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Live is singer-songwriter James Taylor's first live album. Released in 1993, this double CD presents selections from 14 shows during a November 1992 tour. Live peaked at number 20 on Billboard magazine's Billboard 200. It has sold over one million copies and is certified 2x platinum. A single-album version of highlights of this double album called Best Live was also released. There are two different versions of this album. A 17 track version was released in 1993. A shorter 12 track version was released on June 21, 1994. Track listing All songs by James Taylor unless otherwise noted. Disc one Disc two Best Live track listing (17 track) All tracks written by James Taylor, except where noted.  Best Live track listing (12 track) All tracks written by James Taylor, except where noted.  Personnel James Taylor — vocals, guitar Don Grolnick — Piano, Keyboard Clifford Carter — piano, keyboards Valerie Carter — vocals Luis Conte — percussion Walt Fowler — horns Jimmy Johnson —...
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a junkies lament crd240.00
ananas crd300.00
another day crd240.00
another day ver2 crd350.00
anywhere like heaven crd250.00
auld lang syne crd310.00


bartender blues crd300.00
birthday song crd200.00
bittersweet tab260.00
blossom btab260.00
blossom tab310.00
brighten your night with my day crd220.00


captain jims drunken dream crd230.00
carolina in my mind btab250.00
carolina in my mind crd230.00
carolina in my mind tab280.00
carolina in my mind ver2 crd310.00
carolina in my mind ver2 tab260.00
carolina in my mind ver3 crd250.00
carolina in my mind ver4 crd350.00
carolina in my mind ver5 crd210.00
copperline tab270.00
country road crd260.00
country road intro tab290.00
country road tab280.00
crying in the rain crd260.00


daddys all gone crd250.00
daddys baby crd340.00
daddys baby tab220.00
dont let me be lonely tonight crd220.00
dont let me crd260.00
dont talk now crd260.00


everyday crd310.00


fading away crd280.00
fire and rain crd290.00
fire and rain tab270.00
fire and rain ver2 crd280.00
fire and rain ver2 tab310.00
fire and rain ver3 crd250.00
fire and rain ver3 tab270.00
fire and rain ver4 tab240.00
frozen man crd270.00


games people play tab320.00
golden moments crd330.00


handy man crd260.00
handy man ver2 crd310.00
handy man ver3 crd400.00
hangnail crd260.00
have yourself a merry little christmas crd310.00
hello old friend tab370.00
hey mister crd300.00
highway song crd250.00
how sweet it is crd310.00
hows the world treating you crd250.00


i was a fool to care crd240.00
if i keep my heart out of sight solo tab230.00
if i keep my heart out of sight tab360.00
in the bleak midwinter crd200.00
in the bleak midwinter ver2 crd370.00
isnt it nice to be home again crd250.00
its growing crd330.00


jump up behind me crd320.00
jump up behing me crd280.00


knocking around the zoo tab220.00


let it fall down tab290.00
lighthouse crd280.00
like everyone she knows crd270.00
like everyone she knows intro tab280.00
like everyone she knows tab230.00
line em up crd190.00
lo and behold tab380.00
long ago and far away crd380.00
long ago and far away ver2 crd260.00


machine gun kelly crd380.00
machine gun kelly ver2 crd250.00
me and my guitar tab250.00
mexico crd270.00
mexico tab240.00
mexico ver2 tab270.00
millworker crd300.00
mud slide slim crd210.00
music crd290.00
my romance crd430.00
my traveling star crd350.00
my travelling star crd220.00
my travelling star tab210.00


never die young crd270.00
never die young intro tab330.00


oh susanna crd340.00
oh susannah crd370.00
oh susannah tab300.00
one morning in may crd220.00
only one crd290.00
our towm crd300.00


places in my past crd360.00


riding on a railroad crd270.00
rock and roll is music tab290.00


sarah maria crd310.00
she thinks i still care crd260.00
shower the people crd290.00
shower the people tab270.00
shower the people ver2 crd320.00
soldiers crd320.00
something in the way she moves crd470.00
something in the way she moves tab300.00
something in the way she moves ver2 crd300.00
something in the way she moves ver2 tab320.00
something in the way she moves ver3 crd330.00
something in the way she moves ver3 tab250.00
somethings wrong tab250.00
song for you far away crd320.00
song for you far away ver2 crd280.00
steamroller blues crd430.00
steamroller crd330.00
steamroller tab400.00
steamroller ver2 crd320.00
suite for 20g crd250.00
summer breeze crd320.00
sunny skies crd360.00
sunny skies tab280.00
sunny skies ver2 tab340.00
sweet baby james crd250.00
sweet baby james tab370.00
sweet baby james ver2 crd240.00
sweet baby james ver2 tab220.00
sweet baby james ver3 crd250.00
sweet baby james ver4 crd290.00


there we are crd240.00


up on the roof crd280.00


walking man crd270.00
walking man tab290.00
wandering tab430.00
water is wide crd290.00
water is wide ver2 crd370.00
water is wide ver3 crd250.00
water is wide ver4 crd380.00
wonderful world crd290.00


yesterday tab430.00
you can close your eyes crd280.00
you can close your eyes tab210.00
you can close your eyes ver2 tab330.00
you make it easy crd230.00
your smiling face btab250.00
your smiling face crd240.00
your smiling face ver2 crd200.00
your smiling face ver3 crd170.00
youve got a friend crd250.00
youve got a friend tab300.00
youve got a friend ver2 crd240.00
youve got a friend ver2 tab310.00
youve got a friend ver3 crd280.00
youve got a friend ver3 tab280.00
youve got a friend ver4 crd260.00