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Archetypes and Repetition is the debut album from American rock band Deepfield. The album was released in 2007 by In De Goot Recordings. Singles "Into The Flood" "Don't Let Go" "Get It" Reception Track listing Personnel Baxter Teal - lead vocals, rhythm guitar Russell Lee - drums, percussion J. King - lead guitar Dawson Huss - bass guitar, backing vocals References
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asleep at the wheel crd70.00
asleep at the wheel ver2 crd100.00


i love existence acoustic intro tab90.00
i love existence acoustic tab110.00
i love your existence crd100.00
i love your existence intro tab130.00
i love your existence tab50.00
i love your existence ver2 tab60.00


sad but true crd140.00
stay for the weekend crd80.00


we could love crd80.00
we could love ver2 crd50.00
welcome to the world tab80.00