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Funeral Diner (1998–2007) was a screamo band from Half Moon Bay, California, located near San Francisco, playing self-described "screamy, chaotic, melodic hardcore." During their last few years, the band established a strong cult fanbase through a near constant string of releases and a touring schedule during which they visited the United States, Europe, and Japan. The band had a large catalog of splits and compilation tracks on various records. They rarely pressed CDs, and kept many of their releases in limited quantities and one-time pressings, jumping from label to label, though their last few major recordings were released by Alone Records. Their most recent full-length, The Underdark, was issued on Alone in 2005. Members of the band were previously affiliated with other groups such as Nexus Six, Portraits of Past, Living War Room, Lost Ground, Sheep Squeeze, and Takaru. After the breakup, members have gone on to form Stirling Says, ...Who Calls So Loud, Pills, and...
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