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Hardcore Superstar is a hard rock band from Gothenburg, Sweden. The band was formed in 1997 and continue on today. Hardcore Superstar have had several #1 hit singles, and Grammy wins in Sweden. History Early years (1997-2005) Hardcore Superstar formed in Gothenburg, Sweden in 1997. They released their first album, It's Only Rock 'n' Roll, on Gain Records in October 1998. Out of the 11 tracks on the album (including the hidden track, Fly Away], 7 songs were re-recorded for their first worldwide release, Bad Sneakers and a PiƱa Colada. Released in 2000, Bad Sneakers contained 7 of the tracks from their debut, along with 6 new tracks. The Japan release for the album featured a bonus track, "Don't You Ever Leave Me", a cover of a Hanoi Rocks song. The album spawned three singles, all being #1 hits on the Sweden music charts; "Someone Special", "Liberation" and "Have You Been Around", respectively. The band toured Europe and Japan in support of the album, and a promotional video for the...
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bastards tab240.00
beat you down tab160.00


dreamin in a casket tab160.00
dreamin in a casket ver2 tab150.00


hateful intro tab200.00
have you been around tab130.00
here comes that sick bitch again crd120.00
hope for a normal life crd120.00


into debauchery tab230.00


last call for alcohol tab130.00
liberation crd180.00
liberation ver2 crd160.00


medicate me tab190.00
moonshine tab180.00
moonshine ver2 tab200.00
mothers love crd150.00


no resistance tab150.00


run to your mama crd150.00


sensitive to the light tab150.00
shame intro tab310.00
shame tab220.00
shes offbeat tab210.00
shes offbeat ver2 tab210.00
silence for the peacefully tab190.00
someone special crd200.00
someone special tab150.00
someone special ver2 crd240.00
someone special ver2 tab220.00
someone special ver3 tab200.00
sophisticated ladies tab140.00
sorry for the shape im in tab200.00
standing on the verge intro tab180.00


this is for the mentally damaged intro tab130.00


wake up dead in a garbagecan tab130.00
we dont celebrate sundays btab170.00
we dont celebrate sundays solo tab170.00
we dont celebrate sundays tab150.00
we dont celebrate sundays ver2 btab120.00
we dont celebrate sundays ver2 tab150.00
we dont celebrate sundays ver3 btab190.00
what did i do tab150.00
wild boys intro tab210.00
wild boys tab170.00
wild boyz tab140.00
wont go to heaven tab190.00