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Dr. Hook & the Medicine Show, shortened from 1975 onwards to Dr. Hook, was an American rock band, formed in Union City, New Jersey. They enjoyed considerable commercial success in the 1970s with hit singles including "Sylvia's Mother," "The Cover of Rolling Stone," "Sharing the Night Together," "A Little Bit More" and "When You're in Love with a Beautiful Woman." In addition to their own material, Dr. Hook and the Medicine Show performed songs written by the poet Shel Silverstein. The band had eight years of regular chart hits, in both the U.S. (where their music was played on top-40, easy listening and, to a lesser extent, country music outlets) and throughout the English-speaking world, including Canada, Australia and the UK. Their music spanned several genres, mostly novelty songs and acoustic ballads in their early years; their greatest success came with their later material, mostly consisting of disco-influenced soft rock, which the band recorded under the shortened name Dr....
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carry me carrie crd260.00
cover of the rolling stone btab200.00
cover of the rolling stone crd220.00
cover of the rolling stones crd240.00


daddys little girl crd180.00


everybodys makin it big but me crd230.00


freakin at the freakers ball crd260.00
freakin at the freakers ball ver2 crd240.00


get my rocks off btab220.00


i cant touch the sun crd260.00
i dont want to be alone tonight crd190.00
if i said you had a beautiful body crd240.00
if not you crd180.00


millionaire crd260.00
more like the movies crd200.00


queen of the silver dollar crd280.00


sharing the night tab210.00
sharing the night together crd220.00
sharing the night together ver2 crd220.00
sharing the night together ver3 crd280.00
sharing the night together ver4 crd250.00
she was only sixteen crd200.00
she was only sixteen tab300.00
she was only sixteen ver2 crd350.00
sylvias mother crd300.00
sylvias mother ver2 crd220.00
sylvias mother ver3 crd280.00


the ballad of lucy jordan crd320.00
the last morning crd230.00
the millionaire crd330.00
the millionaire ver2 crd210.00
turn on the world crd220.00


ugliest man in town crd240.00
up on the mountain crd240.00


what a way to go crd240.00
when youre in love crd210.00
when youre in love ver2 crd200.00
when youre in love ver3 crd230.00


years from now crd230.00