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Eskimo Joe is an Australian alternative rock band that was formed in 1997 by Stuart MacLeod, on guitars, Joel Quartermain, on drums and guitar, and Kavyen Temperley, on bass guitar and vocals, in East Fremantle, Western Australia, Australia. The band has released five additional albums since their debut album Girl was released in 2001: A Song Is a City, released in 2004; Black Fingernails, Red Wine, released in 2006; Inshalla, released in May 2009; Ghosts of the Past, released on 12 August 2011; and Wastelands, released on 20 September 2013. Eskimo Joe have won eight ARIA Music Awards; in 2006 the band achieved four wins—from nine nominations— for work associated with Black Fingernails, Red Wine. History Early years Eskimo Joe founders MacLeod and Temperley were school mates at John Curtin Senior High School. Temperley left school at sixteen to concentrate on writing music, moving into a share house with Simon Leach, who played bass guitar in a funk band called Carpet. The other...
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a song is a city album tab200.00
a song is a city btab200.00


black fingernails red wine btab380.00
black fingernails red wine crd210.00
black fingernails red wine tab220.00
black fingernails red wine ver2 btab190.00
black fingernails red wine ver2 tab200.00
black fingernails red wine ver3 btab190.00
black fingernails red wine ver3 tab240.00
black fingernails red wine ver4 btab270.00


car crash tab220.00
childhood behaviour crd310.00
come down crd210.00
comfort you btab310.00
comfort you crd320.00
comfort you tab270.00
commitment bells crd250.00


dont let me down btab260.00
driver tab270.00


election crd220.00


foreign land crd220.00
foreign land tab240.00
foreign land ver2 crd280.00
foreign land ver3 crd220.00
from the sea btab270.00
from the sea crd220.00
from the sea intro tab290.00
from the sea tab340.00
from the sea ver2 crd340.00
from the sea ver2 tab340.00


getaway btab290.00
girl album tab180.00


head hurts tab230.00
hey btab280.00


inshalla tab250.00


just like me tab170.00


liar crd280.00
liar ver2 crd230.00
london bombs crd270.00
london bombs tab270.00
love is a drug crd290.00
love list tab210.00


morning light tab240.00


new york crd290.00


older than you crd280.00


planet earth intro tab350.00
planet earth tab280.00
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ruby wednesday tab240.00


sarah btab270.00
sarah crd310.00
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seven veils crd250.00
slow down crd330.00
smoke tab320.00
sweater tab270.00
sydney song tab210.00


this is pressure crd290.00
this room crd290.00
turn up your stereo btab260.00
turn up your stereo tab200.00


wake up tab380.00
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when we were kids crd250.00
who sold her out btab290.00
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your eyes tab290.00