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Declan Patrick MacManus (born 25 August 1954), better known by his stage name Elvis Costello, is an English musician, singer-songwriter, and record producer. He began his career as part of London's pub rock scene in the early 1970s and later became associated with the first wave of the British punk and new wave movement that emerged in the mid-to-late 1970s. His critically acclaimed debut album, My Aim Is True, was released in 1977. Shortly after recording it, he formed the Attractions as his backing band. His second album, This Year's Model, was released in 1978, and was ranked number 11 by Rolling Stone on its list of the best albums from 1967–1987. His third album, Armed Forces, was released in 1979, and features his most successful single "Oliver's Army". His first three albums all appeared on Rolling Stone's list of the 500 Greatest Albums of All Time. Costello and the Attractions toured and recorded together for the better part of a decade, though differences between them...
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a condemned man crd120.00
accidents will happen btab150.00
accidents will happen crd160.00
accidents will happen ver2 crd160.00
after the fall crd140.00
alison crd170.00
alison tab200.00
alison ver2 crd190.00
all the rage crd150.00
all these strangers crd170.00
all this useless beauty crd110.00
almost blue crd260.00
almost blue tab130.00
american without tears crd170.00


b movie crd190.00
baby plays around crd180.00
beaten to the punch btab120.00
beyond belief crd170.00
big boys crd190.00
blame it on cain acoustic crd190.00
blame it on cain acoustic ver2 crd140.00
blame it on cain crd250.00
blue chair crd150.00
brilliant mistake crd110.00
brown to blue crd220.00
busy bodies crd170.00


charm school crd180.00
cheap reward crd220.00
cheap rewards crd170.00
church underground crd140.00
clowntime is over crd180.00
clubland crd150.00
complicated shadows crd160.00
crawling to the usa crd100.00
crimes of paris crd170.00


deep dark truthful mirror crd130.00
deportee crd200.00
different finger crd160.00
dont let me be misunderstood crd110.00
dr watson i presume crd170.00


eisenhower blues crd180.00
everyday i write the book acoustic crd150.00
everyday i write the book btab130.00
everyday i write the book crd90.00


favourite hour crd190.00
fish n chip paper crd170.00
five small words crd130.00
from a whisper to a scream crd130.00


girls talk crd130.00
glitter gulch crd150.00
god give me strength crd190.00
gods comic crd180.00
good year for the roses crd100.00
green shirt crd210.00


hand in hand crd190.00
harpies bizarre crd150.00
heart shaped bruise crd160.00
heres red shoes crd130.00
high fidelity crd180.00
home is anywhere crd130.00
hoover factory crd130.00
how to be dumb crd190.00
human hands crd180.00


i cant stand up crd120.00
i cant stand up for falling down crd210.00
i dont want to go crd120.00
i dont want to go tab200.00
i dreamed of my old lover crd120.00
i hope youre happy now crd200.00
i just dont know what to do with myself crd150.00
i lost you crd160.00
i still have that other girl crd130.00
i want you crd150.00
i want you tab190.00
ill wear it proudly crd100.00
im in the mood again crd140.00
im not angry crd170.00
im your toy crd180.00
imagination crd130.00
in your eyes acoustic crd140.00
inch by inch crd160.00
indoor fireworks crd180.00


jack of all parades tab140.00


kid about it crd150.00
kinder murder crd170.00


less than zero crd140.00
let him dangle crd140.00
lip service crd220.00
lipstick vogue crd250.00
little boxes tab180.00
little palaces crd150.00
little savage crd180.00
little triggers crd190.00
londons brilliant parade crd180.00
londons brilliant parade ver2 crd170.00
love went mad crd160.00
loveable crd140.00
lovers walk crd270.00
luxembourg crd110.00


man out of time crd160.00
miracle man crd140.00
monkey to man crd150.00
my funny valentine btab200.00
my funny valentine crd130.00
my youngest son came home today crd170.00
mystery dance crd130.00


new amsterdam crd180.00
new lace sleeves crd160.00
no action btab190.00
no action crd130.00
no dancing crd120.00


olivers army btab190.00
olivers army crd100.00
olivers army ver2 btab170.00
olivers army ver2 crd110.00
one bell ringing crd180.00


pads paws and claws crd150.00
party girl crd170.00
pay it back crd100.00
peace in our time crd150.00
pidgin english crd190.00
poison moon crd150.00
poisoned rose crd130.00
pony st crd180.00
pouring water on a drowning man crd120.00
pretty words crd130.00
pump it up btab160.00
pump it up tab200.00
pump it up ver2 btab140.00
pump it up ver2 tab150.00
pump it up ver3 tab170.00


radio radio crd140.00
radio sweetheart crd140.00
riot act crd130.00
running out of angels crd210.00


satellite crd140.00
shabby doll crd250.00
she crd230.00
she ver2 crd170.00
shipbuilding crd150.00
shot with his own gun tab140.00
sleep of the just crd150.00
sneaky feelings crd180.00
so like candy crd180.00
still too soon to know crd210.00
still too soon to know ver2 crd300.00
strict time crd110.00
success crd270.00
suffering face crd120.00
sulky girl crd180.00
sweet dreams crd270.00


tear off your own head crd130.00
thats not the part of him youre leaving crd120.00
the angels want to wear my red shoes btab230.00
the angels want to wear my red shoes crd130.00
the beat crd130.00
the big light crd200.00
the element within her crd110.00
the imposter btab170.00
the imposter crd180.00
the long honeymoon crd130.00
the only flame in town crd120.00
the other end crd130.00
the other side of summer crd140.00
the scarlet tide crd170.00
the spell that you cast crd160.00
the world and his wife crd150.00
the world and his wife ver2 crd200.00
this house is empty now crd100.00
this is hell crd150.00
this years girl crd160.00
too far gone crd150.00
two little hitlers crd120.00


uncomplicated crd150.00


veronica crd170.00
veronica tab130.00
voice in the dark crd130.00


waiting for the end of the world crd180.00
watch your step crd190.00
watching the detectives crd120.00
wave a white flag crd180.00
welcome to the working week crd150.00
whats so funny crd300.00
whats so funny ver2 crd210.00
when it signs crd130.00
worthless thing crd190.00


you belong to me btab190.00
you little fool crd150.00
you tripped at every step crd130.00
youll never be a man crd210.00