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Duran Duran are an English new wave/synthpop band formed in Birmingham in 1978. The band grew from alternative sensations in 1982 to mainstream pop stars by 1984. By the end of the decade, membership changes and lost popularity pushed the band to near obscurity before a resurgence in the early 1990s as a soft rock act. The group were a leading band in the MTV-driven "Second British Invasion" of the US. They have placed 14 singles in the Top 10 of the UK Singles Chart and 21 in the Billboard Hot 100, and have sold over 100 million records. When they first emerged, they were generally considered part of the New Romantic scene, along with bands such as Spandau Ballet. Soon they would shed this image, using fashion and marketing to build a more refined and elegant presentation. The band has won a number of awards throughout their career: two Brit Awards including the 2004 award for Outstanding Contribution to Music, two Grammy Awards, and an MTV Video Music Award for Lifetime Achievement....
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a view to a kill btab410.00
a view to a kill crd420.00
a view to a kill intro tab490.00
all she wants is btab480.00
american science btab410.00
astronaut crd480.00


bedroom toys tab520.00
being followed btab430.00
being followed crd390.00
big bang generation tab430.00
big thing crd570.00
box full o honey btab440.00
box full o honey crd510.00
box full o honey ver2 crd570.00
box full o honey ver3 crd440.00
breath after breath btab550.00


careless memories btab490.00
come undone acoustic crd540.00
come undone crd520.00
come undone ver2 crd560.00
come undone ver3 crd430.00
come undone ver4 crd430.00
come up and see me make me smile crd450.00


dirty great monster crd390.00
do you believe in shame btab410.00
do you believe in shame crd380.00


electric barbarella crd430.00
electric barbarella tab500.00
electric barbarella ver2 crd480.00


falling down crd450.00
falling down intro tab400.00
falling down solo tab370.00
falling down ver2 crd540.00
fame btab510.00
femme fatale crd480.00
finest hour btab470.00
first impression crd500.00
friends of mine btab600.00
friends of mine crd540.00


girl panic crd400.00
girls on film btab540.00
girls on film crd480.00
girls on film tab590.00
girls on film ver2 btab430.00
girls on film ver2 tab430.00


hold back the rain btab510.00
hold back the rain crd490.00
hungry like the wolf btab460.00
hungry like the wolf crd580.00
hungry like the wolf tab450.00
hungry like the wolf ver2 crd490.00


i believe all i need to know crd350.00
i dont want your love btab440.00
i dont want your love ver2 btab490.00
i take the dice crd490.00
i take the dice tab470.00
im looking for cracks in the pavement btab370.00
im looking for cracks in the pavement crd400.00
is there something i should know crd460.00
is there something i should know intro tab400.00
is there something i should know ver2 crd380.00


lady xanax crd360.00
last chance on the stairway btab430.00
last chance on the stairway crd460.00
late bar btab480.00
late bar crd390.00
leave a light on btab390.00
leave a light on crd440.00
leave a light on ver2 crd480.00
like an angel crd990.00
lonely in your nightmare crd480.00


meet el presidente btab500.00
michael youve got a lot to answer for tab420.00
midnight sun crd420.00
my antarctica crd480.00
my own way btab570.00
my own way crd520.00
my own way tab690.00


needle and the damage done tab500.00
new moon on monday btab510.00
new moon on monday crd480.00
new religion btab450.00
new religion crd500.00
nice tab490.00
night boat btab430.00
nite runner tab550.00
nite runner btab480.00
none of the above crd390.00
notorious intro tab480.00


of crime and passion btab410.00
of crime and passion crd430.00
of crime and passion ver2 btab500.00
one of those days tab580.00
ordinary world btab580.00
ordinary world crd440.00
ordinary world tab480.00
ordinary world ver10 crd530.00
ordinary world ver2 crd510.00
ordinary world ver2 tab530.00
ordinary world ver3 crd410.00
ordinary world ver3 tab440.00
ordinary world ver4 crd450.00
ordinary world ver5 crd390.00
ordinary world ver6 crd500.00
ordinary world ver7 crd560.00
ordinary world ver8 crd460.00
ordinary world ver9 crd470.00
other peoples lives crd420.00
out of my mind crd420.00


palomino crd440.00
perfect day crd430.00
perfect day ver2 crd390.00
planet earth btab520.00
planet earth crd440.00
planet earth tab450.00
playing with uranium crd440.00
pop trash movie crd520.00


reach up for the sunrise crd470.00
reach up for the sunrise tab450.00
reach up for the sunrise ver2 crd570.00
red carpet massacre crd420.00
red carpet massacre ver2 crd530.00
rio btab510.00
rio crd460.00
rio tab530.00
rio ver2 btab450.00
rio ver2 crd530.00
rio ver3 crd510.00
runway runaway crd390.00


safe btab550.00
save a prayer btab520.00
save a prayer crd440.00
save a prayer ver2 crd580.00
serious btab450.00
serious ver2 btab500.00
shadows on your side btab360.00
shadows on your side crd460.00
shes too much crd460.00
skin divers crd400.00
skin trade crd490.00
sound of thunder btab430.00
sound of thunder tab500.00
starting to remember crd420.00
still breathing tab450.00
sunrise crd700.00


taste the summer crd540.00
tel aviv btab480.00
tel aviv crd540.00
tempted crd460.00
thank you crd390.00
thank you tab430.00
the chauffeur btab430.00
the chauffeur crd600.00
the edge of america crd480.00
the man who stole a leopard crd550.00
the reflex btab510.00
the reflex crd470.00
the seventh stranger crd490.00
tiger tiger btab430.00
to the shore btab430.00
too bad youre so beautiful crd430.00
too bad youre so beautiful tab290.00
too much information crd430.00


umf btab470.00
union of the snake crd540.00
union of the snake tab470.00


view to a kill btab440.00
violence of summer btab360.00


want you more tab380.00
what happens tomorrow btab450.00
what happens tomorrow crd440.00
what happens tomorrow tab470.00
wild boys btab470.00
wild boys crd440.00


zoom in crd470.00