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Fruit Bats is an American rock band formed in 1997 in Chicago, Illinois, United States. Noted as an early entrant into the folk-rock boom of the early 2000s, the group has had many personnel changes but revolves around singer/songwriter Eric D. Johnson. History In 2000, Eric D. Johnson was an instructor at The Old Town School of Folk Music, led his own space-rock band called I Rowboat, and was a guitarist in various groups, including Califone and The Shins. He also had a four-track solo outlet called Fruit Bats, which he had been working on since 1997. Fruit Bats had begun to evolve into a band with the inclusion of I Rowboat members Dan Strack and Brian Belval and in 2001, their debut record Echolocation was released on Califone's imprint, Perishable Records. Tours followed with the likes of Modest Mouse and The Shins. Fruit Bats signed with Sub Pop in 2002 and have released four albums with the label including Mouthfuls in 2003, Spelled in Bones in 2005, The Ruminant Band in 2009...
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beautiful morning light crd130.00
being on our own crd120.00
bit of wind tab160.00
blessed breeze crd220.00


canyon girl crd190.00


dragonships crd170.00


earthquake of 73 crd220.00


feather bed crd130.00


it must be love crd130.00


lives of crime tab120.00


magic hour crd190.00
my unusual friend crd180.00


picture of a bird tab280.00
primitive man tab140.00


rainbow sign crd140.00


silent life crd200.00
singing joy to the world crd110.00
singing joy to the world tab120.00


tegucigalpa crd130.00
the hobo girl crd170.00
the little acorn crd200.00
the ruminant band crd240.00
the ruminant band tab180.00
the ruminant band ver2 crd160.00
travelers song crd120.00


union blanket crd140.00


when you love somebody crd150.00
wind that blew my heart away crd120.00


youre too weird crd120.00
youre too weird ver2 crd130.00