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We All Love Ennio Morricone is a 2007 tribute album honoring noted film composer Ennio Morricone. It features a diverse lineup of artists including Andrea Bocelli, Metallica, Bruce Springsteen, Roger Waters, and Celine Dion. Also, industry giant Quincy Jones, an admirer of Morricone’s work as a composer for many years, enlisted his longtime songwriting collaborators Alan and Marilyn Bergman to write the lyrics to "I Knew I Loved You", which Dion sang to Morricone’s "Deborah's Theme" from Once Upon a Time in America. Bruce Springsteen won the Grammy Award Best Rock Instrumental Performance for his version of "Once Upon A Time In The West", beating out Metallica who was nominated for their cover of "The Ecstasy of Gold", also from this album. The album sold over 120,000 copies in Italy alone Track listing "I Knew I Loved You" - Celine Dion "The Good, The Bad and The Ugly" - Quincy Jones featuring Herbie Hancock "Once Upon a Time in the West" - Bruce Springsteen "Conradiana" - Andrea...
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a fistful of dollars intro tab290.00
a fistful of dollars tab230.00


chi mai crd360.00
chi mai tab310.00
chi mai ver2 crd390.00
chi mai ver2 tab300.00
cinema paradiso love theme tab330.00
cinema paradiso love theme ver2 tab280.00


deep deep down tab340.00


ecstacy of gold tab270.00
el bueno el malo y el feo intro tab320.00


fistful of dollars btab550.00
for a few dollars more solo tab330.00
for a few dollars more tab530.00
for a few dollars more ver2 tab290.00


gui la testa tab350.00


il tramanto sundown solo tab300.00
il tramonto tab390.00
il triello tab250.00
il vizio duzzidere tab290.00


la resa dei conti tab430.00
ladies and gentlemen of the jury tab280.00
larena solo tab370.00
larena tab290.00
larena ver2 tab320.00


man with the harmonica tab330.00
mystic and severe btab620.00


navajo joe solo tab300.00


once upon a time in america childhood poverty tab360.00
once upon a time in america tab230.00
once upon a time in the west jills theme tab230.00


padre ramirez tab330.00


rabbia e tarantella intro tab370.00
rabbia e tarantella tab350.00


story of a soldier crd260.00


the crisis tab320.00
the ecstasy of gold crd620.00
the ecstasy of gold tab340.00
the good the bad and the ugly intro tab280.00
the good the bad and the ugly tab380.00
the good the bad and the ugly ver2 tab260.00
the good the bad and the ugly ver3 tab390.00
the good the bad and the ugly ver4 tab420.00
the good the bad and the ugly ver5 tab350.00
the good the bad the ugly tab280.00
the piano crisis tab260.00
the thing tab310.00
the trio theme solo crd810.00
the wild horde crd450.00
two mules for sister sarah theme tab300.00


un ami crd370.00