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Hawk Nelson is a Canadian Christian rock band from Peterborough, Ontario. The band has become very popular in the Christian music scene and was voted "Favorite New Artist" by CCM Magazine in their February 2006 Reader's Choice Awards. In 2006 Hawk Nelson won a No. 1 spot on VH1's top 20 video countdown with "The One Thing I Have Left" music video. Early independent releases (2000–2003) In 2000, Dunn, Clark, and Paige founded a Peterborough-based group called SWISH, while Biro sang lead vocals for a four-piece group called the "Cheese Monkeys from Planet Nine" from Barrie, Ontario. In 2000, SWISH released their first independent album, Riding Around the Park on Mime Radio, an independent record label based in Peterborough. In January 2002, Biro moved to Peterborough to join Dunn, Clark and Paige and the "SWISH" band was renamed Reason Being, before finally settling with the name Hawk Nelson. In 2003, they released their second independent album, Saturday Rock Action. Letters to the...
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36 days acoustic tab372.80
36 days crd332.40
36 days ver2 crd223.90
36 days ver3 crd323.50


alive crd342.90
ancient history tab403.20
arms around me crd253.60


beinem out intro tab212.20
bring em out btab343.40
bring em out solo tab263.80
bring em out solo ver2 tab303.50
bring em out solo ver3 tab342.20
bring em out tab312.70
bring em out ver2 tab272.90
bring em out ver3 tab533.90
bring em out ver4 tab374.00


california btab273.30
california crd212.30
california intro tab243.00
california tab253.40
california ver2 tab313.50
california ver3 tab242.00
california ver4 tab253.90
california ver5 tab283.60
crazy love crd243.80
crazy love tab203.80
crazy love ver2 crd323.00
crazy love ver2 tab272.00


eggshells crd232.30
every little thing acoustic tab372.90
every little thing crd263.60
every little thing drum tab222.90
every little thing tab313.30
every little thing ver2 crd242.00
everything you ever wanted btab283.20
everything you ever wanted crd282.10
everything you ever wanted tab414.00
everything you ever wanted ver2 crd263.60
everything you ever wanted ver2 tab262.40
everything you ever wanted ver3 crd303.10


fourteen crd342.50
fourteen solo tab323.50
fourteen solo ver2 tab382.80
fourteen solo ver3 tab373.30
fourteen tab302.50
fourteen ver2 crd263.40
fourteen ver2 tab203.10
fourteen ver3 crd273.10
fourteen ver4 crd203.60
fourteen ver5 crd292.60
fraud tab292.50
friend like that btab313.50
friend like that crd223.00
friend like that tab312.30
friend like that ver2 tab302.20
from underneath crd233.60
from underneath tab342.30
from underneath ver2 crd302.20
from underneath ver2 tab232.60
from underneath ver3 crd282.20


head on collision intro tab323.70
head on collision tab283.40
head on collision ver2 tab254.00
hello btab303.10
hello intro tab263.50
hello intro ver2 tab322.40
hello intro ver3 tab362.50
hello tab302.40
hello ver2 btab222.90
hello ver2 tab372.90
hello ver3 tab312.20
hello ver4 tab264.00
hello ver5 tab283.60


i heard the bells on christmas day tab233.70
i still miss you btab323.70
i still miss you crd313.50
i still miss you ver2 crd333.60
i still miss you ver3 crd392.10
is forever enough btab303.20
is forever enough crd223.20
is forever enough tab233.10
is forever enough ver2 tab292.70
is forever enough ver3 tab273.50
its over intro tab323.10


joanna tab254.00
just like me tab293.60


last christmas tab242.60
lest we forget crd232.80
lets dance intro tab323.70
lets dance intro ver2 tab302.50
lets dance tab382.30
lets dance ver2 tab282.80
lets dance ver3 tab402.70
lets dance ver4 tab313.50
lets dance ver5 tab532.20
letters to the president acoustic crd242.60
letters to the president acoustic ver2 crd462.20
letters to the president btab362.90
letters to the president intro tab312.50
letters to the president tab332.10
letters to the president ver2 tab352.10
letters to the president ver3 tab272.80
like a racecar btab363.20
like a racecar tab282.90
live life loud btab444.00
live life loud crd352.30
live life loud tab303.40
live life loud ver2 crd282.20
long ago btab322.00
long ago crd472.00
long ago ver2 crd292.40
long and lonely road btab353.60
long and lonely road tab292.00


my next breath crd342.40
my next breath tab382.50
my next breath ver2 crd383.10


never enough crd302.20
never enough intro tab383.40
nothing left to show tab353.50


ode to lord stanley crd312.30
one little miracle crd343.80
one little miracle intro tab343.80
one little miracle tab243.70
one little miracle ver2 crd283.20
one little miracle ver3 crd303.80
one thing i have left btab224.00
one thing i have left crd414.00
one thing i have left tab292.80
one thing i have left ver2 tab282.00
one thing i have left ver3 tab542.60
one thing i have left ver4 tab393.80
one thing i have left ver5 tab253.20
one thing i have left ver6 tab263.60


recess btab353.40
right here tab212.90
right here ver2 tab432.50
rock n roll the show tab282.30


shaken crd313.70
shaken intro tab272.30
shaken intro ver2 tab303.80
sheridan acoustic tab202.00
sheridan album tab432.20
show btab403.30
show intro tab334.00
show intro ver2 tab272.20
show intro ver3 tab353.90
show tab362.30
show ver2 tab424.00
show ver3 tab243.60
show ver4 tab243.00
somebody else crd263.10
somebody else tab283.10
someone else before btab233.80
someone else before crd173.50
someone else before tab283.60
someone else before ver2 btab242.00
someone else before ver2 tab282.90
somethin on my mind solo tab383.70
something on my mind btab403.40
something on my mind solo tab263.40
something on my mind tab412.20
stagefright crd343.70
stagefright solo tab242.20
stagefright ver2 crd242.40
stagefright ver3 crd283.00


take me acoustic crd302.20
take me crd312.90
take me ver2 crd383.50
take me ver3 crd212.10
take me ver4 crd282.70
the final toast crd292.00
the meaning of life crd223.40
the meaning of life ver2 crd213.10
the meaning of life ver3 crd433.10
the one thing i have left tab312.80
the show intro tab422.00
things we go through crd333.70
things we go through intro tab313.60
tis so sweet crd283.40
tis so sweet ver2 crd283.80
turn it on btab253.50
turn it on intro tab282.30


we can change the world tab263.40
words we speak intro tab373.00
words we speak intro ver2 tab292.60


you have what i need intro tab593.30
you have what i need intro ver2 tab312.50
you have what i need tab283.60
you have what i need ver2 tab523.80
your love is a mystery crd302.00
your love is a mystery tab363.20
your love is a mystery ver2 crd183.60


zero acoustic crd273.90
zero btab362.80
zero crd273.20
zero intro tab313.60
zero tab302.60
zero ver2 tab703.00