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Diamond Head or Diamondhead may refer to: Film and television Diamondhead, a character in the television series Ben 10 Diamond Head (film), a 1963 movie The Diamond Head Game, a 1975 American game show Music Diamond Head (band), a British heavy metal band formed in 1976 Diamond Head (Diamond Head album), Diamond Head's self-titled seventh studio album Diamond Head (Japanese band), a Japanese pop/rock band formed in 2000 Diamond Head (album), a 1975 album by Phil Manzanera "Diamond Head", a song by The Beach Boys from their album Friends (The Beach Boys album) "Diamond Head", a song by The Ventures from their album Walk, Don't Run, Vol. 2 Places Diamond Head, Hawaii, volcanic cone on the Hawaiian island of Oahu Diamondhead, Mississippi Other Diamondhead (comics), a character in Marvel Comics USS Diamond Head (AE-19), a World War II and Cold War ammunition supply ship
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