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John R. "Johnny" Cash (born J. R. Cash; February 26, 1932 – September 12, 2003) was an American singer-songwriter, guitarist, actor, and author, who was widely considered one of the most influential musicians of the 20th century and one of the best-selling music artists of all time, having sold more than 90 million records worldwide. Although primarily remembered as a country music icon, his genre-spanning songs and sound embraced rock and roll, rockabilly, blues, folk, and gospel. This crossover appeal won Cash the rare honor of multiple inductions in the Country Music, Rock and Roll, and Gospel Music Halls of Fame. Cash was known for his deep, calm bass-baritone voice, the distinctive sound of his Tennessee Three backing band, a rebelliousness coupled with an increasingly somber and humble demeanor, free prison concerts, and a trademark look, which earned him the nickname "The Man in Black". He traditionally began his concerts with the simple "Hello, I'm Johnny Cash", followed by...
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25 minutes to go crd520.00


a boy named sue btab550.00
a boy named sue crd660.00
a boy named sue tab580.00
a boy named sue ver2 crd440.00
a boy named sue ver3 crd530.00
a boy named sue ver4 crd550.00
a boy named sue ver5 crd480.00
a boy named sue ver6 crd520.00
a boy named sue ver7 crd420.00
a cowboys prayer crd490.00
a legend in my time crd540.00
a letter from home crd500.00
a satisfied mind crd500.00
a thing called love crd510.00
a thing called love ver2 crd450.00
a thing called love ver3 crd400.00
a thing called love ver4 crd610.00
after the ball crd540.00
after the ball tab440.00
aint no good chain gang crd450.00
aint no grave can hold my body down crd480.00
aint no grave can hold my body down ver2 crd590.00
alamo crd720.00
all over again crd620.00
all over again tab690.00
aloha oe crd510.00
angel band crd490.00
any old wind that blows crd400.00
apache tears crd610.00
austin prison crd490.00


bad news crd590.00
ballad of a teenage queen crd600.00
ballad of a teenage queen tab550.00
ballad of a teenage queen ver2 crd480.00
ballad of boot hill crd610.00
ballad of ira hayes crd560.00
ballad of ira hayes ver2 crd450.00
banks of the ohio crd440.00
before my time tab450.00
belshazzar crd580.00
big bad john crd470.00
big driver crd440.00
big iron tab620.00
big river crd480.00
big river tab580.00
big river ver2 crd440.00
big river ver2 tab540.00
big river ver3 crd530.00
big river ver4 crd420.00
big river ver5 crd440.00
big river ver6 crd520.00
bird on a wire crd610.00
bird on a wire ver2 crd490.00
blistered crd580.00
blue suede shoes crd430.00
blue train intro tab520.00
blue train solo tab630.00
blue train tab520.00
blue yodel no 9 crd500.00
bonanza intro tab490.00
born to lose tab610.00
bridge over troubled water crd610.00
bridge over troubled water ver2 crd490.00
brown eyed handsome man crd510.00
brown eyed handsome man intro crd550.00
bull rider tab630.00
bury me not on the lone prairie crd500.00
busted crd550.00
busted ver2 crd530.00
busted ver3 crd600.00


cant help but wonder where im bound crd470.00
cant help but wonder where im bound ver2 crd490.00
casey jones btab510.00
casey jones crd650.00
caseys last ride crd570.00
cats in the cradle crd490.00
cats in the cradle intro tab490.00
cats in the cradle tab470.00
chattanoga city limit sign crd610.00
chicken in black crd450.00
children go where i send thee crd520.00
christmas feeling crd520.00
city of new orleans crd400.00
city of new orleans ver2 crd420.00
cocaine blues btab550.00
cocaine blues crd440.00
cocaine blues live tab440.00
cocaine blues tab590.00
cocaine blues ver2 crd500.00
cocaine blues ver2 tab590.00
cocaine blues ver3 crd580.00
cocaine carolia crd640.00
cocaine carolina crd530.00
cocaine carolina ver2 crd460.00
come along and ride this train crd460.00
come in stranger crd500.00
come in stranger tab580.00
come in stranger ver2 crd520.00
cotton fields the cotton song crd730.00
country boy crd600.00
country trash crd530.00
country trash ver2 crd580.00
cowboys prayer crd560.00
cry cry cry crd490.00
cry cry cry solo tab560.00
cry cry cry tab590.00
cry cry cry ver2 crd440.00
cry cry cry ver2 tab600.00
cry cry cry ver3 crd570.00
cry cry cry ver3 tab610.00
cry cry cry ver4 crd520.00
cry cry cry ver4 tab580.00


daddy sang bass crd620.00
daddy sang bass intro tab620.00
daddy sang bass ver2 crd700.00
daddy sang bass ver3 crd470.00
daddy sang bass ver4 crd540.00
danny boy crd560.00
dark as a dungeon crd600.00
dark as a dungeon intro tab680.00
dark as a dungeon ver2 crd480.00
dark as the dungeon crd530.00
darling companion crd650.00
death and hell crd660.00
delias gone crd760.00
delias gone ver2 crd570.00
delias gone ver3 crd610.00
delias gone ver4 crd620.00
desperado crd530.00
desperado intro tab660.00
desperado tab510.00
devil to pay crd540.00
devil to pay intro tab540.00
dirty old egg suckin dog crd520.00
dirty old egg suckin dog ver2 crd510.00
doin my time crd630.00
doin my time ver2 crd550.00
dont go near the water crd510.00
dont make me go crd610.00
dont take your guns to town crd590.00
dont take your guns to town ver2 crd650.00
dont think twice its alright crd490.00
dont think twice its alright ver2 crd460.00
down there by the train crd520.00
down there by the train ver2 crd600.00
drive on crd840.00


even cowgirls get the blues crd620.00
evening train crd720.00


far side banks of jordan crd440.00
far side banks of jordan ver2 crd540.00
field of diamonds tab530.00
first time ever i saw your face crd500.00
five feet high and risin crd590.00
five feet high and risin ver2 crd520.00
five minutes to live crd570.00
flesh and blood crd460.00
flushed from the bathroom of your heart crd580.00
flushed from the bathroom of your heart ver2 crd520.00
folsom prison blues btab540.00
folsom prison blues crd450.00
folsom prison blues live crd500.00
folsom prison blues live tab490.00
folsom prison blues solo tab810.00
folsom prison blues tab500.00
folsom prison blues ver10 crd450.00
folsom prison blues ver2 btab550.00
folsom prison blues ver2 crd610.00
folsom prison blues ver2 tab400.00
folsom prison blues ver2 video lesson500.00
folsom prison blues ver3 crd480.00
folsom prison blues ver3 tab510.00
folsom prison blues ver3 video lesson490.00
folsom prison blues ver4 crd620.00
folsom prison blues ver4 tab510.00
folsom prison blues ver5 crd480.00
folsom prison blues ver5 tab420.00
folsom prison blues ver6 crd540.00
folsom prison blues ver6 tab440.00
folsom prison blues ver7 crd440.00
folsom prison blues ver8 crd410.00
folsom prison blues ver9 crd420.00
folsom prison blues video lesson660.00
fools hall of fame crd450.00
for the good times crd590.00
for the good times ver2 crd740.00
for you crd620.00
forgot to rember to forget crd490.00
forty shades of green crd450.00
four strong winds crd600.00
four strong winds intro tab480.00
four strong winds ver2 crd390.00
frankie and johnny crd760.00
frankie and johnny ver2 crd540.00
frankies man johnny crd530.00
furter on up the road crd470.00
furter on up the road ver2 crd490.00
further on up the road crd620.00
further on up the road ver2 crd500.00
further on up the road ver3 crd520.00
further on up the road ver4 crd570.00


general lee crd510.00
get rhythm btab580.00
get rhythm crd730.00
get rhythm tab530.00
get rhythm ver2 btab570.00
get rhythm ver2 tab570.00
get rhythm ver3 tab700.00
ghost riders in the sky crd460.00
ghost riders in the sky intro tab500.00
ghost riders in the sky tab490.00
ghost riders in the sky ver2 crd570.00
ghost riders in the sky ver2 tab480.00
ghost riders in the sky ver3 crd550.00
ghost riders in the sky ver3 tab430.00
ghost riders in the sky ver4 crd460.00
ghost riders in the sky ver4 tab490.00
ghost riders in the sky ver5 crd450.00
ghost riders in the sky ver5 tab540.00
ghost riders in the sky ver6 crd570.00
ghost riders in the sky ver7 crd500.00
girl from saskatoon crd570.00
girl in saskatoon crd470.00
girl of the north country crd510.00
give my love to rose crd530.00
go on blues crd530.00
god aint no stained glass window crd510.00
god will cut you down crd520.00
god will cut you down tab460.00
god will cut you down ver2 tab530.00
gods gonna cut down crd560.00
gods gonna cut you down crd490.00
gods gonna cut you down tab500.00
gods gonna cut you down ver2 crd530.00
gods gonna cut you down ver2 tab610.00
gods gonna cut you down ver3 crd610.00
gods gonna cut you down ver4 crd490.00
goin by the book crd530.00
goin to memphis crd620.00
goodnight irene crd500.00
green green grass of home crd400.00
green green grass of home ver2 crd480.00
greystone chapel crd550.00
greystone chapel ver2 crd560.00
guess things happen that way crd630.00
guess things happen that way live at montreux crd470.00
guess things happen that way ver2 crd480.00
guess things happen that way ver3 crd520.00


hard times crd650.00
he stopped loving her today crd430.00
heart of gold crd460.00
heart of gold solo tab600.00
heart of gold solo ver2 tab890.00
help me crd560.00
help me tab610.00
heroes in black and white tab550.00
hey porter crd540.00
hey porter solo tab990.00
hey porter tab630.00
hey porter ver2 crd470.00
hey porter ver2 tab540.00
highway man crd560.00
highway man ver2 crd630.00
highway patrolman crd730.00
highwayman crd630.00
highwayman tab610.00
highwayman ver2 crd620.00
home of the blues crd590.00
home of the blues tab520.00
home of the blues ver2 crd660.00
home of the blues ver2 tab520.00
home of the blues ver3 crd540.00
home of the blues ver4 crd580.00
hot rod lincoln intro tab570.00
house is falling down crd450.00
hung my head btab480.00
hurt btab760.00
hurt crd740.00
hurt tab650.00
hurt ver2 crd750.00
hurt ver2 tab710.00
hurt ver3 crd810.00
hurt ver3 tab1140.00
hurt ver4 crd680.00
hurt ver4 tab750.00
hurt ver5 crd680.00
hurt ver5 tab650.00
hurt ver6 crd680.00
hurt ver6 tab720.00
hurt ver7 crd950.00
hurt ver8 crd690.00
hurt video lesson730.00


i came to believe crd690.00
i cant go on that way crd610.00
i corinthians 1555 crd530.00
i couldnt keep from cryin crd560.00
i dont hurt anymore crd550.00
i dont know where im bound crd400.00
i got stripes crd480.00
i got stripes ver2 crd650.00
i got stripes ver3 crd470.00
i got stripes ver4 crd550.00
i got stripes ver5 crd530.00
i hardly ever sing beer drinking songs crd620.00
i heard that lonesome whistle crd510.00
i hung my head crd610.00
i hung my head tab590.00
i just thought yould like to know crd540.00
i never picked cotton crd520.00
i see a darkness crd530.00
i see a darkness ver2 crd560.00
i see a darkness ver3 crd520.00
i see a darkness ver4 crd460.00
i still miss someone crd530.00
i still miss someone intro tab450.00
i still miss someone ver2 crd510.00
i still miss someone ver3 crd520.00
i talk to jesus every day crd470.00
i talk to jesus every day intro tab460.00
i ve been everywhere crd520.00
i walk the line btab560.00
i walk the line crd600.00
i walk the line intro btab550.00
i walk the line intro tab540.00
i walk the line tab600.00
i walk the line ver2 btab450.00
i walk the line ver2 crd610.00
i walk the line ver2 tab550.00
i walk the line ver3 crd540.00
i walk the line ver3 tab500.00
i walk the line ver4 crd540.00
i walk the line ver4 tab440.00
i walk the line ver5 crd570.00
i walk the line ver6 crd660.00
i walk the line ver7 crd450.00
i was there when it happened intro tab550.00
i was there when it happened tab640.00
i will rock and roll with you crd500.00
i wish i were crazy again crd610.00
i witnessed a crime tab600.00
i wont back down crd440.00
i wont back down intro tab440.00
i wont back down intro ver2 tab670.00
i wont back down ver2 crd580.00
i wont back down ver3 crd490.00
i would like to see you again crd480.00
id rather die young crd590.00
if i give my soul crd720.00
if we never meet again tab450.00
if you could read my mind crd490.00
if you could read my mind ver2 crd540.00
if you could read my mind ver3 crd530.00
if you could read my mind ver4 crd490.00
ill fly away crd520.00
im free from the chain gang now crd450.00
im free from the chain gang now ver2 crd770.00
im gonna sit on the porch and pick on my old guitar tab630.00
im leaving now crd610.00
im leaving now tab670.00
im on fire crd600.00
im so lonesome i could cry crd590.00
im so lonesome i could cry intro tab530.00
in my life crd600.00
in my life intro tab590.00
in my life intro ver2 tab470.00
in my life tab560.00
in my life ver2 crd610.00
in the garden crd520.00
in the jailhouse now tab520.00
in the sweet by and by crd610.00
in them old cottonfields back home crd510.00
in your mind crd510.00
it aint me babe btab470.00
it aint me babe crd550.00
it aint me babe ver2 crd430.00
it aint me babe ver3 crd580.00
it aint me babe ver4 crd460.00
it comes and goes crd540.00
it takes one to know me crd440.00
it takes one to know me ver2 crd460.00
it was jesus crd530.00
it was jesus intro tab450.00
it was jesus ver2 crd550.00
its all over crd520.00
ive been everywhere btab610.00
ive been everywhere crd560.00
ive been everywhere ver2 crd580.00


jackson crd620.00
jackson tab600.00
jackson ver2 crd540.00
jacob green crd490.00
joe bean crd530.00
johnny yuma theme crd530.00
just the other side of nowhere crd650.00


katy too tab520.00
kiefer intro tab610.00
kneeling drunkards plea crd480.00


lady crd530.00
last gunfighter ballad crd460.00
lead me gently home crd610.00
leave that junk alone crd580.00
legend of john henrys hammer crd450.00
let him roll crd640.00
let the train blow the whistle crd520.00
life goes on tab620.00
lifes railway to heaven crd470.00
like a soldier crd480.00
like the 309 crd480.00
like the 309 ver2 crd650.00
like the 309 ver3 crd540.00
like the 309 ver4 crd610.00
little magic glasses crd470.00
little wooly booger crd620.00
long legged guitar pickin man tab570.00
long black veil crd570.00
long black veil intro tab540.00
long black veil live crd450.00
long black veil ver2 crd580.00
long black veil ver3 crd470.00
long black veil ver4 crd540.00
long black veil ver5 crd590.00
long black veil ver6 crd470.00
lookin back in anger crd530.00
lost on the desert crd530.00
louisiana man crd560.00
love is the way crd550.00
loves been good to me crd470.00
loves been good to me ver2 crd520.00
loves been good to me ver3 crd430.00
loves been good to me ver4 crd430.00
luthers boogie crd540.00
luthers boogie solo tab570.00
luthers boogie solo ver2 tab600.00


man comes around crd480.00
man comes around tab500.00
man comes around ver2 crd470.00
man comes around ver2 tab600.00
man in black crd550.00
man in black ver2 crd500.00
man in black ver3 crd530.00
man in black ver4 crd600.00
man in black ver5 crd520.00
man in black ver6 crd490.00
man who couldnt cry crd560.00
mean eyed cat btab490.00
mean eyed cat crd620.00
mean eyed cat solo tab690.00
meet me in heaven crd500.00
meet me in heaven ver2 crd580.00
mercy seat crd560.00
mercy seat tab830.00
mercy seat ver2 tab530.00
mobile bay crd670.00
monteagle mountain crd470.00
my grandfathers clock crd520.00
my shoes keep walking back to you crd610.00
my treasure crd560.00


nearest thing to heaven crd460.00
nearest thing to heaven ver2 crd540.00
no earthly good crd640.00
nobody crd580.00


o bury me not crd730.00
oh lonesome me crd560.00
oh what a good thing we had crd510.00
old shep crd630.00
on the evening train crd710.00
on the evening train ver2 crd540.00
one crd670.00
one more ride crd480.00
one on the right is on the left crd470.00
one peace at a time intro tab540.00
one piece at a time crd500.00
one piece at a time intro tab580.00
one piece at a time ver2 crd490.00
one piece at a time ver3 crd620.00
one tab670.00
one ver2 crd650.00
oney crd570.00
oney ver2 crd570.00
orange blossom special crd590.00
orphan of the road tab730.00


peace in the valley tab410.00
personal jesus btab950.00
personal jesus crd490.00
personal jesus tab480.00
personal jesus ver2 crd500.00
personal jesus ver2 tab470.00
personal jesus ver3 crd460.00
personal jesus ver3 tab460.00
personal jesus ver4 tab500.00
personal jesus ver5 tab400.00
pickin time crd600.00
port of lonely hearts crd570.00


rebel johnny yuma crd550.00
rebel johnny yuma tab490.00
redemption crd480.00
redemption day crd540.00
redemption ver2 crd460.00
redemption ver3 crd530.00
remember me im the one who loves you crd580.00
remember me im the one who loves you tab590.00
ridin the rails crd610.00
ring of fire btab550.00
ring of fire crd590.00
ring of fire intro tab440.00
ring of fire tab530.00
ring of fire ver2 crd510.00
ring of fire ver2 tab590.00
ring of fire ver3 crd490.00
ring of fire ver3 tab550.00
ring of fire ver4 crd510.00
ring of fire ver4 tab570.00
ring of fire ver5 crd510.00
ring of fire ver5 tab630.00
ring of fire ver6 crd600.00
ring of fire ver7 crd450.00
ring of fire video lesson610.00
rock n roll ruby crd530.00
rock of ages crd570.00
rose of my heart crd490.00
rose of my heart tab760.00
rose of my heart ver2 crd570.00
rowboat btab660.00
rowboat crd660.00
run softly blue river crd550.00
rusty cage crd580.00
rusty cage tab650.00


saginaw michigan crd560.00
salty dog crd570.00
sam hall crd610.00
sam hall solo tab480.00
sam hall tab610.00
san quentin crd490.00
san quentin solo tab570.00
san quentin solo ver2 tab510.00
san quentin tab560.00
san quentin ver2 crd610.00
san quentin ver2 tab420.00
san quentin ver3 crd610.00
san quentin ver4 crd590.00
san quintin solo tab560.00
sea of heartbreak crd440.00
sea of heartbreak ver2 crd610.00
shepherd of my heart crd550.00
singer of songs crd500.00
singer of songs ver2 crd460.00
singing in vietnam talking blues crd490.00
six white horses crd540.00
sixteen tons tab610.00
so doggone lonesome crd610.00
so doggone lonesome intro tab440.00
so doggone lonesome ver2 crd600.00
solitary man crd650.00
solitary man tab690.00
solitary man ver2 tab520.00
southern accents crd440.00
southwind crd670.00
spiritual btab700.00
spiritual crd570.00
spiritual tab630.00
spiritual ver2 crd500.00
starkville city jail crd580.00
still miss someone crd510.00
streets of laredo crd670.00
streets of laredo ver2 crd560.00
sunday morning coming down crd550.00
sunday morning coming down ver2 crd470.00
sunday morning coming down ver3 crd390.00
sunday morning coming down ver4 crd500.00
sunday morning coming down ver5 crd520.00
sunday morning coming down ver6 crd490.00
sunday morning coming down ver7 crd450.00
sunday morning coming down ver8 crd530.00
sweeter than the flowers crd590.00


tenesse flat top box intro tab580.00
tennessee flat top box tab520.00
tennessee flat top box crd510.00
tennessee flat top box intro tab850.00
tennessee flat top box intro ver2 tab820.00
tennessee flat top box solo tab460.00
tennessee flat top box tab00.00
tennessee flat top box ver2 crd570.00
tennessee stud crd500.00
tennise flat top box intro tab460.00
thanks a lot crd480.00
thanksgiving prayer crd410.00
that lucky old sun crd480.00
that old wheel tab490.00
thats enough crd490.00
thats enough ver2 crd500.00
the ballad of boot hill crd930.00
the beast in me crd500.00
the big battle crd500.00
the caretaker crd650.00
the devils right hand crd530.00
the last time crd450.00
the last time tab510.00
the legend of johnny cash album crd730.00
the man comes around tab640.00
the matador crd700.00
the one on the left is on the right crd500.00
the rebel johnny yuma crd500.00
the shifting whispering sands crd420.00
the wall crd580.00
the wall ver2 crd510.00
the wanderer crd570.00
the wanderer ver2 crd500.00
the ways of a woman in love crd440.00
the ways of a woman in love tab460.00
the wreck of the ol 9 tab390.00
there you go crd740.00
there you go tab580.00
there you go ver2 crd590.00
thirteen crd570.00
thirteen ver2 crd560.00
this ole house crd560.00
thunderball crd610.00
train of love crd580.00
train of love solo tab670.00
train of love ver2 crd610.00
troubador crd590.00


unchained btab580.00
unchained crd560.00
unchained ver2 crd520.00
understand your man crd520.00


waiting for a train crd580.00
walk the line intro tab570.00
wall crd540.00
wanted man crd560.00
wanted man intro tab560.00
wanted man tab700.00
wayfaring stranger crd590.00
wayfaring stranger ver2 crd640.00
well meet again intro tab660.00
well meet again tab640.00
were you there crd620.00
what do i care crd560.00
what is truth crd620.00
what is truth ver2 crd500.00
when he reached down his hand for me crd440.00
when the man comes around crd560.00
when the man comes around tab490.00
when the man comes around ver2 crd550.00
when the man comes around ver3 crd470.00
where the soul of man never dies crd480.00
why me lord crd500.00
wichita lineman crd450.00
wichita lineman solo tab530.00
wide open road intro tab620.00
wide open road solo tab590.00
wildwood flower crd500.00
wildwood flower tab630.00
wildwood flower ver2 crd510.00
will the circle be unbroken crd520.00
will the circle be unbroken tab560.00
witchita lineman crd460.00
without love crd490.00
without love ver2 crd500.00
wont back down tab600.00
worried man crd570.00
would you lay with me in a field of stone crd510.00
wreck of the ol 97 tab520.00
wreck of the ol 97 ver2 tab550.00
wreck of the old 97 crd470.00
wreck of the old 97 tab520.00
wreck of the old 97 ver2 crd580.00
wrinkled crinkled wadded dollar bill crd520.00


you are my sunshine crd610.00
you are my sunshine tab480.00
you are my sunshine ver2 crd640.00
you wild colorado crd540.00
you win again crd560.00
youll never walk alone crd470.00
youre the nearest thing to heaven crd500.00