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Echo & the Bunnymen are an English rock band formed in Liverpool in 1978. The original line-up consisted of vocalist Ian McCulloch, guitarist Will Sergeant and bass player Les Pattinson, supplemented by a drum machine. By 1980, Pete de Freitas joined as the band's drummer. Their 1980 debut album, Crocodiles, went into the top 20 of the UK Albums Chart. The band's cult status was followed by mainstream success in 1983 as they scored a UK Top 10 hit with "The Cutter", and the attendant album, Porcupine, which reached number 2 in the UK. Ocean Rain (1984), continued the band's UK chart success, and has since been regarded as one of the landmark releases of the post-punk movement, with the single "The Killing Moon". In 1988, the band split. In 1989, de Freitas was killed in a motorcycle accident and the band briefly re-emerged with a new singer. After working together as Electrafixion, McCulloch and Sergeant regrouped with Pattinson in 1997 and returned as Echo & the...
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all because of you days btab490.00
all i want btab570.00
all my colours btab530.00
all that jazz btab450.00
altamont tab480.00


back of love btab520.00
back of love tab450.00
baseball bill tab560.00
bring on the dancing horses btab470.00
bring on the dancing horses intro tab500.00
bring on the dancing horses tab520.00
broke my neck btab520.00
buried alive crd450.00
burn for me crd430.00


crocodiles btab410.00
crocodiles crd440.00
crocodiles ver2 btab630.00
crystal days tab540.00
cutter btab450.00
cutter crd390.00
cutter tab460.00


do it clean btab630.00
do it clean crd420.00


flowers crd410.00
forgiven crd500.00


game crd550.00
going up crd550.00


happy death men btab420.00
heads will roll crd410.00
heaven up here btab440.00


ill fly tonight crd530.00
in my time crd430.00
in the margins btab660.00
its alright crd520.00


just a touch away crd440.00


killing moon btab510.00
killing moon tab460.00
killing moon ver2 btab610.00
king of kings crd480.00


life goes on crd470.00
lips like sugar btab480.00
lips like sugar intro tab600.00
lips like sugar tab420.00


make me shine crd460.00
monkeys btab540.00
monkeys crd430.00
my kingdom crd360.00
my kingdom ver2 crd450.00


no dark things btab510.00
nothing ever lasts forever crd430.00
nothing lasts forever crd380.00
nothing lasts forever ver2 crd450.00


ocean rain tab480.00
over the wall crd420.00


pictures on my wall crd500.00
pride crd600.00


rescue btab440.00
rescue intro tab540.00
rust tab430.00


scissors in the sand tab500.00
show of strength btab500.00
show of strength crd450.00
show of strength ver2 btab510.00
silver crd440.00
stars and stars crd490.00
stars are stars btab620.00
stars are stars crd570.00
stormy weather crd490.00
supermellow man crd510.00


the fields of anfield road crd560.00
the fountain crd480.00
the killing moon tab530.00
think i need it too acoustic crd450.00
thorn of crowns btab390.00
thorn of crowns crd380.00
thorn of crowns ver2 btab560.00


under the milkyway btab520.00


villiers terrace btab450.00
villiers terrace crd480.00


what if we are crd510.00


yo yo man crd560.00