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Jason Thomas Mraz (/mᵊˈræz/; born June 23, 1977) is an American singer-songwriter who first came to prominence in the San Diego coffee shop scene in 2000. In 2002, he released his debut studio album, Waiting for My Rocket to Come, which contained the hit single "The Remedy (I Won't Worry)". With the release of his second album, Mr. A-Z, in 2005, Mraz achieved major commercial success. The album peaked at number 5 on the Billboard 200 and sold over 100,000 copies in the US. In 2008, Mraz released his third studio album, We Sing. We Dance. We Steal Things. It debuted at number 3 on the Billboard 200 and was an international commercial success primarily due to the hit "I'm Yours". The song peaked at number 6 on the Billboard Hot 100, giving him his first top ten single, and spent a then-record 76 weeks on the Hot 100. His fourth album, Love Is a Four Letter Word, peaked at number 2 on the Billboard 200, his highest-charting album to date. Mraz has won two Grammy Awards and received...
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0 interest crd430.00
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10000 motherfuckers crd330.00
10000 motherfuckers intro tab370.00
10000 motherfuckers live intro tab490.00
10000 motherfuckers tab450.00
1000 things acoustic crd380.00
1000 things crd360.00
1000 things live crd360.00
1000 things tab340.00


93 million miles crd330.00
93 million miles tab370.00
93 million miles ver2 crd380.00
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93 million miles ver4 crd460.00


a beautiful mess crd390.00
a beautiful mess tab380.00
a beautiful mess ver2 crd410.00
a beautiful mess ver2 tab400.00
absolutely zero crd370.00
absolutely zero tab350.00
after an afternoon crd410.00
after an afternoon tab350.00
after an afternoon ver2 tab420.00
all dialed in crd400.00
all dialed in tab480.00
all i want for christmas is us crd300.00
all i want for christmas is us ver2 crd340.00
anything you want crd370.00
anything you want tab390.00


ballad of floz kid tab370.00
be honest crd280.00
be honest tab400.00
beauty in ugly crd390.00
bella luna acoustic tab360.00
bella luna crd400.00
bella luna tab360.00
bella luna ver2 crd400.00
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better acoustic tab350.00
blitzkrieg bop crd370.00
boys gone crd320.00
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boys gone tab320.00
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boys gone ver3 crd340.00
bright eyes crd420.00
bright eyes intro tab480.00
bright eyes tab440.00
bright eyes ver2 tab530.00
bright eyes ver3 tab430.00
bright eyes ver4 tab350.00
burning bridges crd360.00
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butter fly crd390.00
butterfly acoustic crd450.00


cannabis college crd330.00
childlife wildlife tab480.00
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clock watching crd360.00
clock watching tab470.00
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collapsable plans crd350.00
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common pleasure intro tab350.00
coyotes crd430.00
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curbside prophet acoustic crd330.00
curbside prophet crd400.00
curbside prophet tab390.00
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curbsite prophet tab550.00


dead end tab420.00
dear anna tab360.00
deatils in the fabric crd490.00
details in the fabric crd300.00
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did you get my message crd460.00
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did you get my message ver4 crd490.00
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dream life of rand mcnally crd410.00
dream life of rand mcnally tab400.00
dream life of rand mcnally ver2 tab360.00
dynamo of volition crd380.00
dynamo of volition tab450.00
dynamo of volition ver2 crd380.00
dynamo of volition ver2 tab360.00
dynamo of volition ver3 crd330.00


everything is sound crd330.00
everything is sound ver2 crd350.00


fly me to the moon tab400.00
frank d fixer crd360.00
frank d fixer tab360.00
freedom song crd420.00
freedom song tab380.00


galaxy tab460.00
geek in the pink crd340.00
geek in the pink live tab370.00
geek in the pink tab400.00
geek in the pink ver2 crd420.00
geek in the pink ver2 tab320.00
geek in the pink ver3 crd310.00
geek in the pink ver3 tab360.00
geek in the pink ver4 crd410.00
geek in the pink ver5 crd400.00
gentlemen dont change at all crd330.00
god moves through you tab390.00
god rests in reason tab410.00
gypsy mc tab870.00


halfway home acoustic tab320.00
halfway home acoustic ver2 tab370.00
halfway home crd360.00
halfway home tab330.00
halfway home ver2 tab380.00
halfway home ver3 tab320.00
happy ending tab330.00
happy endings tab440.00
hey love crd430.00
hey love live crd450.00
hey love tab380.00
hey love ver2 tab450.00


i melt with you crd430.00
i never knew you tab320.00
i wont give up btab390.00
i wont give up crd560.00
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i wont give up ver10 crd500.00
i wont give up ver2 crd530.00
i wont give up ver2 tab450.00
i wont give up ver3 crd420.00
i wont give up ver3 tab410.00
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i wont give up ver7 tab610.00
i wont give up ver8 crd450.00
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i wont give up ver9 crd470.00
i wont give up ver9 tab430.00
if it kills me acoustic tab580.00
if it kills me crd460.00
if it kills me tab410.00
ill do anything acoustic crd400.00
ill do anything crd440.00
ill do anything tab440.00
ill do anything ver2 crd520.00
ill do anything ver2 tab400.00
im coming over crd520.00
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im yours acoustic crd490.00
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im yours btab390.00
im yours crd430.00
im yours intro tab410.00
im yours tab450.00
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im yours ver2 crd450.00
im yours ver2 tab400.00
im yours ver2 video lesson360.00
im yours ver3 btab390.00
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im yours ver3 video lesson410.00
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im yours ver4 video lesson380.00
im yours ver5 crd410.00
im yours ver5 tab410.00
im yours ver6 crd340.00
im yours ver6 tab390.00
im yours ver7 crd410.00
im yours video lesson410.00
in the name of love tab390.00
in the name of love ver2 tab510.00
in your hands crd330.00
in your hands ver2 crd480.00
in your hands ver3 crd390.00


life is wondeful tab390.00
life is wonderful crd340.00
life is wonderful intro tab420.00
life is wonderful intro ver2 tab320.00
life is wonderful tab400.00
life is wonderful ver2 crd350.00
life is wonderful ver2 tab390.00
life is wonderful ver3 tab440.00
like i never knew you crd370.00
lisas hands crd420.00
little you and i tab380.00
live high acoustic tab350.00
live high crd430.00
live high tab500.00
live high ver2 crd400.00
live high ver3 crd470.00
living in the moment crd440.00
living in the moment intro tab390.00
living in the moment ver2 crd430.00
love for a child crd480.00
love for a child intro tab440.00
love for a child intro ver2 tab410.00
love for a child ver2 crd460.00
love for a child ver3 crd380.00
love is real crd390.00
love is real tab430.00
love is real ver2 tab430.00
love love love crd380.00
lucky btab420.00
lucky crd750.00
lucky intro tab510.00
lucky live tab510.00
lucky tab450.00
lucky ver2 crd490.00
lucky ver2 video lesson430.00
lucky ver3 crd410.00
lucky ver4 crd360.00
lucky ver5 crd540.00
lucky ver6 crd450.00
lucky ver7 crd450.00
lucky ver8 crd850.00
lucky video lesson420.00


make it mine acoustic crd360.00
make it mine crd380.00
make it mine tab370.00
make it mine ver2 crd470.00
make it mine ver3 crd460.00
make it mine ver4 crd350.00
man gave names to all the animals crd420.00
medley crd320.00
mr a z album crd470.00
mr curiosity crd430.00
mr curiosity ver2 crd370.00
mr curiosity ver3 crd420.00
mr curiosity ver4 crd410.00
mr curiosity ver5 crd330.00
mudhouse gypsy mc crd370.00
mudhouse gypsy mc ver2 crd420.00


never too late crd470.00
no doubling back tab420.00
no doubling back ver2 tab380.00
no stopping us crd490.00
no stopping us tab360.00
no stopping us ver2 crd420.00
not so usual crd360.00
not so usual live tab350.00
not so usual tab460.00
not so usual ver2 crd530.00


o interest tab410.00
o lover crd470.00
o lover tab370.00
older lover undercover crd300.00
older lover undercover tab400.00
on love in sadness crd370.00
on love in sadness tab360.00
on love in sadness ver2 crd430.00
on love in sadness ver2 tab390.00
on love in sadness ver3 crd350.00
on love with sadness crd390.00
one love crd420.00
one love tab390.00
only human crd420.00
opportunist lover o lover tab330.00


plain jane tab390.00
plan crd350.00
plane crd420.00
plane tab420.00
plane ver2 crd440.00
plane ver2 tab410.00
plane ver3 crd380.00
plane ver4 crd410.00
plane ver5 crd500.00
please dont tell her crd390.00
please dont tell her tab400.00
please dont tell her ver2 crd370.00
please dont tell her ver3 crd460.00
please dont tell her ver4 crd400.00
prettiest friend crd300.00


rainbow connection crd390.00
rainbow connection tab440.00
rainbow connection ver2 crd350.00
rainbow connection ver3 crd360.00
rainbow connection ver4 crd460.00
ray of sunshine crd310.00
remedy btab570.00
remedy tab420.00
rescue crd530.00
right kind of phrase tab350.00
rocket man crd460.00
rocket man tab330.00
rocket man ver2 crd460.00
running tab340.00
running ver2 tab420.00


sail away crd430.00
san disco reggaefornia crd380.00
san disco reggaefornia tab400.00
shy that way tab390.00
silent love song crd370.00
sleep all day acoustic tab370.00
sleep all day crd380.00
sleep all day tab430.00
sleep all day ver2 crd340.00
sleep all day ver2 tab400.00
sleep all day ver3 crd390.00
sleep all day ver3 tab340.00
sleeping to dream crd450.00
sleeping to dream tab590.00
sleeping to dream ver2 crd410.00
sleeping to dream ver3 crd470.00
song for a friend crd410.00
song for a friend intro tab400.00
song for a friend tab390.00
stranger in the sky tab420.00
sunshine song live crd460.00


the darkest space crd380.00
the darkest space tab470.00
the darkest space ver2 crd410.00
the forecast crd430.00
the longest day of the year crd380.00
the remedy acoustic crd490.00
the remedy acoustic tab380.00
the remedy acoustic ver2 tab450.00
the remedy crd420.00
the remedy tab420.00
the remedy ver2 crd600.00
the remedy ver2 tab430.00
the remedy ver3 crd400.00
the remedy ver3 tab420.00
the world as i see it crd490.00
the world as i see it tab390.00
they shaped my life tab420.00
they shaped my life who i am today tab400.00
this is what our love looks like crd290.00
this movie is rated ours crd420.00
tonight not again crd430.00
tonight not again tab480.00
too much food crd430.00
too much food intro tab400.00
too much food tab430.00
traveler intro tab410.00
traveler intro ver2 tab370.00
traveler tab390.00
try try try crd480.00


unfold acoustic tab350.00
unfold crd400.00
unfold live tab360.00
unfold tab360.00
up crd570.00
up intro tab360.00
up ver2 crd480.00
up ver3 crd430.00
up ver4 crd540.00
up ver5 crd450.00


waiting for my rocket to come album crd440.00
warming up crd380.00
warming up to me tab420.00
we sing we dance we steal things album crd400.00
what mama say crd460.00
what we want crd410.00
what we want tab390.00
what we want ver2 crd360.00
what would love do now crd530.00
what would love do now tab370.00
what would love do now ver2 crd450.00
what would love do now ver3 crd380.00
when we die years go fast crd390.00
who i am today crd330.00
who i am today tab410.00
who needs shelter crd330.00
who needs shelter intro tab390.00
who needs shelter intro ver2 tab400.00
who needs shelter intro ver3 tab360.00
who needs shelter ver2 crd400.00
whos thinking about you now crd440.00
winter wonderland crd380.00
winter wonderland live crd330.00
winter wonderland live tab370.00
woman i love crd380.00
woman i love ver2 crd470.00
woman i love ver3 crd430.00
woman i love ver4 crd360.00
woman i love ver5 crd490.00
wordplay crd360.00
wordplay live crd420.00
wordplay tab410.00
wordplay ver2 crd350.00
wordplay ver3 crd440.00
wordplay ver4 crd340.00
wordplay ver5 crd420.00
wordplay ver6 crd380.00


you and i both acoustic crd340.00
you and i both tab370.00
you and i both ver2 crd400.00
you and i both ver2 tab410.00
you and i both ver3 crd400.00
you and i both ver3 tab460.00
you and i both ver4 crd420.00
you fuckin did it crd400.00
you fuckin did it tab390.00
you fuckin did it ver2 crd350.00
you make me high crd370.00
you make me high tab440.00
you make me high ver2 crd360.00
you make me high ver2 tab380.00