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Kenneth Eric Church (born May 3, 1977), known professionally as Eric Church, is an American country music singer and songwriter. Signed to Capitol Nashville since 2005, he has since released a total of five studio albums for that label. His debut album, 2006's Sinners Like Me, produced four singles on the Billboard country charts including the top 20 hits "How 'Bout You", "Springsteen", "Two Pink Lines", and "Guys Like Me". His second album, 2009's Carolina, produced three more singles: "Smoke a Little Smoke" and his first top 10 hits, "Love Your Love the Most" and "Hell on the Heart". 2011's Chief, his first No. 1 album, gave him his first two No. 1 singles, "Drink in My Hand" and "Springsteen", and the hits "Homeboy", "Creepin'", and "Like Jesus Does". His third No. 1 single was "The Only Way I Know", which he, Jason Aldean, and Luke Bryan recorded for Aldean's album Night Train. A fourth album, The Outsiders, was released in February 2014. It produced five new singles between...
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aint killed me yet crd190.00


before she does crd130.00


cant take it with you crd200.00
cant take it with you tab190.00
carolina acoustic crd200.00
carolina crd250.00
carolina ver2 crd220.00
carolina ver3 crd320.00
carolina ver4 crd230.00
chevy van crd300.00
country music jesus crd170.00
country music jesus intro tab250.00


drink in my hand crd140.00
drink in my hand ver2 crd200.00


faster than my angels can fly crd200.00


guys like me crd240.00
guys like me tab260.00
guys like me ver2 crd240.00
guys like me ver3 crd220.00


hard way crd250.00
hell on the heart btab150.00
hell on the heart crd190.00
hell on the heart ver2 crd210.00
his kind of money my kind of love crd170.00
homeboy crd170.00
homeboy intro tab230.00
homeboy intro ver2 tab250.00
homeboy tab300.00
homeboy ver2 crd230.00
homeboy ver2 tab240.00
homeboy ver3 crd160.00
homeboy ver3 tab230.00
homeboy ver4 crd190.00
how bout you crd180.00
how bout you ver2 crd250.00
hung over and hard up crd180.00


im gettin stoned crd230.00


jack daniels crd300.00


lightning crd270.00
lightning ver2 crd150.00
lightning ver3 crd170.00
like jesus does crd210.00
livin part of life crd310.00
livin part of life ver2 crd210.00
lotta boot left to fill intro tab180.00
love your love crd150.00
love your love the most crd240.00
love your love the most intro tab210.00
love your love the most intro ver2 tab200.00
love your love the most intro ver3 tab260.00
love your love the most tab180.00
love your love the most ver2 tab160.00
lovin me anyway crd240.00


my hearts got a memory crd200.00


over when its over crd150.00


pledge allegiance to the hag crd210.00
pledge allegiance to the hag ver2 crd280.00


she wont leave my willie alone crd290.00
sinners like me crd190.00
sinners like me ver2 crd160.00
sinners like me ver3 crd210.00
sinners like me ver4 crd250.00
sinners like me ver5 crd230.00
sinners like me ver6 crd400.00
smoke a little smoke acoustic tab170.00
smoke a little smoke crd170.00
smoke a little smoke ver2 crd200.00
smoke a little smoke ver3 crd190.00
smoke a little smoke ver4 crd220.00
springsteen crd240.00
springsteen intro tab200.00
springsteen ver2 crd190.00
springsteen ver3 crd260.00


the world needs a drink crd200.00
these boots crd250.00
those ive loved crd220.00
two pink lines crd160.00
two pink lines ver2 crd190.00
two pink lines ver3 crd210.00


what i almost was crd230.00
what i almost was ver2 crd240.00
what i almost was ver3 crd180.00
without you here crd290.00


you make it look so easy crd180.00
young and wild crd240.00