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George Harrison, MBE (25 February 1943 – 29 November 2001) was an English guitarist, singer, songwriter, and music and film producer who achieved international fame as the lead guitarist of the Beatles. Often referred to as "the quiet Beatle", Harrison embraced Hindu mythology and helped broaden the horizons of his fellow Beatles as well as their Western audience by incorporating Indian instrumentation in their music. Although the majority of the Beatles' songs were written by John Lennon and Paul McCartney, most Beatles albums from 1965 onwards contained at least two Harrison compositions. His songs for the group included "Taxman", "Within You Without You", "While My Guitar Gently Weeps", "Here Comes the Sun", and "Something", the last of which became the Beatles' second-most covered song. Harrison's earliest musical influences included George Formby and Django Reinhardt; Carl Perkins, Chet Atkins and Chuck Berry were subsequent influences. By 1965 he had begun to lead the Beatles...
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a hard rains gonna fall crd482.60
all things must pass crd422.30
all things must pass ver2 crd352.90
all those years ago btab362.70
all those years ago crd352.10
all those years ago ver2 crd293.30
anna julia crd583.00
answers at the end crd363.70
any road btab393.50
any road crd362.80
any road tab452.30
any road ver2 crd433.70
apple scruffs crd422.60
apple scruffs tab393.30
apple scruffs ver2 crd473.40
art of dying crd542.30
art of dying ver2 crd482.90
awaiting on you all crd442.10
awaiting on you all ver2 crd303.40


baby dont run away crd413.70
baby dont run away ver2 crd454.00
ballad of sir frankie crisp let it roll crd452.20
bangladesh crd342.30
be here now crd363.70
be here now intro tab303.30
beautiful girl crd452.20
behind that locked door crd383.10
behind that locked door tab352.50
behind that locked door ver2 crd342.90
between the devil and the deep blue sea crd463.90
between the devil and the deep blue sea ver2 crd382.80
beware of darkness crd382.20
beware of darkness solo tab392.80
beware of darkness ver2 crd473.50
blow away crd383.30
blow away tab443.80
blow away ver2 crd412.00
blowing in the wind crd302.20
brainwashed crd434.00
breath away from heaven crd382.20
breath away from heaven ver2 crd392.30


cackamamie business btab402.80
cant stop thinking about you crd362.30
cheer down btab393.20
cheer down crd373.20
cheer down tab373.50
cheer down ver2 crd363.20
cheer down ver2 tab333.70
cheer down ver3 crd432.20
circles crd322.30
circles ver2 crd382.30
cloud nine btab412.70
cloud nine crd422.00
cloud nine tab402.90
cocamamie business crd372.80
cockamamie business crd403.20
cockamamie business tab393.60
cockamamie business ver2 tab362.60
cosmic empire crd423.50
cosmic empire tab383.20
cosmic empire ver2 tab412.80
crackerbox palace crd412.70


dark horse crd332.50
dark horse ver2 crd402.10
dark horse ver3 crd483.60
dark sweet lady crd452.20
dark sweet lady ver2 crd372.50
dear one crd492.30
dear one ver2 crd403.90
dear one ver3 crd382.60
dehra dun crd432.30
devils radio btab403.80
devils radio crd444.00
ding dong ding dong crd374.00
dont let me wait too long crd332.10
dream away crd382.10
dream away ver2 crd343.90
dream away ver3 crd413.10


far east man crd383.20
far east man ver2 crd453.00
faster btab373.70
faster crd352.80
faster ver2 crd422.10
faster ver3 crd352.90
fish on the sand btab382.40
fish on the sand crd362.70
fish on the sand ver2 crd343.50
flying hour crd362.80
flying hour ver2 crd362.90
for you blue crd432.90


give me love crd373.80
give me love solo tab422.00
give me love tab393.90
give me love ver2 crd354.00
give me love ver2 tab432.30
give me love ver3 crd394.00
give me love ver4 crd322.10
give me love ver5 crd362.30
give me love ver6 crd364.00
gopala krishna tab442.40
got my mind set on you btab372.80
got my mind set on you crd453.10
got my mind set on you ver2 crd373.70
govinda crd473.70
grey cloudy lies crd522.60


hare krishna mantra tab343.70
hear me lord crd383.60
hear me lord ver2 crd392.00
here comes the moon crd342.80
here comes the moon tab342.50
here comes the moon ver2 crd342.90
here comes the moon ver3 crd373.30
here comes the sun crd353.20
here comes the sun tab363.40
here comes the sun ver2 crd302.80
here comes the sun ver2 tab333.50
here comes the sun ver3 tab362.90
horse to the water crd384.00
horse to the water ver2 crd332.40


i dig love crd393.10
i dig love ver2 crd372.20
i dont care anymore crd373.50
i dont want to do it crd332.40
i dont want to do it ver2 crd483.30
i dont want to do it ver3 crd413.40
i got my mind set on you crd402.50
i got my mind set on you ver2 crd402.30
i got my mind set on you ver3 crd343.30
i live for you crd413.40
i really love you crd362.70
i really love you ver2 crd402.40
id have you anytime tab353.90
id have you anytime ver2 crd392.70
id have you anytime ver2 tab403.90
if not for you crd383.50
if not for you ver2 crd402.20
if you believe crd363.70
ill see you in my dreams tab343.60
isnt is a pity crd383.10
isnt it a pity crd393.40
it takes a lot to laugh it takes a train to cry crd362.60


just for today crd412.80
just like a woman crd333.70


lay his head crd402.50
learning how to love you crd372.70
learning how to love you ver2 crd353.40
let it down acoustic crd423.30
let it down crd382.50
let it down ver2 crd363.10
let it down ver3 crd383.20
let it roll crd353.30
life itself crd382.20
living in the material world crd403.10
long long long crd313.10
long long long ver2 crd422.60
lord loves the one crd372.70
love comes to everyone crd322.40
love comes to everyone ver2 crd362.20


mama youve been on my mind crd453.60
miss odell crd363.30
mo crd473.90
mother divine tab463.50
mr tambourine man crd383.90
my sweet lord live solo tab363.20
mystical one crd372.30


never get over you crd463.50
not guilty crd493.80
not guilty intro tab442.70
not guilty tab393.50
nowhere to go crd363.10


p2 vatican blues btab432.30
p2 vatican blues intro tab413.40
poor little girl btab413.40
poor little girl crd533.00
poor little girl ver2 crd282.20
pure smokey crd323.20


rising sun crd592.80
rocking chair in hawaii crd283.30
run of the mill crd372.60
run of the mill tab423.60
run of the mill ver2 crd362.90


sat singing crd472.70
sat singing intro tab492.70
save the world crd353.60
save the world ver2 crd383.20
savoy trufle crd452.40
see yourself crd362.50
see yourself ver2 crd382.30
simply shady crd433.40
ski ing intro tab442.80
so sad crd383.60
soft hearted hana crd433.80
soft touch crd382.70
someplace else crd463.10
someplace else ver2 crd343.60
stuck inside a cloud crd362.40
stuck inside a cloud tab403.70
stuck inside a cloud ver2 crd383.20


taxman crd352.40
tears of the world crd432.70
that is all crd373.40
that is all ver2 crd323.20
thats the way it goes tab372.90
thats what it takes btab313.90
thats what it takes crd372.90
thats what it takes ver2 crd363.90
the hottest gong in town crd412.80
the light that has lighted the world crd413.00
the pirate song crd382.80
the pirate song ver2 crd393.00
this guitar crd372.70
this is love tab492.90
this song crd402.50
tired of midnight blue crd352.90
tired of midnight blue ver2 crd312.70
true love crd552.60
true love ver2 crd472.70


unknown delight crd362.10


wah wah intro tab433.40
wah wah tab453.90
wah wah btab382.80
when we was fab crd352.80
when we was fab ver2 crd403.40
when we was fab ver3 crd393.20
while my guitar gently weeps acoustic crd333.90
while my guitar gently weeps acoustic tab492.50
while my guitar gently weeps crd383.60
while my guitar gently weeps tab383.00
while my guitar gently weeps ver2 crd413.50
while my guitar gently weeps ver2 tab353.10
while my guitar gently weeps ver3 tab493.40
who can see it crd342.30
who can see it ver2 crd383.60
window window crd373.80
window window ver2 crd392.40
world of stone crd343.30
world of stone ver2 crd403.30
wreck of the hesperus crd402.80


you btab394.00
you crd442.90
you ver2 crd412.10
your love is forever crd422.30
your love is forever tab392.90
your love is forever ver2 crd373.90