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Hellogoodbye (sometimes styled as hellogoodbye) is a pop rock band that was formed in Huntington Beach, California in 2001 by singer Forrest Kline. They were signed to Drive-Thru Records and released their first full-length album Zombies! Aliens! Vampires! Dinosaurs! in 2006, in addition to their previously released EP Hellogoodbye and DVD OMG HGB DVD ROTFL. In 2010, the band released Would It Kill You? on their label Wasted Summer Records. The album was released in the United Kingdom and Europe by LAB Records on the 14 March 2011. Hellogoodbye released their third album, Everything is Debatable, on October 29, 2013, while touring as the opening act for Paramore's The Self-Titled Tour. History Early career (2001–2005) Hellogoodbye started in 2001 as a recording project by Huntington Beach High School students Forrest Kline and Jesse Kurvink. With the interest only to entertain friends and woo crushes, Kline and Kurvink recorded some songs on Forrest's home computer. The first...
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all of your love crd422.40
all time lows btab444.00
all time lows tab332.20


baby its fact btab373.70
baby its fact crd392.50
baby its fact ver2 crd322.50
baby its fact ver3 crd402.40
baby its fact ver4 crd422.00
betrayed by bones crd474.00
bonnie taylor shakedown crd393.30
bonnie taylor shakedown tab392.90
bonnie taylor shakedown ver2 tab333.80


call n return btab512.70
call n return tab343.80
coppertone crd412.20


dear jamie sincerely me acoustic crd393.80
dear jamie sincerely me acoustic tab383.60
dear jamie sincerely me album tab353.30
dear jamie sincerely me solo tab382.00
dear jamie sincerely me tab432.50
dear jamiesincerely me acoustic crd383.60
dear jamiesincerely me crd312.60
dear jamiesincerely me solo tab353.30
dear jamiesincerely me tab394.00


escape live acoustic crd373.60
escape live acoustic ver2 crd353.30


figures a and b tab532.50
figures a and b ver2 tab383.50
finding something to do crd362.90


getting old crd413.30


here in your arms acoustic crd392.50
here in your arms acoustic tab443.90
here in your arms acoustic ver2 crd492.80
here in your arms btab393.90
here in your arms crd412.00
here in your arms live tab423.30
here in your arms tab393.40
here in your arms ver2 btab513.60
here in your arms ver2 crd332.60
here in your arms ver2 tab444.00
here in your arms ver3 crd442.70
here in your arms ver3 tab342.70
here in your arms ver4 crd452.20
here in your arms ver4 tab342.50
here in your arms ver5 crd443.40
homewrecker tab312.20


i saw it on your keyboard tab232.90
if you wanna i might crd354.00
if you wanna i might ver2 crd383.20


not ever coming home crd372.50


oh it is love crd382.20
oh it is love tab472.80
oh it is love ver2 crd413.70
oh it is love ver2 tab392.30
oh it is love ver3 crd374.00
oh it is love ver3 tab372.40
oh its love crd413.60
oh karissa how i miss ya crd364.00


saw it on your key board crd293.30
shimmy shimmy quarter turn btab432.90
shimmy shimmy quarter turn tab322.20
shimmy shimmy quarter turn ver2 btab452.50
shimmy shimmy quarter turn ver2 tab383.30
shimmy shimmy quarter turn ver3 tab322.90
shimmy shimmy quater turn tab382.30


the thoughts that gives me the creeps crd373.80
touchdown turnaround tab433.20
two weeks in hawaii crd332.10
two weeks in hawaii tab373.00
two weeks in hawaii ver2 crd443.10
two weeks in hawaii ver3 crd462.80
two weeks in hawaii ver4 crd513.70
two weeks in hawaii ver5 crd502.80
two weeks in hawwai tab432.10


when we first kissed crd442.00
when we first met crd332.70
when we first met ver2 crd462.20
when we first met ver3 crd423.50
when we first met ver4 crd523.80
would it kill you crd294.00
would it kill you ver2 crd363.90
would it kill you ver3 crd422.60


you sleep alone crd362.20
you sleep alone ver2 crd413.90