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Dido (/ˈdaɪdoʊ/ DY-doh, Latin pronunciation: [ˈdiːdoː]) was, according to ancient Greek and Roman sources, the founder and first queen of Carthage (in modern-day Tunisia). She is primarily known from the account given by the Roman poet Virgil in his epic, Aeneid. In some sources she is also known as Elissa (/iːˈlɪsə/ ee-LISS-ə). Early accounts The person of Dido can be traced to references by Roman historians to lost writings of Timaeus of Tauromenium in Sicily (c. 356–260 BC). Historians gave various dates, both for the foundation of Carthage and the foundation of Rome. Appian in the beginning of his Punic Wars claims that Carthage was founded by a certain Zorus and Carchedon, but Zorus looks like an alternative transliteration of the city name Tyre and Carchedon is just the Greek form of Carthage. Timaeus made Carchedon's wife Elissa the sister of King Pygmalion of Tyre. Archaeological evidence of settlement on the site of Carthage before the last quarter of the 8th...
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afraid to sleep crd340.00
all you want crd510.00
all you want ver2 crd360.00
all you want ver3 crd340.00


christmas day crd300.00
closer crd330.00
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do you have a little time crd250.00
do you have a little time ver2 crd250.00
dont believe in love crd260.00
dont believe in love tab300.00
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dont believe in love ver2 tab330.00
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dont leave home crd340.00
dont leave home tab280.00
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dont leave home ver2 tab340.00
dont leave home ver3 crd310.00
dont leave home ver4 crd260.00
dont think of me crd240.00
dont think of me ver2 crd270.00


everything to lose crd260.00


grafton street crd320.00
grafton street ver2 crd260.00


here with me btab320.00
here with me crd260.00
here with me live tab260.00
here with me roswell theme crd260.00
here with me tab240.00
here with me ver2 crd260.00
here with me ver2 tab250.00
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here with me ver3 tab250.00
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honestly ok crd290.00
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hunter btab350.00
hunter crd390.00
hunter tab450.00
hunter ver2 crd270.00
hunter ver2 tab380.00
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hunter ver3 tab340.00
hunter ver4 crd270.00
hunter ver5 crd260.00


im no angel crd410.00
isobel crd400.00
isobel tab480.00
it comes and it goes crd280.00


let us move on crd300.00
life for rent crd280.00
life for rent tab380.00
life for rent ver2 crd300.00
life for rent ver2 tab340.00
life for rent ver3 crd340.00
life for rent ver4 crd290.00
life for rent ver5 crd340.00
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look no further crd280.00


marys in india crd300.00
marys in india tab350.00
marys in india ver2 crd270.00
my life crd380.00
my life live tab270.00
my life ver2 crd310.00
my life ver3 crd350.00
my lovers gone crd290.00
my lovers gone ver2 crd240.00


never wanna say its love crd240.00
never want to say its love crd290.00
no angel crd430.00
no angel ver2 crd270.00
northern skies crd350.00


paris crd360.00
paris ver2 crd340.00


quiet times crd290.00


sand in my shoes crd300.00
sand in my shoes intro tab240.00
sand in my shoes ver2 crd220.00
see the sun crd260.00
see the sun intro tab330.00
see the sun ver2 crd350.00
see the sun ver3 crd300.00
see you when youre 40 crd320.00
see you when youre 40 ver2 crd320.00
slide crd320.00
stoned crd390.00
stoned ver2 crd240.00


take my hand crd190.00
take my hand intro tab330.00
thank you btab300.00
thank you crd450.00
thank you tab370.00
thank you ver2 btab330.00
thank you ver2 crd360.00
thank you ver2 tab350.00
thank you ver3 crd290.00
thank you ver4 crd310.00
thank you ver5 crd330.00
thank you ver6 crd400.00
the day before the day crd320.00
the day before the day tab270.00
this land is mine crd330.00
this land is mine ver2 crd250.00
this land is mine ver3 crd250.00


us 2 little gods crd270.00
us 2 little gods ver2 crd280.00


white flag btab260.00
white flag crd260.00
white flag ver2 btab320.00
white flag ver2 crd280.00
white flag ver3 crd230.00
white flag ver4 crd270.00
white flag ver5 crd230.00
white flag ver6 crd270.00
who makes you feel crd270.00