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Eraserheads (sometimes stylized as ERASƎRHEADS) is a Filipino rock band formed in 1989. Consisting of Ely Buendia, Marcus Adoro, Buddy Zabala and Raimund Marasigan, the band became one of the most successful, most influential, critically acclaimed, and significant bands in the Philippine music history. Eraserheads are also credited for spearheading a second wave of Manila band invasions, paving the way for a host of Philippine alternative rock bands. The band released several singles, albums, and EPs that reached number one and achieved commercial success with their third album Cutterpillow, which achieved platinum status several times. They received the Viewer's Choice Award for Asia from the 1997 MTV Video Music Awards. History 1989-1992: The early years In 1989, two college bands from the University of the Philippines, Diliman were both in search of new members for a new group. Curfew, which consisted of Buddy Zabala on bass, Raimund Marasigan on drums and Marcus Adoro on guitars...
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68 dr sixto antonio ave crd380.00
68 dr sixto antonio ave ver2 crd350.00


alapaap btab300.00
alapaap crd260.00
alapaap intro btab340.00
alapaap intro tab270.00
alapaap intro ver2 tab320.00
alapaap tab270.00
alapaap ver2 btab400.00
alapaap ver2 crd310.00
alapaap ver2 tab380.00
alapaap ver3 btab340.00
alapaap ver3 crd280.00
alapaap ver3 tab230.00
alapaap ver4 btab270.00
alapaap ver5 btab200.00
alkohol crd360.00
ambi dextrose crd270.00
andalusian dog tab390.00
ang hulin el bimbo crd310.00
ang huling el bimbo btab250.00
ang huling el bimbo crd510.00
ang huling el bimbo tab290.00
ang huling el bimbo ver2 btab210.00
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ang huling el bimbo ver7 crd240.00


back 2 me crd340.00
back 2 me ver2 crd300.00
balikbayan box crd240.00
balikbayan box intro tab280.00
balikbayan box intro ver2 tab370.00
balikbayan box intro ver3 tab340.00
balikbayan crd240.00
bogchi hokbu tab350.00
buses and trains crd240.00
butterscotch crd290.00


casa fantastica crd310.00
casa fantastica ver2 crd400.00
christmas alphabet crd310.00
christmas ball crd330.00
christmas morning crd280.00
christmas morning ver2 crd310.00
christmas party crd280.00
christmas party ver2 crd260.00
combo on the run crd270.00
cutterpillow crd270.00


easy ka lang crd190.00
easy ka lang intro tab390.00
el bimbo crd260.00
elesi btab320.00


fabulous baker boy crd270.00
fill her crd300.00
fill her tab360.00
fill her ver2 tab330.00
fine time crd310.00
fine time tab300.00
fine time ver2 crd230.00
flat tire tab430.00
fruit cake crd260.00
fruit fairy crd310.00
fruitcake btab350.00
fruitcake crd290.00
fruitcake tab380.00
fruitcake ver2 btab360.00
fruitcake ver2 crd250.00
fruitcake ver2 tab270.00
fruitcake ver3 btab350.00
fruitcake ver3 crd330.00
fruitcake ver4 crd290.00
fruitcake ver5 crd260.00


gatekeeper crd280.00


ha ha ha crd450.00
hahaha intro tab290.00
hahaha intro ver2 tab330.00
hahaha tab440.00
harana crd600.00
harana intro tab240.00
hard to believe btab320.00
hard to believe crd310.00
hard to believe tab380.00
hard to believe ver2 crd310.00
hard to believe ver2 tab340.00
hard to believe ver3 crd280.00
hard to believe ver4 crd460.00
hard to believe ver5 crd440.00
hey jay crd250.00
hey jay intro tab340.00
hitchin a ride crd210.00
hoinky toinks granny crd260.00
how far will you go crd210.00
hula crd320.00
hula intro tab360.00
hula tab310.00
huling el bimbo btab350.00
huling el bimbo crd460.00
huling el bimbo intro tab280.00
huling el bimbo tab410.00
huling el bimbo ver2 btab320.00
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human pellet crd310.00
huwag kang matakot crd370.00
huwag kang matakot tab290.00
huwag mo nang itanong btab250.00
huwag mo nang itanong crd290.00
huwag mo nang itanong tab200.00
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huwag mo nang itanong ver2 tab310.00
huwag mo nang itanong ver3 btab290.00
huwag mo nang itanong ver3 tab190.00


julie tearjerky crd240.00
julie tearjerky tab320.00
julie tearjerky ver2 crd400.00
julie tearjerky ver2 tab320.00
julie tearjerky ver3 crd310.00


kahit ano crd410.00
kailan btab420.00
kailan crd310.00
kailan intro tab420.00
kailan tab900.00
kailan ver2 btab400.00
kailan ver3 btab310.00
kaliwete btab280.00
kaliwete crd320.00
kaliwete tab290.00
kaliwete ver2 tab350.00
kaliwete ver3 tab280.00
kama supra crd410.00
kama supra intro tab280.00
kama supra tab340.00
kama supra ver2 crd360.00
kananete crd230.00
kananete tab330.00
kisapmata crd260.00
kisapmata tab350.00


ligaya btab280.00
ligaya crd300.00
ligaya tab370.00
ligaya ver2 btab320.00
ligaya ver2 crd290.00
ligaya ver2 tab260.00
ligaya ver3 crd310.00
ligaya ver3 tab270.00
ligaya ver4 crd270.00
ligaya ver4 tab280.00
ligaya ver5 crd310.00
ligaya ver5 tab270.00
ligaya ver6 crd300.00
ligaya ver7 crd270.00
lightyears crd340.00
lightyears tab310.00
lightyears ver2 crd330.00


maalalahanin crd570.00
magasin btab300.00
magasin crd260.00
magasin solo tab520.00
magasin tab230.00
magasin ver2 btab330.00
magasin ver2 crd300.00
magasin ver2 tab310.00
magasin ver3 btab230.00
magasin ver3 crd320.00
magasin ver4 btab280.00
magasin ver4 crd280.00
magasin ver5 btab280.00
magasin ver6 btab280.00
maghihintay sayo crd350.00
maling akala crd240.00
maling akala ver2 crd440.00
manila crd320.00
maselang bahaghari btab270.00
maselang bahaghari crd260.00
maselang bahaghari tab250.00
maskara crd460.00
maskara tab390.00
maskara ver2 crd270.00
maskara ver2 tab310.00
maskara ver3 crd470.00
may sumasayaw crd300.00
may sumasayaw tab230.00
milk and money crd310.00
milk and money ver2 crd300.00
minsan btab290.00
minsan crd380.00
minsan solo tab290.00
minsan solo ver2 tab360.00
minsan solo ver3 tab340.00
minsan tab300.00
minsan ver2 btab370.00
minsan ver2 crd300.00
minsan ver2 tab370.00
minsan ver3 btab340.00
minsan ver3 crd260.00
minsan ver3 tab270.00
minsan ver4 tab270.00
minsan ver5 tab240.00


nananalangin crd220.00


old fashioned christmas carol crd240.00
old fashioned christmas carol ver2 crd290.00
omnesia crd330.00
overdrive btab260.00
overdrive crd350.00
overdrive tab300.00
overdrive ver2 crd270.00


palamig crd380.00
palamig ver2 crd250.00
para sa masa crd290.00
para sa masa intro tab280.00
para sa masa solo tab240.00
para sa masa tab310.00
para sa masa ver2 crd220.00
pare ko btab330.00
pare ko crd220.00
pare ko solo tab360.00
pare ko solo ver2 tab310.00
pare ko solo ver3 tab370.00
pare ko tab240.00
pare ko ver2 btab250.00
pare ko ver2 crd430.00
pare ko ver3 btab270.00
pare ko ver3 crd300.00
pare ko ver4 crd250.00
peace it together crd290.00
playground crd390.00
poormans grave btab370.00
poormans grave crd270.00
poormans grave intro tab270.00
poormans grave tab370.00
poormans grave ver2 crd310.00
poormans grave ver2 tab360.00
poormans grave ver3 tab450.00
pop machine crd310.00


run barbi run crd280.00
run barbi run ver2 crd310.00


sa tollgate crd200.00
sa tollgate ver2 crd320.00
sa tollgate ver3 crd390.00
sa tollgate ver4 crd210.00
sa wakas crd290.00
sa wakas ver2 crd320.00
santa aint comin no mo crd240.00
saturn return crd340.00
scorpio rising crd310.00
sembreak btab250.00
sembreak crd300.00
sembreak tab330.00
sembreak ver2 crd400.00
sembreak ver3 crd270.00
sembreak ver4 crd300.00
sembreak ver5 crd330.00
shadow crd310.00
shadow ver2 crd320.00
shake yer head crd290.00
shirley btab350.00
shirley crd310.00
shirley intro tab300.00
shirley ver2 crd240.00
sino sa atin crd360.00
sino sa atin intro tab330.00
slo mo solo tab270.00
spolarium crd300.00
spolarium solo tab320.00
spolarium ver2 crd260.00
spolarium ver3 crd320.00
spolarium ver4 crd310.00
spolarium ver5 crd400.00
spoliarium crd320.00
spoliarium ver2 crd280.00
spoliarium ver3 crd260.00
spoplarium crd350.00
sticker happy crd380.00
styrosnow crd300.00
sumting evil crd240.00
superproxy btab280.00
superproxy crd340.00
superproxy intro tab380.00
superproxy tab300.00
superproxy ver2 btab370.00
superproxy ver2 tab480.00


tama ka crd340.00
tama ka intro tab370.00
tama ka ver2 crd420.00
tamagotchi baby btab360.00
tamagotchi baby crd270.00
tamagotchi baby tab280.00
tikman crd310.00
tikman tab270.00
tikman ver2 crd290.00
tikman ver2 tab310.00
tikman ver3 crd250.00
tindahan ni aling nena btab260.00
tindahan ni aling nena crd280.00
tindahan ni aling nena ver2 btab300.00
tindahan ni aling nena ver2 crd510.00
tindahan ni aling nina crd220.00
tollgate crd270.00
tollgate ver2 crd310.00
torpedo btab330.00
torpedo crd360.00
torpedo tab350.00
torpedo ver2 crd370.00
torpedo ver2 tab270.00
toyang btab390.00
toyang crd250.00
toyang intro tab300.00
toyang tab260.00
toyang ver2 btab390.00
toyang ver2 crd320.00
toyang ver2 tab350.00
toyang ver3 tab360.00
trip to jerusalem crd330.00
trip to jerusalem tab260.00
trip to jerusalem ver2 crd330.00
trip to jerusalem ver3 crd280.00
tuwing umuulan at kapiling ka crd200.00
tuwing umuulan at kapiling ka intro tab260.00
tuwing umuulan at kapiling ka solo tab260.00
tuwing umuulan at kapiling ka ver2 crd230.00
tuwing umuulan at kapiling ka ver3 crd240.00


wag kang matakot crd240.00
wag kang matakot tab240.00
waiting for the bus tab320.00
walang nagbago crd380.00
walang nagbago tab260.00
wishing wells crd230.00
wishing wells intro tab270.00
wishing wells tab280.00
with a smile btab270.00
with a smile crd360.00
with a smile tab290.00
with a smile ver2 btab390.00
with a smile ver2 crd300.00
with a smile ver2 tab250.00
with a smile ver3 crd270.00
withing wells intro tab290.00