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John Mellencamp is an album by American singer-songwriter and musician John Mellencamp, released in 1998. It was the first of three albums Mellencamp would record for Columbia Records. "On this record, we ended up quite a bit away from where we started," Mellencamp told Guitar World Acoustic in 1998. "Initially, I wanted to make a record that barely had drums on it. Donovan made a record (in 1966), Sunshine Superman, and I wanted to start with that same kind of vibe—Eastern, very grand stories, fairy tales. We ended up with a few Eastern instruments. But everybody prepared to make that record. After the last tour, I gave everybody Sunshine Superman, and I said: 'Listen to this record, because you're going to need to know it.'" Track listing "Fruit Trader" (John Mellencamp) - 3:57 "Your Life Is Now" (Mellencamp/George Green) - 3:59 "Positively Crazy" (Mellencamp/Green/Andy York) - 4:09 "I'm Not Running Anymore" (Mellencamp) - 3:26 "It All Comes True" (Mellencamp/Green) - 3:58 "Eden...
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