2 tab430.00
with arms wide open ver3 crd320.00
with arms wide open ver3 tab390.00
with arms wide open ver4 crd300.00
with arms wide open ver4 tab380.00
with arms wide open ver5 crd380.00
with arms wide open ver5 tab400.00
with arms wide open ver6 tab290.00
with arms wide open ver7 tab360.00
with arms wide open ver8 tab280.00
wrong way btab450.00
wrong way tab320.00
wrong way ver2 tab380.00
wrong way ver3 tab340.00
wrong way ver4 tab400.00
wrong way ver5 tab480.00


young grow old btab470.00
young grow old tab360.00
young grow old ver2 tab340.00
young grow old ver3 tab380.00