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Defiance, Ohio is an acoustic punk rock band from Columbus, Ohio. They are named after the town of Defiance, Ohio. The band features a violin, cello, and double bass. They are known for their association with Plan-It-X Records, as well as anti-capitalist themes. They have released four full length LPs, as well as a handful of split recordings. In the DIY spirit, much of their music is put out by the band themselves, producing their own CDs and CD-Rs, as well as allowing anyone to download all of their music for free from their website. When not releasing their own music, the band works with independent record labels in order to produce their releases. Typically these have been smaller independent labels. However, the band has worked with the more notable though still staunchly independent No Idea Records. They have performed and are featured on Pink Couch Sessions. After making the decisions to work with No Idea, the band felt a need to explain their actions and maintain the sense of...
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anxious and worrying crd160.00
anxious and worrying ver2 crd190.00


calling old friends crd170.00
chads favorite song crd180.00
chads favorite song ver2 crd170.00


dissimilarity complex crd140.00


eureka crd150.00
eureka ver2 crd180.00
everyone else on the other side crd160.00


flood waters crd240.00


grandma song crd140.00
grandma song ver2 crd160.00


hair pool crd160.00
hair pool tab160.00
hey kathleen are you hungry crd150.00
horizon lines volume and infinity crd150.00
horizon lines volume and infinity ver2 crd190.00


i dont want solidarity if it means holding hands with you crd140.00
i dont want solidarity if it means holding hands with you ver2 crd180.00


lambs of the slaughter crd170.00
letter home tab130.00
lullabies crd170.00


oh susquehanna crd280.00
oh susquehanna ver2 crd140.00
oh susquehanna ver3 crd190.00
oh susquehanna ver4 crd150.00
old dead tree crd150.00
old dead tree ver2 crd190.00


petty problems crd200.00


road sign always look better looking over your shoulder crd160.00
road signs always look better looking over your shoulder crd140.00


sweet dudes sweet ladies crd190.00


the condition 11 11 crd180.00
the condition 11 11 tab170.00
the condition 11 11 ver2 crd180.00
the list crd190.00
the new world order crd150.00
the temperature is dropping crd160.00
this feels better crd160.00
this feels better ver2 crd150.00
this time this year crd440.00
this time this year tab190.00


you are loved crd150.00