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Roberta Joan "Joni" Mitchell, CC (née Anderson; born November 7, 1943) is a Canadian singer-songwriter and painter. Mitchell's work is highly respected by critics, and she has deeply influenced fellow musicians in a diverse range of genres. Rolling Stone has called her "one of the greatest songwriters ever", and AllMusic has stated, "When the dust settles, Joni Mitchell may stand as the most important and influential female recording artist of the late 20th century". Her lyrics are noted for their developed poetics, addressing social and environmental ideals alongside personal feelings of romantic longing, confusion, disillusion, and joy. Mitchell began singing in small nightclubs in Saskatchewan and western Canada and then busking in the streets and shoddy nightclubs of Toronto. In 1965, she moved to the United States and began touring. Some of her original songs ("Urge for Going", "Chelsea Morning", "Both Sides, Now", "The Circle Game") were covered by folk singers, allowing her to...
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a case of you crd250.00
a case of you tab260.00
a case of you ver2 tab270.00
a case of you ver3 tab280.00
a strange boy tab290.00
all i want crd310.00
all i want ver2 crd230.00
amelia tab250.00


banquet crd420.00
barangrill tab310.00
big yellow taxi crd320.00
big yellow taxi ver2 crd260.00
blonde in the bleachers crd240.00
blue boy crd340.00
blue crd310.00
blue tab250.00
blue ver2 crd330.00
borderline tab270.00
both sides now crd350.00
both sides now tab340.00
both sides now ver2 crd240.00
both sides now ver2 tab250.00
both sides now ver3 crd260.00
both sides now ver4 crd310.00


cactus tree crd310.00
cactus tree ver2 crd280.00
california intro tab290.00
california tab240.00
car on a hill crd340.00
carey crd200.00
chelsea morning crd240.00
circle game crd340.00
circle game tab300.00
cold blue steel sweet fire tab350.00
conversation crd250.00
court and spark crd290.00
coyote crd240.00


dont interrupt the sorrow tab290.00
down to you crd320.00


edith and the kingpin crd300.00
edith and the kingpin tab260.00
edith and the kingpin ver2 crd280.00
edith and the kingpin ver3 crd290.00
electricity crd310.00


for free crd320.00
for the roses crd270.00
free man in paris tab260.00
furry sings the blues crd280.00


hejira tab290.00
help me crd280.00


i dont know where crd220.00
i dont know where i stand tab300.00
i had a king tab210.00


jericho crd1020.00
judgment of the moon and stars crd250.00
just like this train crd240.00


ladies of the canyon crd210.00
last chance lost crd270.00
let the wind carry me crd250.00
little green crd280.00
little green tab280.00


marcie crd400.00
marcie tab330.00
michael from mountains crd330.00
mitchell tunings crd290.00
morning morgantown crd260.00
my old man crd310.00


night in the city crd300.00


peoples parties crd220.00
peoples parties tab320.00


rainy night house crd230.00
raised on robbery crd210.00
real good for free crd280.00
river crd280.00
river ver2 crd220.00
river ver3 crd670.00
river ver4 crd350.00


see you sometime crd280.00
sex kills crd270.00
shades of scarlet conquering crd220.00


the circle game crd340.00
the circle game ver2 crd260.00
the dawntreader tab250.00
the drinking song crd280.00
the priest tab240.00
the same situation crd260.00
the wolf that lives in lindsey tab210.00
this flight tonight tab260.00
trouble child crd270.00
twisted crd310.00


urge for going crd270.00
urge for going ver2 crd240.00


willy crd350.00
willy ver2 crd410.00
woman of heart and mind tab310.00
woodstock crd310.00
woodstock ver2 crd220.00


you turn me on crd300.00
you turn me on ver2 crd320.00
yvette in english crd300.00