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a woman and a man crd360.00
abandoned love crd300.00
all i have to do is dream btab290.00
all i have to do is dream crd310.00
all i have to do is dream tab470.00
all i have to do is dream ver2 crd340.00
all i have to do is dream ver3 crd340.00
all i have to do is dream ver4 crd390.00
all i have to do is dream ver5 crd380.00
all i have to do is dream ver6 crd360.00
all i have to do is dream ver7 crd360.00
all i have to do is dream ver8 crd310.00
all i want crd380.00
always its you crd320.00
and ill go crd410.00
any single solitary heart crd290.00
arms of mary crd340.00
asleep crd330.00
autumn leaves crd340.00


baby what you want me to do crd300.00
be bop a lula crd370.00
be my love again crd350.00
bird dog crd340.00
bird dog ver2 crd350.00
bird dog ver3 crd300.00
born yesterday crd320.00
bowling green crd380.00
brand new heartache crd400.00
bye bye love crd380.00
bye bye love intro tab270.00
bye bye love ver2 crd310.00
bye bye love ver3 crd320.00
bye bye love ver4 crd440.00


carol jane crd340.00
cathys clown crd400.00
cathys clown ver2 crd440.00
cathys clown ver3 crd450.00
claudette crd410.00
cryin in the rain crd370.00
crying in the rain crd420.00
crying in the rain ver2 crd290.00
crying in the rain ver3 crd430.00
crying in the rain ver4 crd280.00


devoted to you crd380.00
devoted to you intro tab300.00
devoted to you tab390.00
devoted to you ver2 crd300.00
donna donna crd370.00
dont ask me to be friends crd300.00
dont blame me crd360.00
dont forget to cry crd370.00
down in the willow garden crd340.00
dream crd330.00
dream ver2 crd320.00
dream ver3 crd390.00


ebony eyes crd280.00
even if i hold it in my hand crd240.00


follow me crd320.00
following the sun crd290.00
from eden to canaan crd370.00


glitter and gold crd380.00
gone gone gone crd310.00
gone gone gone ver2 crd250.00
gone gone gone ver3 crd320.00
green river crd330.00


hard hard year crd360.00
he aint heavy crd420.00
hello amy crd360.00
helpless when youre gone crd390.00
hes got my sympathy crd300.00
house of the rising sun crd250.00


i dont want to love you crd300.00
i kissed you crd400.00
i kissed you til crd270.00
i used to love you crd290.00
i wonder if i care as much crd390.00
i wonder if i care as much ver2 crd310.00
ill mend your broken heart crd260.00
ill see your light crd290.00
im afraid crd330.00
im here to get my baby out of jail crd320.00
im thinking it over crd320.00
it only costs a dime crd390.00
its all over crd300.00
its been nice crd270.00


jack daniels old no 7 crd490.00
jezebel crd350.00


kentucky crd320.00


lay lady lay crd430.00
leave my girl alone crd370.00
let it be me crd320.00
let it be me ver2 crd290.00
let it be me ver3 crd270.00
like strangers crd430.00
like strangers ver2 crd270.00
like strangers ver3 crd290.00
little hollywood girl crd350.00
lonely island crd410.00
long time gone crd330.00
lord of the manor crd380.00
love her crd280.00
love hurts crd390.00
love hurts ver2 crd440.00
love hurts ver3 crd470.00
love hurts ver4 crd390.00
love is strange crd310.00
love is where you find it crd380.00
love of my life crd290.00
love of my life ver2 crd310.00
lucille crd380.00


mary jane crd320.00
maybe tomorrow crd480.00
melody train crd330.00
memories are made of this crd380.00
my baby crd350.00


nancys minuet crd320.00
nancys minuet ver2 crd300.00
nice guy crd320.00
no one can make my sunshine smile crd330.00


oh my papa crd370.00
oh true love crd390.00
omaha crd360.00
on the wings of a nightengale crd330.00
on the wings of a nightingale crd350.00
on the wings of a nightingale ver2 crd320.00
only me crd300.00


poor jenny crd260.00
poor jenny ver2 crd390.00
problems crd350.00
problems problems crd350.00
problems ver2 crd290.00


sally sunshine crd340.00
shady grove crd290.00
she never smiles anymore crd300.00
sigh cry almost die crd320.00
since you broke my heart crd300.00
since you broke my heart ver2 crd280.00
sleepless nights crd330.00
so how come no one loves me crd330.00
so it was so it is so it always will be crd320.00
so lonely crd360.00
so sad crd320.00
so sad ver2 crd380.00
so sad ver3 crd320.00
some hearts crd330.00
some sweet day crd380.00
southern california crd350.00
stained glass morning crd310.00
stick with me baby crd310.00


t for texas crd330.00
take a message to mary crd320.00
take a message to mary ver2 crd330.00
take a message to mary ver3 crd300.00
temptation crd380.00
thats just too much crd310.00
thats old fashioned crd320.00
the collector crd350.00
the doll house is empty crd400.00
the eyes of asia crd380.00
the facts of life crd330.00
the ferris wheel crd380.00
the first in line crd310.00
the price of love crd390.00
the silent treatment crd370.00
the story of me crd290.00
the story of me ver2 crd300.00
this little girl of mine crd380.00
till i kissed you crd320.00
till i kissed you ver2 crd380.00
to show i love you crd320.00
torture crd340.00


wake up little susie crd310.00
wake up little susie tab450.00
wake up little susie ver2 crd360.00
walk right back crd410.00
walk right back ver2 crd360.00
walk right back ver3 crd350.00
walk right back ver4 crd350.00
walk right back ver5 crd350.00
when eddie comes home crd300.00
when i grow too old to dream crd450.00
when snowflakes fall in the summer crd300.00
when will i be loved crd340.00
when will i be loved ver2 crd280.00
when will i be loved ver3 crd320.00
when will i be loved ver4 crd300.00
why not crd340.00


you thrill me through and through crd310.00