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Donovan Philips Leitch (born 10 May 1946), known as Donovan, is a Scottish singer, songwriter and guitarist. He developed an eclectic and distinctive style that blended folk, jazz, pop, psychedelia, and world music (notably calypso). He has lived in Scotland, Hertfordshire (England), London and California, and, since at least 2008, in County Cork, Ireland, with his family. Emerging from the British folk scene, Donovan reached fame in the United Kingdom in early 1965 with live performances on the pop TV series Ready Steady Go!. Having signed with Pye Records in 1965, he recorded singles and two albums in the folk vein, after which he signed to CBS/Epic Records in the US - the first signing by the company's new vice-president Clive Davis - and became more successful internationally. He began a long and successful collaboration with leading British independent record producer Mickie Most, scoring multiple hit singles and albums in the UK, US, and other countries. His most successful...
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a soldiers dream crd553.90
alamo crd493.90
atlantis crd692.10
atlantis tab683.00
atlantis ver2 crd493.20
atlantis ver3 crd603.80
aye my love crd523.10


ballad of geraldine tab514.00
ballad of geraldine ver2 tab582.50
barabajagal crd582.10
belated forgiveness plea crd493.60
breezes of patchulie crd443.50
brother sun sister moon crd412.40
brother sun sister moon ver2 crd523.10


catch the wind crd612.70
catch the wind tab524.00
catch the wind ver2 crd613.90
catch the wind ver2 tab522.50
catch the wind ver3 crd543.70
catch the wind ver3 tab413.30
catch the wind ver4 crd422.60
celeste crd513.50
celia of the seals crd382.00
codine crd642.80
codine tab572.90
codine ver2 tab524.00
colours crd633.80
colours tab623.30
colours ver2 crd522.70
colours ver2 tab543.40
colours ver3 crd502.90
colours ver4 crd463.90
cosmic wheels crd493.20
cuttin out crd632.70


donna donna crd533.90
donna donna ver2 crd443.70
donna donna ver3 crd563.00


epistle to derroll crd542.10
epistle to derroll tab1122.70
epistle to dippy crd413.70
epistle to dippy tab513.90


ferris wheel btab654.00


get thy bearings tab523.00
goldwatch blues crd493.80
guinevere crd463.60
guinevere tab493.10
guinevere ver2 crd452.60


hampstead incident tab453.30
happiness runs crd463.30
happiness runs tab552.60
happiness runs ver2 crd444.00
house of jansch tab413.60
hurdy gurdy man btab463.60
hurdy gurdy man crd582.00
hurdy gurdy man tab492.70
hurdy gurdy man ver2 crd503.90
hurdy gurdy man ver3 crd453.30
hurdy gurdy man ver4 crd482.20


i love my shirt crd463.00
isle of islay crd474.00


jabberwocky crd553.20
jabberwocky intro tab593.10
jennifer juniper crd634.00
jennifer juniper tab463.60
jennifer juniper ver2 crd452.30
jennifer juniper ver2 tab432.50
jennifer juniper ver3 crd412.60
jersey thursday crd463.30
jersey thursday tab443.90
jersey thursday ver2 crd472.50
josie crd603.00


lalena crd473.30
lalena tab842.10
lalena ver2 crd472.50
legend of a girl child linda crd533.50
legend of a girl child linda ver2 crd433.80
little boy in corduroy crd543.60
london town crd622.50
london town tab503.30
love will find a way tab512.90
lullaby of spring crd492.40


mad johns escape crd424.00
mandolin man and his secret tab533.50
mandolin man and his secret ver2 tab613.30
mellow yellow btab512.60
mellow yellow crd584.00
mellow yellow tab482.00
mellow yellow ver2 btab393.90
mellow yellow ver2 crd442.70
mellow yellow ver2 tab383.30
mellow yellow ver3 crd442.90
mellow yellow ver4 crd493.00
mellow yellow ver5 crd382.00
mr wind crd572.00


oh deed i do tab503.70
oh gosh crd483.00


please dont bend tab482.20
poor cow tab533.20


river song tab412.30


sadness crd523.10
sand and foam crd502.10
sand and foam tab682.40
season of the witch btab482.30
season of the witch crd452.30
season of the witch tab412.60
season of the witch ver2 crd523.30
season of the witch ver2 tab362.80
skip a long sam crd414.00
someones singing crd473.80
song of the naturalists wife crd472.10
starfish on the toast crd382.80
sunny goodge street tab513.60
sunshine superman crd462.20
sunshine superman solo tab642.90
sunshine superman tab453.10
sunshine superman ver2 crd543.50
sunshine superman ver3 crd463.10
sunshine superman ver4 crd453.50
sunshine superman ver5 crd492.10
superlungs my supergirl crd462.50


tangerine puppet tab493.60
tangerine puppet ver2 tab562.30
teen angel crd532.00
the ballad of a crystal man crd433.20
the ballad of a crystal man tab422.20
the fat angel btab543.40
the garden crd472.50
the land of doesnt have to be crd422.10
the magpie crd493.70
the quest crd733.40
the summer day reflection song crd463.10
the tinker and the crab crd552.10
the trip tab602.70
the war drags on crd473.70
the war drags on ver2 crd593.50
there is a mountain crd583.80
there was a time crd432.00
this lovely day tab433.50
three king fishers tab472.30
tinker tale crd534.00
to sing for you crd384.00
to susan on the west coast waiting tab493.60
trudi crd572.30
try for the sun crd433.40
try for the sun tab452.90


under the greenwood tree crd452.80
universal soldier crd463.60
universal soldier picking tab432.20
universal soldier tab502.40
universal soldier ver2 crd443.20
universal soldier ver3 crd482.10
universal soldier ver4 crd493.00
universal soldier ver5 crd543.10
universal soldier ver6 crd502.30


voyage into the golden screen crd563.10


wear your love like heaven crd424.00
wear your love like heaven ver2 crd423.60
wear your love like heaven ver3 crd473.60
why do you treat me like you do crd453.40
widow with a shawl crd523.90
writer in the sun crd423.60
writer in the sun tab512.20
wynken blynken and nod crd613.50


yellow star crd453.50
young but growing tab462.30
young girl blues crd474.00
young girl blues ver2 crd463.70