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Gordon Meredith Lightfoot Jr. CC OOnt (born November 17, 1938) is a Canadian singer-songwriter who achieved international success in folk, folk-rock, and country music, and has been credited for helping define the folk-pop sound of the 1960s and 1970s. He has been referred to as Canada's greatest songwriter and internationally as a folk-rock legend. Lightfoot's songs, including "For Lovin' Me", "Early Morning Rain", "Steel Rail Blues", "Ribbon of Darkness"—a number one hit on the U.S. country chart with Marty Robbins's cover in 1965—and "Black Day in July" about the 1967 Detroit riot, brought him international recognition in the 1960s. He experienced chart success in Canada with his own recordings, beginning in 1962 with the No. 3 hit "(Remember Me) I'm the One". Lightfoot's recordings then made an impact on the international music charts as well in the 1970s, with songs such as "If You Could Read My Mind" (1970) his first U.S. top 10 hit reaching #5. "Sundown" (1974) a #1 hit,...
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affair on eighty avenue crd260.00
alberta bound crd390.00
alberta bound ver2 crd270.00
approaching lavender crd300.00


baby step back crd390.00
baby step back ver2 crd330.00
ballad of the yarmouth castle crd340.00
beautiful crd350.00
beautiful ver2 crd490.00
beautiful ver3 crd330.00
bitter green crd400.00
bitter green ver2 crd310.00
black day in july crd280.00
black day in july ver2 crd480.00


canadian railroad trilogy crd290.00
canadian railroad trilogy ver2 crd360.00
carefree highway crd350.00
carefree highway ver2 crd350.00
changes crd320.00
christian island georgian bay crd650.00
circle is small crd360.00
circle of steel crd380.00
circle of steel ver2 crd310.00
cold on the shoulder crd320.00
cotton jenny crd410.00
cotton jenny ver2 crd330.00


daylight katy crd510.00
did she mention my name crd420.00
does your mother know crd300.00
don quixote crd470.00
don quixote tab530.00


early morning rain crd270.00
early morning rain ver2 crd270.00
early morning rain ver3 crd310.00
early morning rain ver4 crd290.00
edmund fitzgerald crd320.00
edmund fitzgerald solo tab340.00


farewell to nova scotia crd350.00
flyin blind crd350.00
for lovin me crd270.00
for loving me crd390.00
for loving me ver2 crd320.00
for loving me ver3 crd320.00


go my way crd390.00


high and dry crd310.00
home from the forest crd300.00


i heard you talkin in your sleep crd300.00
id rather press on crd340.00
if i could read your mind crd350.00
if you could read my mind crd370.00
if you could read my mind love crd460.00
if you could read my mind tab360.00
if you could read my mind ver2 crd290.00
if you could read my mind ver2 tab310.00
if you could read my mind ver3 crd400.00
if you could read my mind ver3 tab310.00
if you could read my mind ver4 crd280.00
if you could read my mind ver5 crd200.00
if you could tab340.00
ill be alright crd320.00
im not saying crd330.00
im not supposed to care tab240.00
its worth believin crd370.00


minstrel of the dawn crd330.00
minstrel of the dawn ver2 crd400.00


pussywillows cattails crd360.00


race among the ruins crd260.00
rainy day people crd270.00
rainy day people solo crd380.00
rainy day people ver2 crd370.00
ribbon of darkness crd320.00
ribbon of darkness ver2 crd330.00
rich man spiritual crd270.00


second cup of coffee crd340.00
sit down young stranger crd360.00
softly crd390.00
softly ver2 crd400.00
song for a winters night btab370.00
song for a winters night crd330.00
song for a winters night ver2 crd230.00
spin spin spin crd330.00
steel rail blues crd350.00
steel rail blues tab360.00
summer side of life crd380.00
summer side of life ver2 crd310.00
summertime dream crd260.00
sundown btab490.00
sundown crd340.00
sundown solo tab410.00
sundown ver2 btab320.00
sundown ver2 crd290.00
sundown ver3 crd320.00
sweet guinevere crd400.00


ten degrees and getting crd340.00
the pony man crd430.00
the way i feel crd420.00
too late for prayin crd270.00


walls crd360.00
wherefore and why crd340.00
wreck of the edmund fitzgerald btab320.00
wreck of the edmund fitzgerald crd370.00
wreck of the edmund fitzgerald intro tab300.00
wreck of the edmund fitzgerald tab300.00
wreck of the edmund fitzgerald ver2 crd390.00
wreck of the edmund fitzgerald ver2 tab330.00
wreck of the edmund fitzgerald ver3 crd420.00
wreck of the edmund fitzgerald ver3 tab270.00


your loves return crd290.00
your loves return ver2 crd400.00