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Dredg (stylized as dredg) was an American rock band formed in 1993 in Los Gatos, California. The band consists of vocalist Gavin Hayes, guitarist Mark Engles, bassist Drew Roulette and drummer and pianist Dino Campanella. The band established themselves in the indie scene with their 1998 release of the concept album Leitmotif, landing them a deal with Interscope Records. Dredg released El Cielo in 2002, Catch Without Arms in 2005, The Pariah, the Parrot, the Delusion in 2009, and Chuckles and Mr. Squeezy in 2011. History Early years (1993–1997) While attending middle school in Los Gatos, Engles and Campanella started playing together. After Engles and Campanella graduated to Los Gatos High School, older friends Hayes and Roulette joined the group. The name Dredg comes from the initials of the band members put together by Drew Roulette after changing members and needing a new name from BiStandard - Dredg stands for - (D) Drew ® Roulette (E) Engels (D) Dino (G) Gavin - it may have...
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90 hour sleep tab240.00


bug eyes acoustic crd180.00
bug eyes btab210.00
bug eyes crd250.00
bug eyes tab230.00
bug eyes ver2 tab190.00


cartoon showroom acoustic crd310.00
cartoon showroom tab490.00
catch without arms acoustic crd200.00
catch without arms tab200.00


down to the cellar tab180.00


hungover on a tuesday tab140.00


i dont know btab300.00
information crd140.00
intermission tab150.00
ireland crd340.00
ireland tab160.00
it only took a day tab210.00


jamais vu tab310.00


kalathat tab150.00


lechium tab200.00
leitmotif album tab190.00
lightswitch tab200.00


matroshka acoustic crd260.00
matroshka acoustic tab150.00
movement i 45 n 180 w tab250.00


ode to the sun btab140.00
ode to the sun tab260.00
of the room tab180.00


pariah tab150.00
penguins in the desert tab160.00
planting seeds btab330.00


quotes crd240.00


sang real crd380.00
sang real intro tab180.00
sang real tab160.00
saviour tab280.00
sorry but its over tab130.00
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spitshine tab110.00
stamp of origin horizon tab170.00
stamp of origin ocean meets bay crd160.00
stone by stone tab180.00
symbol song tab130.00


tanbark tab250.00
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the canyon behind her tab200.00
the ornament tab110.00
the thought of losing you tab160.00
traversing through the arctic cold we search for the spirit of yuta tab140.00
traversing through the arctic cold we search for the spirit of yuta ver2 tab150.00


waterbourne intro tab230.00
wind at the end tab160.00


yatahaze tab190.00


zebra skin btab220.00
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