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Gorillaz are a British virtual band created in 1998 by Damon Albarn of rock band Blur, and Jamie Hewlett, co-creator of the comic book Tank Girl. While watching MTV, Hewlett came up with the idea to create the band, and later commented, "if you watch MTV for too long, it's a bit like hell – there's nothing of substance there. So we got this idea for a cartoon band, something that would be a comment on that." Gorillaz is a virtual band consisting of four cartoon characters: 2D, Murdoc, Noodle and Russel. They are used in promotional material such as album covers, posters, and in concerts, during which holographic versions of the characters are used. The band's music is a collaboration between various musicians; Albarn is the only permanent musical contributor. Gorillaz have released three studio albums, all on the Parlophone and Virgin record labels: Gorillaz (2001), Demon Days (2005), and Plastic Beach (2010). Gorillaz have received nine BRIT Award nominations: six in 2002, two in...
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12d3 tab460.00
12d3 ver2 tab480.00
12d3 ver3 tab430.00
12d3 ver4 tab350.00
12d3 ver5 tab310.00
12d3 ver6 tab400.00
12d3 ver7 tab400.00
19 2000 tab410.00
19 2000 btab370.00
19 2000 crd360.00
19 2000 tab00.00
19 2000 ver2 tab360.00
19 2000 ver3 tab330.00


5 4 btab460.00
5 4 drum tab320.00
5 4 intro tab340.00
5 4 tab280.00
5 4 ver2 tab410.00
5 4 ver3 tab350.00
5 4 ver4 tab310.00
5 4 ver5 tab380.00


68 state btab430.00
68 state tab390.00
68 state ver2 btab410.00


all alone btab350.00
all alone solo tab440.00
all alone tab350.00
amarillo crd390.00
amarillo tab320.00


bill murray btab310.00
bobby in phoenix tab330.00
broken crd350.00


california and the slipping of the sun crd340.00
clint eastwood btab310.00
clint eastwood crd300.00
clint eastwood drum tab510.00
clint eastwood tab360.00
clint eastwood ver2 btab350.00
clint eastwood ver2 drum tab340.00
clint eastwood ver2 tab400.00
clint eastwood ver3 btab350.00
clint eastwood ver3 tab330.00
clint eastwood ver4 btab260.00
clint eastwood ver4 tab300.00
clint eastwood ver5 btab340.00
clint eastwood ver6 btab340.00
clint eastwood ver7 btab300.00
clint eastwood video lesson350.00
cloud of unknowing crd380.00
cloud of unknowing ver2 crd240.00
cloud of unknowing ver3 crd360.00
crystalised crd380.00


dare btab310.00
dare intro tab350.00
dare tab520.00
dare ver2 tab360.00
dare ver3 tab280.00
deltron zero tab360.00
deltron zero ver2 tab420.00
demon days album btab360.00
demon days album tab280.00
demon days crd270.00
demon days solo tab380.00
demon days tab450.00
dirty harry btab340.00
dirty harry tab310.00
dirty harry ver2 btab280.00
dirty harry ver2 tab290.00
dirty harry ver3 btab420.00
dirty harry ver4 btab370.00
dirty harry ver5 btab250.00
dirty harry ver6 btab330.00
doncamatic all played out crd400.00
dont get lost in heaven crd410.00
dont get lost in heaven intro tab290.00
dont get lost in heaven tab270.00
double bass btab350.00
dracula btab350.00
dracula intro tab360.00
dracula tab340.00


el maana tab350.00
el manana btab320.00
el manana crd390.00
el manana intro tab260.00
el manana tab310.00
el manana ver2 btab430.00
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empire ants btab400.00
empire ants crd330.00
empire ants tab320.00
empire ants ver2 btab320.00
empire ants ver2 crd360.00
empire ants ver2 tab360.00
every planet we reach is dead btab300.00
every planet we reach is dead crd320.00
every planet we reach is dead intro tab370.00
every planet we reach is dead intro ver2 tab260.00
every planet we reach is dead tab360.00
every planet we reach is dead ver2 btab300.00
every planet we reach is dead ver2 tab320.00
every planet we reach is dead ver3 btab390.00
every planet we reach is dead ver3 tab310.00
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feel good btab380.00
feel good inc acoustic tab370.00
feel good inc btab280.00
feel good inc crd370.00
feel good inc drum tab250.00
feel good inc tab280.00
feel good inc ver2 btab390.00
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feel good inc video lesson330.00
fell good inc btab350.00
fell good ink intro tab400.00
fire coming out of a monkeys head tab240.00
fire coming out of the monkeys head btab330.00
fire coming out of the monkeys head tab320.00
fire coming out of the monkeys head ver2 btab330.00


ghost train tab380.00
glitter freeze btab440.00
glitter freeze tab320.00
gorillaz album tab300.00


happy landfill crd380.00
happy landfill intro tab430.00
happy landfill tab300.00
highway under construction btab370.00
highway under construction crd330.00
highway under construction ver2 btab290.00
hillbilly man intro tab380.00
hillbilly man intro ver2 tab350.00
hillbilly man intro ver3 tab320.00
hip albatross solo tab340.00
hong kong btab390.00
hong kong crd330.00
hong kong tab350.00
hong kong ver2 crd410.00
hong kong ver2 tab310.00
hong kong ver3 tab310.00
hongkongaton tab410.00


kids with guns btab420.00
kids with guns tab250.00
kids with guns ver2 btab450.00
kids with guns ver2 tab300.00
kids with guns ver3 btab320.00
kids with guns ver3 tab350.00
kids with guns ver4 btab390.00
kids with guns ver4 tab310.00
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kids with guns ver6 tab290.00
kids with guns ver7 tab380.00


last living souls btab340.00
last living souls crd310.00
latin simone que pasa contigo tab340.00
latin simone tab380.00
left hand suzuki method solo tab330.00


m1a1 btab440.00
m1a1 solo tab410.00
m1a1 tab390.00
m1a1 ver2 btab300.00
m1a1 ver2 tab300.00
m1a1 ver3 tab280.00
m1a1 ver4 tab350.00
m1a1 ver5 tab480.00
mastermind tab310.00
melancholy hill btab330.00
melancholy hill crd360.00
melancholy hill ver2 btab300.00
melancholy hill ver2 crd290.00
melancholy hill ver3 crd360.00
murdoc is god btab350.00
murdoc is god tab400.00


new genious tab350.00
november has come btab290.00
november has come tab260.00
november has come ver2 btab340.00
november has come ver2 tab320.00
novermber has come tab330.00


o green world btab370.00
o green world crd320.00
o green world tab350.00
o green world ver2 btab400.00
o green world ver2 tab250.00
o green world ver3 btab340.00
o green world ver3 tab380.00
o green world ver4 btab380.00
o green world ver5 btab320.00
on melancholy hill btab440.00
on melancholy hill crd380.00
on melancholy hill tab350.00
on melancholy hill ver2 crd350.00
on melancholy hill ver2 tab460.00
on melancholy hill ver3 crd370.00
on melancholy hill ver3 tab330.00
on melancholy hill ver4 crd360.00
on melancholy hill ver4 tab370.00
on melncholy hill acoustic tab300.00
orchestral intro tab280.00


people crd340.00
pirate jet crd440.00
plastic beach album btab250.00
plastic beach btab410.00
plastic beach crd350.00
plastic beach tab300.00
punk btab410.00
punk tab410.00


re hash btab370.00
re hash crd330.00
re hash tab300.00
re hash ver2 crd300.00
re hash ver2 tab300.00
re hash ver3 crd310.00
re hash ver3 tab320.00
revolving doors intro tab390.00
revolving doors intro ver2 tab340.00
revolving doors tab270.00
revolving doors ver2 tab290.00
revolving doors ver3 tab390.00
revolving doors ver4 tab340.00
rhinestone eyes btab280.00
rhinestone eyes crd370.00
rhinestone eyes tab570.00
rhinestone eyes ver2 btab420.00
rhinestone eyes ver2 crd270.00
rhinestone eyes ver2 tab280.00
rhinestone eyes ver3 tab280.00
rhinestone eyes ver4 tab320.00
rhinestone eyes ver5 tab290.00
rock the house btab390.00
rock the house intro tab370.00
rock the house tab380.00
rock the house ver2 btab340.00
rockit btab350.00


shy town btab370.00
shy town ver2 btab410.00
slow country crd300.00
some kind of nature btab280.00
some kind of nature crd290.00
some kind of nature ver2 btab970.00
sound check btab400.00
sound check intro tab330.00
sound check ver2 btab350.00
sound check ver3 btab320.00
spitting out the demons btab350.00
spitting out the demons solo btab400.00
spitting out the demons tab290.00
spitting out the demons ver2 btab280.00
spitting out the demons ver2 tab380.00
spitting out the demons ver3 btab430.00
starshine btab350.00
starshine tab260.00
starshine ver2 btab330.00
starshine ver2 tab360.00
starshine ver3 tab310.00
starshine ver4 tab320.00
stop the dams crd310.00
stop the dams tab370.00
stop the dams ver2 crd310.00
studio tab420.00
stylo btab330.00
stylo tab360.00
stylo ver2 btab340.00
stylo ver2 tab400.00
stylo ver3 btab420.00
stylo ver3 tab430.00
stylo ver4 btab350.00
stylo ver4 tab350.00
stylo ver5 btab330.00
superfast jellyfish btab290.00
superfast jellyfish tab300.00
sweepstakes tab310.00


to binge btab350.00
to binge crd290.00
to binge tab330.00
to binge ver2 btab290.00
to binge ver2 tab270.00
to binge ver3 btab390.00
tommorow comes today btab360.00
tomorrow comes today btab290.00
tomorrow comes today crd320.00
tomorrow comes today tab350.00


we are happy landfill tab300.00
welcome to the world of the plastic beach btab320.00
welcome to the world of the plastic beach ver2 btab320.00
white flag intro tab420.00
white light btab250.00
white light tab370.00
white light ver2 btab340.00
white light ver2 tab260.00
white light ver3 btab300.00
white light ver4 btab330.00