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Jason Aldine Williams (born February 28, 1977), known professionally as Jason Aldean, is an American country music singer. Since 2005, Jason Aldean has been signed to Broken Bow Records, a record label for which he has released seven albums and 24 singles. His 2010 album My Kinda Party is certified triple-platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). His 2012 album Night Train is certified double-platinum, while his 2005 self-titled debut, 2007 album Relentless, 2009 album Wide Open, 2014 album Old Boots, New Dirt, and 2016 album They Don't Know are all certified single-platinum. Of his singles, 15 have reached number one on either the Hot Country Songs or Country Airplay charts with "Why", "She's Country", "Big Green Tractor", "The Truth", "Don't You Wanna Stay" (a duet with Kelly Clarkson), "Dirt Road Anthem", "Fly Over States", "Take a Little Ride", "The Only Way I Know" (a collaboration with Luke Bryan and Eric Church), "Night Train", "When She Says Baby",...
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1994 crd350.00


amarillo sky crd210.00
amarillo sky intro tab230.00
amarillo sky intro ver2 tab320.00
amarillo sky ver2 crd290.00
asphalt cowboy crd300.00
asphalt cowboy live crd300.00
asphalt cowboy live ver2 crd360.00


back in this cigarette crd280.00
back in this cigarette tab220.00
big green tractor btab250.00
big green tractor crd250.00
big green tractor intro tab290.00
big green tractor intro ver2 tab330.00
big green tractor solo tab380.00
big green tractor solo ver2 tab300.00
big green tractor tab250.00
big green tractor ver2 crd250.00
big green tractor ver2 tab280.00
big green tractor ver3 crd290.00
big green tractor ver3 tab290.00
big green tractor ver4 crd240.00
big green tractor ver5 crd220.00
big green tractor ver6 crd290.00
big green tractor video lesson300.00
black tears crd220.00


church pew or barstool crd260.00
church pew or barstool tab260.00
country boys world crd260.00
country boys world ver2 crd220.00
crazy town crd280.00
crazy town tab180.00
crazy town ver2 crd320.00
crazy town ver3 crd300.00


days like these crd240.00
dirt road anthem crd220.00
dirt road anthem tab250.00
dirt road anthem ver2 crd300.00
dirt road anthem ver3 crd230.00
dirt road anthem ver4 crd220.00
dirt road anthem ver5 crd270.00
do you wish it was me crd210.00
do you wish it was me intro tab240.00
do you wish it was me intro ver2 tab250.00
do you wish it was me intro ver3 tab210.00
do you wish it was me intro ver4 tab280.00
do you wish it was me tab220.00
dont do lonely well crd260.00
dont give up on me acoustic crd250.00
dont give up on me crd250.00
dont give up on me tab210.00
dont you wanna stay crd250.00
dont you wanna stay tab270.00
dont you wanna stay ver2 crd230.00
dont you wanna stay ver2 tab290.00
dont you wanna stay ver3 crd320.00


even if i wanted too crd290.00


fast crd210.00
fly over states crd340.00
fly over states ver2 crd230.00
fly over states ver3 crd310.00
fly over states ver4 crd300.00
fly over states ver5 crd220.00


good to go crd280.00
good to go ver2 crd230.00
grown woman crd320.00
grown woman tab240.00
grown woman ver2 crd250.00
grown woman ver3 crd280.00
grown woman ver4 crd250.00


heartache that dont stop hurting crd260.00
heartache that dont stop hurting tab190.00
heaven crd280.00
heaven ver2 crd280.00
hick town crd310.00
hick town tab350.00
hick town ver2 tab210.00
hick town ver3 tab330.00
hick town ver4 tab230.00
hick town ver5 tab200.00
hick town ver6 tab230.00
hick town ver7 tab350.00
hicktown tab290.00


i aint ready to quit crd250.00
i aint ready to quit ver2 crd260.00
if she could see me now crd270.00
im just a man crd220.00
it aint easy crd240.00
it aint easy tab260.00


johnny cash crd300.00
johnny cash intro tab360.00
johnny cash tab220.00
johnny cash ver2 crd270.00
just passin through crd170.00
just passing through crd220.00
just passing through tab230.00


keep the girl crd280.00
keep the girl ver2 crd310.00
keep the girl ver3 crd290.00


laugh until we cried solo crd280.00
laughed until we cried crd180.00
laughed until we cried tab250.00
lonesome usa intro tab250.00


my kinda party crd300.00
my kinda party intro tab240.00
my kinda party intro ver2 tab260.00
my kinda party intro ver3 tab250.00
my kinda party intro ver4 tab220.00
my kinda party tab320.00
my kinda party ver2 crd330.00
my kinda party ver2 tab240.00
my kinda party ver3 crd230.00
my kinda party ver3 tab210.00
my kinda party ver4 crd240.00
my kinda party ver4 tab270.00
my kinda party video lesson260.00
my memory aint what it used to be crd230.00
my memory aint what it used to be ver2 crd260.00


night train crd300.00
night train ver2 crd240.00
night train ver3 crd230.00
no crd290.00


on my highway crd340.00
on my highway ver2 crd310.00


pretty cowboy lady crd270.00


relentless crd230.00


see you when i see you crd270.00
see you when i see you ver2 crd380.00
she loved me crd210.00
shes country btab250.00
shes country crd230.00
shes country tab340.00
shes country ver2 btab260.00
shes country ver2 crd220.00
shes country ver2 tab240.00
staring at the sun crd280.00
staring at the sun ver2 crd280.00


take a little ride crd210.00
take a little ride tab160.00
take a little ride ver2 tab300.00
talk crd290.00
tattoos on this town crd250.00
tattoos on this town intro tab230.00
tattoos on this town intro ver2 tab230.00
texas was you crd280.00
the best of me crd220.00
the only way i know crd290.00
the only way i know tab260.00
the truth crd280.00
the truth intro tab330.00
the truth tab280.00
the truth ver2 crd240.00
the truth ver3 crd210.00
the truth ver4 crd280.00
the truth ver5 crd230.00
this i gotta see crd240.00
this i gotta see ver2 crd270.00
this i gotta see ver3 crd200.00
this nothin town crd220.00


walking way crd230.00
water tower crd270.00
wheels rollin crd290.00
when she says baby crd210.00
whos kissing you tonight crd250.00
why crd320.00
why solo tab280.00
why tab220.00
why ver2 crd270.00
wide open crd320.00


youre the love i wanna be in crd210.00
youre the one i wanna be in crd230.00