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Foo Fighters is an American rock band, formed in Seattle, Washington in 1994. It was founded by Nirvana drummer Dave Grohl as a one-man project following the death of Kurt Cobain and the resulting dissolution of his previous band. The group got its name from the UFOs and various aerial phenomena that were reported by Allied aircraft pilots in World War II, which were known collectively as foo fighters. Prior to the release of Foo Fighters' 1995 debut album Foo Fighters, which featured Grohl as the only official member, Grohl recruited bassist Nate Mendel and drummer William Goldsmith, both formerly of Sunny Day Real Estate, as well as Nirvana touring guitarist Pat Smear to complete the lineup. The band began with performances in Portland, Oregon. Goldsmith quit during the recording of the group's second album, The Colour and the Shape (1997), when most of the drum parts were re-recorded by Grohl himself. Smear's departure followed soon afterward, though he would rejoin them in...
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33 forever tab540.00


a320 acoustic tab870.00
a320 crd700.00
a320 solo tab730.00
a320 solo ver2 tab690.00
a320 tab620.00
a320 ver2 tab590.00
a320 ver3 tab670.00
a320 ver4 tab610.00
a matter of time btab510.00
a matter of time tab710.00
a new way home crd580.00
aint it the life crd670.00
aint it the life tab740.00
aint it the life ver2 crd690.00
all my life btab670.00
all my life crd630.00
all my life drum tab510.00
all my life intro tab640.00
all my life tab1090.00
all my life ver2 btab600.00
all my life ver2 drum tab640.00
all my life ver2 tab620.00
all my life ver2 video lesson1530.00
all my life ver3 btab750.00
all my life ver3 tab720.00
all my life ver4 btab660.00
all my life ver4 tab580.00
all my life ver5 tab620.00
all my life ver6 tab650.00
all my life video lesson580.00
alone and easy target btab550.00
alone and easy target crd540.00
alone and easy target tab700.00
alone and easy target ver2 tab790.00
alone and easy target ver3 tab620.00
alone and easy target ver4 tab630.00
another round btab540.00
another round crd510.00
another round solo tab500.00
another round tab620.00
another round ver2 tab510.00
another round ver3 tab560.00
arlandria btab690.00
arlandria crd710.00
arlandria tab820.00
arlandria ver2 btab570.00
arlandria ver2 crd870.00
arlandria ver2 tab590.00
arlandria ver3 btab660.00
arlandria ver3 tab650.00
arlandria ver4 btab610.00
arlandria ver4 tab460.00
arlandria ver5 tab600.00
arlandria ver6 tab670.00
arlandria ver7 tab530.00
aurora acoustic tab720.00
aurora acoustic ver2 tab550.00
aurora btab660.00
aurora drum tab650.00
aurora tab580.00
aurora ver2 btab560.00
aurora ver2 tab550.00
aurora ver3 tab750.00
aurora ver4 tab560.00


back and forth btab610.00
back and forth crd580.00
back and forth tab570.00
back and forth ver2 tab970.00
back and forth ver3 tab680.00
baker street btab650.00
baker street crd680.00
baker street solo btab630.00
baker street solo tab710.00
baker street tab750.00
baker street ver2 tab810.00
baker street ver3 tab750.00
baker street ver4 tab720.00
ballad of the beaconsfield miners tab680.00
ballad of the beaconsfield miners ver2 tab460.00
ballad of the beaconsfield miners ver3 tab830.00
ballad of the beaconsfield miners ver4 tab590.00
band on the run tab850.00
bangin tab650.00
best of you acoustic crd710.00
best of you acoustic tab720.00
best of you acoustic ver2 crd900.00
best of you acoustic ver3 crd610.00
best of you acoustic video lesson810.00
best of you btab840.00
best of you crd750.00
best of you drum tab610.00
best of you tab800.00
best of you ver2 btab600.00
best of you ver2 crd630.00
best of you ver2 drum tab790.00
best of you ver2 tab640.00
best of you ver3 btab620.00
best of you ver3 crd670.00
best of you ver3 tab760.00
best of you ver4 crd630.00
best of you ver4 tab690.00
best of you ver5 crd560.00
best of you video lesson530.00
better off tab520.00
better off ver2 tab640.00
big me acoustic crd580.00
big me acoustic ver2 crd560.00
big me btab500.00
big me crd640.00
big me drum tab970.00
big me tab580.00
big me ver2 btab750.00
big me ver2 crd530.00
big me ver2 tab570.00
big me ver3 btab620.00
big me ver3 crd560.00
big me ver3 tab710.00
blackbird tab740.00
born in the bayou tab470.00
breakout acoustic tab540.00
breakout btab870.00
breakout crd670.00
breakout tab700.00
breakout ver2 btab520.00
breakout ver2 tab590.00
breakout ver3 tab590.00
breakout ver4 tab690.00
breakout ver5 tab790.00
breakout ver6 tab530.00
bridge burning btab500.00
bridge burning intro tab640.00
bridge burning tab690.00
bridge burning ver2 btab530.00
bridge burning ver2 tab630.00
bridge burning ver3 btab510.00
bridge burning ver3 tab660.00
burn away tab610.00
burn away ver2 tab700.00
burn away ver3 tab620.00
but honestly btab650.00
but honestly crd570.00
but honestly tab820.00
but honestly ver2 crd590.00
but honestly ver2 tab950.00
but honestly ver3 crd560.00
but honestly ver3 tab610.00
butterflies tab740.00


cheer up boys your make up is running tab830.00
cheer up boys your make up is running ver2 tab770.00
cheer up boys your make up is running tab00.00
cheer up boys your makeup is running btab610.00
cheer up boys your makeup is running tab500.00
cold day in the sun btab530.00
cold day in the sun crd510.00
cold day in the sun solo tab620.00
cold day in the sun tab610.00
cold day in the sun ver2 crd590.00
cold day in the sun ver2 tab580.00
cold day in the sun ver3 crd520.00
colour and the shape tab540.00
colour the shape album tab610.00
come alive btab510.00
come alive crd610.00
come alive intro tab520.00
come alive tab570.00
come alive ver2 tab550.00
come back intro tab640.00
come back tab730.00
come back ver2 tab880.00
come back ver3 tab750.00
come back ver4 tab690.00


damn you damn everyone tab590.00
danny says crd610.00
darlin nikki tab500.00
darling nikki tab860.00
dear lover crd530.00
dear lover ver2 crd590.00
dear rosemary btab650.00
dear rosemary crd530.00
dear rosemary tab590.00
dear rosemary ver2 tab550.00
deepest blues are black btab670.00
deepest blues are black tab660.00
deepest blues are black ver2 btab710.00
deepest blues are black ver2 tab510.00
disenchanted lullaby acoustic tab500.00
disenchanted lullaby btab630.00
disenchanted lullaby tab590.00
doa acoustic crd950.00
doa btab670.00
doa crd780.00
doa tab860.00
doa ver2 btab780.00
doa ver2 crd700.00
doa ver2 tab790.00
doa ver3 btab930.00
doa ver3 crd1100.00
doa ver3 tab840.00
doa ver4 crd690.00
doa ver4 tab800.00
doa ver5 tab850.00
doll btab640.00
doll crd760.00
doll tab540.00
doll ver2 crd750.00
down in the park btab700.00
down in the park drum tab570.00
down in the park tab540.00
down in the park ver2 btab570.00
down in the park ver2 tab570.00
drive me wild btab690.00
drive me wild tab580.00


easy target crd510.00
echoes silence patience grace album tab470.00
echos silence patience and grace album tab490.00
end over end btab590.00
end over end crd590.00
end over end tab650.00
end over end ver2 crd590.00
enough space btab810.00
enough space tab810.00
enough space ver2 btab590.00
enough space ver2 tab660.00
enough space ver3 btab590.00
enough space ver4 tab640.00
enough space ver5 tab720.00
erase replace btab680.00
erase replace tab660.00
erasereplace tab490.00
everlong acoustic crd750.00
everlong acoustic tab700.00
everlong acoustic ver2 tab700.00
everlong acoustic ver3 tab790.00
everlong acoustic ver4 tab830.00
everlong acoustic ver5 tab740.00
everlong acoustic ver6 tab730.00
everlong btab750.00
everlong crd660.00
everlong drum tab850.00
everlong tab600.00
everlong ver10 btab700.00
everlong ver2 btab610.00
everlong ver2 crd750.00
everlong ver2 drum tab600.00
everlong ver2 tab620.00
everlong ver3 btab610.00
everlong ver3 drum tab870.00
everlong ver3 tab590.00
everlong ver4 btab790.00
everlong ver4 tab500.00
everlong ver5 btab600.00
everlong ver5 tab660.00
everlong ver6 btab630.00
everlong ver6 tab690.00
everlong ver7 btab720.00
everlong ver7 tab930.00
everlong ver8 btab660.00
everlong ver9 btab630.00
everlong video lesson780.00
exhausted btab600.00
exhausted crd630.00
exhausted tab470.00
exhausted ver2 btab590.00
exhausted ver2 tab530.00
exhausted ver3 tab570.00


febraury stars tab510.00
february stars btab730.00
february stars crd610.00
february stars live acoustic tab750.00
february stars tab580.00
february stars ver2 tab630.00
february stars ver3 tab510.00
february stars ver4 tab560.00
febuary stars crd590.00
febuary stars tab610.00
ffl tab720.00
floaty btab560.00
floaty tab560.00
foo fighters acoustic collection album tab580.00
foo fighters album tab930.00
for all the cows btab630.00
for all the cows crd580.00
for all the cows tab630.00
for all the cows ver2 btab720.00
for all the cows ver2 tab790.00
fraternity drum tab640.00
fraternity tab530.00
fraternity ver2 tab620.00
fraternity ver3 tab1030.00
free me btab650.00
free me tab450.00
free me ver2 tab670.00
free me ver3 tab660.00
friend of a friend btab580.00
friend of a friend tab610.00
friend of a friend ver2 btab590.00
friend of a friend ver2 tab660.00


gas chamber crd520.00
gas chamber tab670.00
generator btab650.00
generator tab600.00
generator ver2 btab670.00
generator ver3 btab480.00
gimme stitches btab510.00
gimme stitches crd600.00
gimme stitches tab740.00
gimme stitches ver2 btab450.00
gimme stitches ver2 tab540.00
good grief btab590.00
good grief crd490.00
good grief drum tab530.00
good grief tab540.00
good grief ver2 tab580.00
good grief ver3 tab620.00
good grief ver4 tab680.00
good grief ver5 tab700.00
gun beside my bed tab690.00


halo tab630.00
halo ver2 tab720.00
have a cigar btab570.00
have a cigar tab700.00
have a cigar ver2 tab650.00
have it all tab560.00
have it all ver2 tab770.00
have it all ver3 tab630.00
headwires crd660.00
headwires tab550.00
headwires ver2 crd590.00
headwires ver2 tab570.00
headwires ver3 tab530.00
hell btab640.00
hell crd660.00
hell tab720.00
hell ver2 tab680.00
hells garden btab650.00
hells garden tab570.00
hey johnny park btab650.00
hey johnny park crd670.00
hey johnny park intro tab830.00
hey johnny park tab670.00
hey johnny park ver2 btab620.00
hey johnny park ver2 tab640.00
hey johnny park ver3 tab550.00
hey johnny park ver4 tab600.00
hey johnny park ver5 tab550.00
home crd810.00
home tab650.00
home ver2 crd740.00
home ver3 crd680.00
home ver4 crd560.00
home ver5 crd650.00
how i miss you tab570.00
how i miss you ver2 tab560.00


i should have known btab570.00
i should have known crd570.00
i should have known tab740.00
i should have known ver2 btab590.00
i should have known ver2 crd640.00
i should have known ver2 tab760.00
i should have known ver3 crd520.00
if ever tab610.00
ill stick around btab630.00
ill stick around crd740.00
ill stick around tab640.00
ill stick around ver2 crd550.00
ill stick around ver2 tab560.00
ill stick around ver3 tab530.00
ill stick around ver4 tab430.00
ill stick around ver5 tab680.00
im alone again tab610.00
im in love with a german film star crd670.00
in his hands btab480.00
in your honor btab670.00
in your honor crd670.00
in your honor disc 1 album tab620.00
in your honor disc 2 album tab650.00
in your honor tab690.00
in your honor ver2 btab600.00
in your honor ver2 crd590.00
in your honour tab580.00
iron and stone btab580.00
iron and stone tab560.00


keep it clean crd540.00
kung fu fightin btab540.00


last song btab760.00
last song tab590.00
last song ver2 tab830.00
last song ver3 tab820.00
learn to fly acoustic crd710.00
learn to fly acoustic tab570.00
learn to fly acoustic ver2 crd530.00
learn to fly acoustic video lesson750.00
learn to fly btab580.00
learn to fly crd530.00
learn to fly drum tab560.00
learn to fly tab870.00
learn to fly ver2 btab580.00
learn to fly ver2 crd540.00
learn to fly ver2 drum tab620.00
learn to fly ver2 tab750.00
learn to fly ver3 btab630.00
learn to fly ver3 crd580.00
learn to fly ver3 tab520.00
learn to fly ver4 btab740.00
learn to fly ver4 crd540.00
learn to fly ver4 tab580.00
learn to fly ver5 btab550.00
learn to fly ver5 crd730.00
learn to fly ver5 tab640.00
learn to fly ver6 btab560.00
learn to fly ver6 crd520.00
learn to fly ver7 btab560.00
learn to fly ver7 crd660.00
learn to fly ver8 btab570.00
learn to fly ver8 crd520.00
learn to fly video lesson610.00
let it die btab440.00
let it die tab550.00
let it die ver2 btab610.00
let it die ver3 tab770.00
live in skin btab490.00
live in skin tab600.00
lonely as you btab660.00
lonely as you intro tab580.00
lonely as you tab560.00
lonely as you ver2 btab540.00
lonely as you ver2 tab580.00
lonely as you ver3 tab830.00
long road to ruin btab620.00
long road to ruin crd630.00
long road to ruin solo tab560.00
long road to ruin solo video lesson580.00
long road to ruin tab590.00
long road to ruin ver2 btab470.00
long road to ruin ver2 tab430.00
long road to ruin ver3 btab550.00
long road to ruin ver3 tab650.00
long road to ruin ver4 tab540.00
long road to ruin ver5 tab540.00
long road to ruin ver6 tab540.00
long road to ruin ver7 tab620.00
low btab680.00
low tab650.00
low ver2 btab740.00
low ver2 tab640.00
low ver3 tab530.00
low ver4 tab700.00


m i a btab710.00
m i a tab760.00
m i a ver2 tab510.00
make a bet tab560.00
marigold btab690.00
marigold crd700.00
marigold tab630.00
milk tab610.00
miracle btab670.00
miracle crd610.00
miracle tab630.00
miracle ver2 crd550.00
miracle ver3 crd530.00
miss the misery tab730.00
miss the misery ver2 tab640.00
monkey wrench btab540.00
monkey wrench crd550.00
monkey wrench drum tab720.00
monkey wrench intro tab560.00
monkey wrench intro video lesson710.00
monkey wrench tab530.00
monkey wrench ver2 btab530.00
monkey wrench ver2 crd580.00
monkey wrench ver2 drum tab630.00
monkey wrench ver2 tab610.00
monkey wrench ver3 btab570.00
monkey wrench ver3 tab450.00
monkey wrench ver4 btab560.00
monkey wrench ver4 tab510.00
monkey wrench ver5 tab460.00
monkey wrench ver6 tab520.00
monkey wrench ver7 tab550.00
monkey wrench ver8 tab540.00
mountain of you tab720.00
my hero acoustic crd470.00
my hero acoustic solo tab650.00
my hero acoustic tab600.00
my hero acoustic ver2 crd640.00
my hero acoustic ver2 tab720.00
my hero btab580.00
my hero crd590.00
my hero drum tab650.00
my hero tab520.00
my hero ver10 tab690.00
my hero ver2 btab680.00
my hero ver2 tab610.00
my hero ver3 btab540.00
my hero ver3 tab710.00
my hero ver4 btab570.00
my hero ver4 tab900.00
my hero ver5 tab670.00
my hero ver6 tab570.00
my hero ver7 tab680.00
my hero ver8 tab930.00
my hero ver9 tab630.00
my poor brain btab750.00
my poor brain tab640.00
my poor brain ver2 tab640.00
my poor brain ver3 tab670.00
my poor brain ver4 tab660.00


never talking to you again tab760.00
new way home btab480.00
new way home tab490.00
new way home ver2 btab660.00
new way home ver3 btab610.00
next year acoustic crd510.00
next year btab570.00
next year crd590.00
next year tab840.00
next year ver2 crd690.00
next year ver2 tab670.00
next year ver3 crd650.00
next year ver3 tab710.00
next year ver4 crd700.00
next year ver4 tab670.00
next year ver5 crd600.00
no way back btab570.00
no way back tab750.00
no way back ver2 tab650.00
no way back ver3 tab550.00
no way back ver4 tab530.00
normal tab540.00
normal ver2 tab630.00


oh george btab630.00
oh george tab490.00
oh george ver2 tab630.00
on the mend btab690.00
on the mend crd610.00
on the mend intro tab460.00
on the mend tab670.00
on the mend ver2 tab630.00
on the mend ver4 tab650.00
once and for all tab510.00
one by one album tab530.00
one drum tab600.00
one tab790.00
one ver2 tab590.00
over and out crd510.00
over and out intro tab620.00
over and out tab680.00
over and out ver2 tab560.00
over and out ver3 tab520.00
over and out ver4 tab750.00
over and out ver5 tab550.00
overdrive crd630.00
overdrive intro tab490.00
overdrive tab530.00
ozone crd730.00


podunk tab730.00
podunk ver2 tab660.00
pokey the little puppy tab500.00
pretender btab560.00
pretender crd510.00
pretender tab620.00
pretender ver2 btab580.00
pretender ver2 crd730.00
pretender ver2 tab500.00
pretender ver3 btab790.00
pretender ver3 crd520.00
pretender ver3 tab580.00
pretender ver4 crd660.00
pretender ver4 tab550.00
pretender video lesson660.00


rare songs album tab630.00
razor tab1030.00
razor ver2 tab540.00
razor ver3 tab710.00
requiem tab800.00
resolve btab610.00
resolve crd730.00
resolve tab690.00
resolve ver2 crd540.00
resolve ver2 tab600.00
resolve ver3 tab660.00
rope btab690.00
rope crd700.00
rope drum tab630.00
rope tab490.00
rope ver2 btab650.00
rope ver2 crd600.00
rope ver2 tab610.00
rope ver3 btab620.00
rope ver3 crd620.00
rope ver3 tab680.00
rope ver4 tab570.00
rope ver5 tab680.00
rope ver6 tab850.00
rope ver7 tab670.00


see you crd730.00
see you tab1010.00
see you ver2 tab570.00
sign tab830.00
sign ver2 tab550.00
sister europe btab610.00
sister europe tab540.00
skin and bones crd500.00
skin and bones live btab590.00
skin and bones tab610.00
skin and bones ver2 tab770.00
skin and bones ver3 tab740.00
skin and bones ver4 tab590.00
someone tab740.00
spill tab620.00
stacked actors btab710.00
stacked actors tab600.00
stacked actors ver2 btab580.00
stacked actors ver2 tab610.00
stacked actors ver3 btab580.00
stacked actors ver3 tab660.00
stacked actors ver4 tab530.00
stacked actors ver5 tab530.00
statues btab680.00
statues crd650.00
statues tab700.00
statues ver2 tab780.00
still btab720.00
still crd620.00
still ver2 tab600.00
stranger things have happened crd620.00
stranger things have happened intro tab690.00
stranger things have happened solo tab580.00
stranger things have happened solo ver2 tab700.00
stranger things have happened tab980.00
stranger things have happened ver2 tab750.00
stranger things have happened ver3 tab850.00
stranger things have happened ver4 tab660.00
stranger things have happened ver5 tab580.00
stranger things have happened ver6 tab560.00
summers end btab570.00
summers end crd420.00
summers end tab500.00
summers end ver2 btab510.00
summers end ver2 tab550.00
summers end ver3 btab580.00
summers end ver3 tab490.00


the color and the shape album tab630.00
the colour and the shape album btab560.00
the colour and the shape tab600.00
the colour and the shape ver2 tab650.00
the one btab550.00
the one intro btab670.00
the one intro tab680.00
the one tab570.00
the one ver2 tab570.00
the one ver3 tab620.00
the one ver4 tab510.00
the one ver5 tab530.00
the pretender crd600.00
the pretender drum tab420.00
the pretender tab480.00
there is nothing left to lose album tab510.00
these days btab710.00
these days crd670.00
these days intro tab600.00
these days intro ver2 tab680.00
these days intro ver3 tab690.00
these days tab580.00
these days ver2 btab540.00
these days ver2 crd680.00
these days ver2 tab730.00
these days ver3 btab510.00
these days ver3 crd530.00
these days ver3 tab610.00
these days ver4 tab550.00
these days ver5 tab550.00
these days ver6 tab560.00
these days video lesson610.00
this is a call btab520.00
this is a call crd630.00
this is a call tab560.00
this is a call ver2 btab630.00
this is a call ver2 crd550.00
this is a call ver2 tab650.00
this is a call ver3 tab500.00
this will be our year intro tab630.00
times like these acoustic crd660.00
times like these acoustic tab790.00
times like these acoustic ver2 video lesson590.00
times like these acoustic video lesson650.00
times like these btab740.00
times like these drum tab650.00
times like these live acoustic tab560.00
times like these tab710.00
times like these ver2 btab560.00
times like these ver2 tab960.00
times like these ver2 video lesson480.00
times like these ver3 crd560.00
times like these ver3 tab670.00
times like these ver4 crd690.00
times like these ver5 tab540.00
times like these ver6 tab590.00
times like these ver7 tab960.00
times like these video lesson580.00
tiny dancer crd500.00
tiny dancer tab490.00
tired of you crd560.00
tired of you tab560.00
tired of you ver2 crd650.00
tired of you ver2 tab610.00
tired of you ver3 tab670.00
tired of you ver4 tab660.00
tired of you ver5 tab760.00
touch tab750.00
touch ver2 tab630.00


up in arms btab590.00
up in arms crd470.00
up in arms tab660.00
up in arms ver2 crd610.00


virginia moon btab530.00
virginia moon crd630.00
virginia moon tab550.00
virginia moon ver2 tab480.00


walk btab1140.00
walk crd820.00
walk intro tab750.00
walk tab670.00
walk ver2 btab790.00
walk ver2 crd780.00
walk ver2 tab700.00
walk ver3 crd800.00
walk ver3 tab650.00
walk ver4 crd730.00
walk ver4 tab590.00
walk ver5 crd560.00
walk ver6 crd790.00
walking a line btab710.00
walking a line tab680.00
walking a line ver2 tab640.00
walking after you btab800.00
walking after you crd740.00
walking after you tab730.00
walking after you ver2 crd800.00
walking after you ver3 crd610.00
wasting light album tab840.00
wattershed btab580.00
wattershed drum tab630.00
wattershed tab640.00
wattershed ver2 tab730.00
weenie beenie btab690.00
weenie beenie tab590.00
weenie beenie ver2 tab530.00
weenie beenie ver3 tab890.00
weenie beenie ver4 tab800.00
what if i do btab580.00
what if i do crd530.00
what if i do solo tab590.00
what if i do tab610.00
what if i do ver2 tab750.00
what if i do ver3 tab660.00
what if i do ver4 tab940.00
what if i do ver5 tab600.00
wheels acoustic crd870.00
wheels acoustic ver2 crd720.00
wheels acoustic ver3 crd700.00
wheels acoustic video lesson720.00
wheels btab840.00
wheels crd910.00
wheels tab720.00
wheels ver2 btab790.00
wheels ver2 crd720.00
wheels ver2 tab620.00
wheels ver3 btab640.00
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wheels ver4 tab610.00
wheels ver5 crd850.00
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wheels ver6 tab950.00
wheels ver7 tab700.00
wheels ver8 tab600.00
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wheels video lesson740.00
white limo btab580.00
white limo tab700.00
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white limo ver5 tab600.00
white limo ver6 tab610.00
wind up btab610.00
wind up tab610.00
wind up ver2 tab660.00
winnebago tab590.00
word forward btab560.00
word forward crd680.00
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world btab760.00


x static btab600.00
x static tab750.00
x static ver2 tab640.00
x static ver3 tab580.00