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EZ Rock is a brand of adult contemporary music radio stations heard primarily in Canada. The branding was originally created by Telemedia in the mid-1990s for its adult contemporary stations, and based on the call sign of its former Toronto flagship CJEZ (now adult hits-formatted CHBM). Ownership of the EZ Rock brand passed from Telemedia to Standard Broadcasting in 2002, to Astral Media in 2007, and to Bell Media in 2013. On August 29, 2013, Rogers Media's EZ Rock stations in Northern Ontario re-branded to "KiSS"; these stations were former Standard stations that were acquired by Rogers in 2002. As of July 2013, the EZ Rock branding is heard on Bell Media-owned stations in British Columbia and Ontario. The EZ Rock stations are generally programmed independently, although special Canadian content versions of shows such as Delilah and the John Tesh Radio Show are heard across the network. Some stations in smaller markets may also share voice-tracked programming in weekend and overnight...
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