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Joe Bonamassa (born May 8, 1977) is an American blues rock guitarist, singer and songwriter. When he was only 12 years old, Bonamassa opened for B.B. King. In the last 13 years Bonamassa has put out 15 solo albums through his independent record label J&R Adventures, of which 11 have reached #1 on the Billboard Blues charts. Bonamassa has played alongside such artists as Stephen Stills, Eric Clapton, Blondie Chaplin, Foreigner, Buddy Guy, Steve Winwood, Warren Haynes, and Derek Trucks among others. His career highlights include performances at the Royal Albert Hall and a Grammy Award nomination in 2013. In addition to his music career, Joe Bonamassa runs a nonprofit organization called the Keeping the Blues Alive Foundation, whose mission it is to further music education by funding scholarships and providing music education resources to schools in need. Life and career Solo career Bonamassa was born in New Hartford, New York. He started playing guitar at age four, encouraged by...
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a place in my heart crd440.00
another kind of love intro tab390.00
asking around for you crd290.00
asking around for you intro tab280.00


ball peen hammer intro tab360.00
ball peen hammer tab340.00
bird on a wire crd280.00
bird on a wire ver2 crd430.00
black lung heartache solo tab370.00
blue and evil intro tab320.00
blue and evil intro ver2 tab350.00
blue and evil tab320.00
blue and evil ver2 tab310.00
bridge to better days tab350.00


color and shape tab380.00


dirt in my pocket tab370.00
django tab370.00
django ver2 tab550.00
dont burn down that bridge tab360.00
driving towards the daylight crd330.00
driving towards the daylight tab340.00
driving towards the daylight ver2 tab320.00
driving towards the daylight ver3 tab330.00


faux mantini tab400.00


had to cry today tab450.00
happier times crd380.00
happier times solo tab400.00
heavenly soul crd290.00
high water everywhere tab390.00


i got all that you need crd270.00
if heartaches were nickels crd280.00
india mountain time tab320.00


jelly roll intro tab340.00
jelly roll tab440.00


lie 1 tab300.00
lonesome road blues tab330.00
lonesome road blues ver2 tab300.00


man of many words tab350.00


new day yesterday live tab390.00
new day yesterday tab270.00


one of these days intro tab360.00
one of these days tab440.00


palm trees helicopters and gasoline tab370.00


reconsider baby tab330.00
richmond crd360.00
richmond ver2 crd350.00
river tab310.00


sloe gin crd280.00
spanish boots intro tab450.00
spanish boots video lesson340.00
steal your heart away tab380.00
steppin outrice pudding tab320.00
stone cold hearted tab370.00
stop intro tab420.00
story of a quarryman solo tab330.00
story of a quarryman solo video lesson280.00
story of a quarryman tab300.00
story of a quarryman video lesson290.00


takin the hit tab400.00
the ballad of john henry btab330.00
the ballad of john henry tab450.00
the ballad of john henry ver2 tab420.00
the ballad of john henry ver3 tab340.00
the ballad of john henry ver4 tab340.00
three times a fool crd310.00
too much love aint enough crd330.00


unbroken tab340.00


waiting for me tab400.00
when she dances crd290.00
woke up dreamin tab350.00


you upset me baby btab310.00
you upset me baby intro tab400.00