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Shades of Deep Purple is the debut studio album by the English rock band Deep Purple, released in July 1968 on Tetragrammaton in the United States and in September 1968 on Parlophone in the United Kingdom. The band, initially called Roundabout, was the idea of former Searchers drummer Chris Curtis, who recruited Jon Lord and Ritchie Blackmore before leaving the project. The Mk. I line-up of the band was completed by vocalist/frontman Rod Evans, along with bassist Nick Simper and drummer Ian Paice, in March 1968. After about two months of rehearsals, Shades of Deep Purple was recorded in only three days in May 1968 and contains four original songs and four covers, thoroughly rearranged to include classical interludes and sound more psychedelic. Stylistically the music is close to psychedelic rock and progressive rock, two genres with an ever growing audience in the late 1960s. The album was not well received in the UK, where it sold very little and did not chart. In the US, on the other...
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a gipsys kiss btab320.00
a gipsys kiss tab360.00
a touch away tab480.00
almost human solo tab360.00
and the adress tab320.00
anthem btab420.00
anthem crd450.00
anthem tab420.00
anthem ver2 crd330.00
any fule know that tab420.00
anya btab520.00
anya tab460.00
anyones daughter crd440.00
april crd300.00


bad attitude btab450.00
bad attitude tab360.00
black and white btab430.00
black and white tab310.00
black knight btab390.00
black knight intro tab390.00
black knight intro ver2 tab390.00
black knight tab450.00
black night btab330.00
black night crd370.00
black night intro tab310.00
black night live intro tab310.00
black night tab320.00
black night ver2 btab270.00
black night ver2 tab330.00
black night ver3 tab340.00
black night ver4 tab300.00
blind btab450.00
blind crd400.00
blind tab370.00
bloodsucker btab550.00
bloodsucker tab320.00
bludsucker tab420.00
burn btab350.00
burn crd410.00
burn tab430.00
burn ver2 tab370.00


cascades solo tab280.00
child in time acoustic tab460.00
child in time btab440.00
child in time crd370.00
child in time tab360.00
clearly quite absurd btab310.00
clearly quite absurd crd420.00
clearly quite absurd tab380.00
come taste the band album crd350.00
comin home crd590.00
contact lost tab380.00
cry free tab300.00
cut runs deep btab300.00
cut runs deep tab360.00


dead or alive btab280.00
dead or alive tab350.00
demon eye tab320.00
demonds eye tab370.00
dont make me happy crd420.00
drifter tab490.00


emmaretta crd330.00
exposition solo tab410.00


fire in the basement tab400.00
fireball album tab310.00
fireball btab410.00
fireball solo tab430.00
fireball tab430.00
flight of the rat btab570.00
flight of the rat crd330.00
flight of the rat tab380.00
flight of the rat ver2 tab450.00
fools btab340.00
fools tab420.00
fools ver2 tab330.00
freedom tab360.00


gettin tighter btab320.00
gettin tighter tab350.00
gypsy intro tab420.00
gypsy kiss tab330.00
gypsys kiss btab400.00


hallelujah btab400.00
hallelujah crd430.00
hard lovin man btab330.00
hard lovin man tab350.00
haunted btab380.00
haunted crd320.00
haunted tab370.00
hey cisco tab430.00
hey joe tab450.00
high ball shooter intro tab340.00
highway star btab370.00
highway star crd230.00
highway star solo tab370.00
highway star solo ver2 tab320.00
highway star solo ver3 tab250.00
highway star tab350.00
highway star ver2 btab400.00
highway star ver2 crd440.00
highway star ver2 tab290.00
highway star ver3 btab340.00
highway star ver3 tab360.00
highway star ver4 tab360.00
holy man tab370.00
house of pain tab340.00
hush btab320.00
hush crd460.00
hush tab390.00
hush ver2 crd310.00
hush ver2 tab350.00
hush ver3 crd300.00


i need love crd330.00
into the fire btab270.00
into the fire crd430.00
into the fire intro tab340.00
into the fire tab310.00
into the fire ver2 btab350.00


jack ruby tab340.00
jam stew tab420.00
junkyard blues intro tab440.00


kentucky woman btab320.00
kentucky woman tab350.00
king of dreams btab400.00
king of dreams crd490.00
king of dreams tab340.00
knocking at your back door btab250.00
knocking at your back door tab380.00
knocking at your back door ver2 tab340.00


lady double dealer btab300.00
lady double dealer tab410.00
lalena crd400.00
lay down stay down tab310.00
lay down tab340.00
lazy btab340.00
lazy drum tab360.00
lazy tab370.00
lazy ver2 tab280.00
lazy ver3 tab380.00
lazy ver4 tab390.00
lazy ver5 tab420.00
lazy ver6 tab350.00
living wreck btab380.00
living wreck tab300.00
loosen my strings tab390.00
love child tab580.00
love child ver2 tab490.00
love conquers all crd340.00
love conquers all tab480.00
love conquers all ver2 tab460.00
love conquers all ver3 tab370.00
lucille intro tab460.00


machine head album crd360.00
machine head album tab390.00
mandrake root btab290.00
mandrake root crd400.00
mandrake root tab420.00
mandrake root ver2 tab370.00
mary long crd360.00
mary long solo tab420.00
maybe im a leo btab380.00
maybe im a leo drum tab350.00
maybe im a leo intro tab450.00
maybe im leo tab390.00
might just take your life intro tab360.00
mistreated btab340.00
mistreated crd670.00
mistreated intro tab510.00
mistreated solo tab330.00
mistreated tab450.00
mitzi dupree btab390.00
mitzi dupree tab360.00
mule live tab300.00


never before btab370.00
never before solo tab320.00
never before tab430.00
no no no crd410.00
no no no intro tab380.00
no no no tab300.00
no one came solo tab370.00
no one came tab390.00
not responsible tab280.00


one more rainy day crd440.00
our lady crd420.00


painter crd330.00
perfect strangers btab410.00
perfect strangers tab440.00
perfect strangers ver2 tab320.00
pictures of home btab680.00
pictures of home tab330.00
pictures of home ver2 tab210.00
place in line crd310.00


rapture of the deep tab350.00
rapture of the deep ver2 tab420.00
rat bat blue btab300.00
rat bat blue ver2 btab300.00


sail away btab360.00
sail away tab370.00
sail away ver2 tab350.00
same in l a tab360.00
shield crd370.00
shield ver2 crd390.00
shield ver3 crd470.00
slow train tab370.00
smoke on the water btab310.00
smoke on the water crd300.00
smoke on the water drum tab320.00
smoke on the water intro btab340.00
smoke on the water intro tab400.00
smoke on the water intro ver2 tab380.00
smoke on the water intro ver3 tab400.00
smoke on the water intro ver4 tab410.00
smoke on the water solo tab310.00
smoke on the water tab350.00
smoke on the water ver2 btab280.00
smoke on the water ver2 crd380.00
smoke on the water ver2 tab270.00
smoke on the water ver2 video lesson280.00
smoke on the water ver3 btab410.00
smoke on the water ver3 crd340.00
smoke on the water ver3 tab360.00
smoke on the water ver4 crd350.00
smoke on the water ver4 tab340.00
smoke on the water ver5 tab420.00
smoke on the water video lesson410.00
soldier of fortune btab350.00
soldier of fortune crd390.00
soldier of fortune drum tab390.00
soldier of fortune tab400.00
soldier of fortune ver2 crd360.00
soldier of fortune ver2 tab380.00
soldier of fortune ver3 crd340.00
solitaire tab370.00
somebody stole my guitar tab440.00
sometimes i feel like screaming btab310.00
sometimes i feel like screaming crd390.00
sometimes i feel like screaming intro tab380.00
sometimes i feel like screaming tab350.00
sometimes i feel like screaming ver2 tab340.00
son of alerik tab390.00
space truckin btab540.00
space truckin tab390.00
space truckin ver2 btab440.00
space truckin ver2 tab350.00
speed king btab540.00
speed king tab420.00
speed king ver2 btab340.00
stormbringer tab300.00
strange kind of woman btab340.00
strange kind of woman live intro tab320.00
strange kind of woman tab340.00
strange kind of woman ver2 tab400.00
strange kind of woman ver3 tab400.00
super trouper crd350.00


talk about love solo tab370.00
ted the mechanic btab390.00
ted the mechanic tab400.00
ted the mechanic ver2 tab320.00
the aviator tab370.00
the battle rages on crd380.00
the battle rages on intro tab450.00
the battle rages on tab330.00
the gypsy crd320.00
the gypsy intro tab290.00
the gypsy tab330.00
the well dressed tab330.00
this time around crd420.00
this time around tab360.00
this time around ver2 tab310.00
time to kill btab310.00
time to kill tab360.00


under the gun tab390.00
unwritten law tab350.00


vavoom btab320.00
vavoom tab360.00


wasted sunsets btab320.00
wasted sunsets crd380.00
watching the sky tab400.00
whats going on here btab480.00
when a blind man cries btab240.00
when a blind man cries crd350.00
when a blind man cries tab370.00
why didnt rosemary crd360.00
wild dogs crd460.00
woman from tokyo btab300.00
woman from tokyo crd340.00
woman from tokyo tab260.00
woman from tokyo ver2 tab340.00
wring that neck intro tab340.00
wring that neck tab820.00
writing that neck intro tab290.00
writing that neck tab310.00


you cant do it right crd420.00
you cant do it right tab320.00
you keep on moving btab240.00
you keep on moving crd400.00
you keep on moving tab300.00