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Karen Zoid (born Karen Louise Greeff) (born on 10 August 1978 in Brussels, Belgium) is a South African rock singer, guitarist, and songwriter. Her work in both English and Afrikaans has garnered critical acclaim, and she has been dubbed South Africa's "Queen of Rock" by several major local publications. Her followers and, more generally, the South African youth have also been referred to as the "Zoid Generation" by the press. Zoid's current band members are Henry Steel Jnr (guitar), Schalk van der Merwe (bass guitar) and Tim Rankin (drums). The singer is also known for hosting the kykNet television series Republiek van Zoid Afrika and is one of the judges on The Voice SA. Early life Born in Brussels to a South African diplomat, Zoid grew up in Belgium before moving to Johannesburg. Here she attended the National School of the Arts before going on to study drama at AFDA. In 2001, she dropped out of university to focus her attention on music. Career Zoid's first album, "Poles Apart",...
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