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Walls (stylized as WALLS) is the seventh studio album by American rock band Kings of Leon. It was released on October 14, 2016, by RCA Records. The album title is an acronym for We Are Like Love Songs, which continues the band's unwritten rule of having five-syllable album titles on a technicality. Background Following their New Year's Eve show in Nashville, Nathan Followill said the band are aiming to release album seven in 2016: "We've already started pre-production in our studio for the next record, but the main thing on the calendar for 2016 is getting the record finished. And then the whole press machine kicks up and doing press for the record." Caleb added "We enjoy this part of the process. Obviously there's a lot of work that goes into it and it can get stressful at times, but we're all in a good place and we're having fun with it and we're all excited to do something new." The album is likely to be recorded in LA, with Caleb saying the band are looking for inspiration: "We...
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17 btab600.00
17 tab680.00
17 ver2 btab600.00
17 ver3 btab620.00
17 ver4 btab810.00
17 ver5 btab680.00


aha shake heartbreak album tab440.00
arizona btab510.00
arizona drum tab510.00
arizona intro tab530.00
arizona intro ver2 tab560.00
arizona solo tab510.00
arizona tab530.00
arizona ver2 btab480.00
arizona ver2 tab480.00
arizona ver3 btab530.00
arizona ver4 btab530.00
arizona ver5 btab550.00


back down south btab560.00
back down south crd460.00
back down south intro tab510.00
back down south intro ver2 tab500.00
back down south intro ver3 tab630.00
back down south intro ver4 tab610.00
back down south tab760.00
back down south ver2 btab470.00
back down south ver2 crd500.00
back down south ver3 crd680.00
be somebody acoustic crd470.00
be somebody btab470.00
be somebody crd550.00
be somebody intro tab540.00
be somebody intro ver2 tab510.00
be somebody tab590.00
be somebody ver2 btab620.00
be somebody ver2 tab470.00
be somebody ver3 tab490.00
beach side btab620.00
beach side tab550.00
because of the times album tab480.00
beneath the surface btab380.00
beneath the surface crd400.00
beneath the surface tab520.00
birthday btab470.00
birthday tab430.00
birthday ver2 tab570.00
black thumbnail btab460.00
black thumbnail crd710.00
black thumbnail intro tab430.00
black thumbnail tab550.00
black thumbnail ver2 tab510.00
bucket acoustic tab510.00
bucket btab530.00
bucket crd550.00
bucket drum tab550.00
bucket tab660.00
bucket ver2 btab650.00
bucket ver2 tab550.00
bucket ver3 btab510.00
bucket ver3 tab490.00
bucket ver4 btab610.00
bucket ver4 tab510.00
bucket ver5 btab590.00
bucket ver6 btab520.00
bucket video lesson620.00


california waiting btab690.00
california waiting crd570.00
california waiting intro tab500.00
california waiting intro ver2 tab420.00
california waiting tab570.00
california waiting ver2 btab450.00
california waiting ver2 crd550.00
california waiting ver2 tab480.00
california waiting ver3 tab450.00
california waiting ver4 tab610.00
camaro btab760.00
camaro tab580.00
camaro ver2 tab520.00
camaro ver3 tab450.00
celebration intro btab610.00
charmer btab540.00
charmer tab600.00
charmer ver2 btab540.00
charmer ver2 tab550.00
charmer ver3 btab520.00
charmer ver3 tab550.00
closer acoustic crd590.00
closer btab670.00
closer crd670.00
closer tab560.00
closer ver2 btab650.00
closer ver2 crd790.00
closer ver2 tab540.00
closer ver3 btab620.00
closer ver3 crd530.00
closer ver3 tab570.00
closer ver4 tab620.00
closer ver5 tab580.00
closer ver6 tab560.00
cold desert btab580.00
cold desert crd580.00
cold desert solo tab600.00
cold desert solo ver2 tab620.00
cold desert tab600.00
cold desert ver2 btab530.00
cold desert ver2 tab500.00
cold desert ver3 tab520.00
cold desert ver4 tab510.00
cold desert ver5 tab540.00
come around sundown album tab460.00
crawl acoustic crd470.00
crawl btab670.00
crawl intro tab550.00
crawl tab620.00
crawl ver2 btab480.00
crawl ver3 btab730.00


danceing with fatima tab550.00
day old blues btab590.00
day old blues crd530.00
day old blues tab540.00
day old blues ver2 crd490.00
day old blues ver2 tab410.00
day old blues ver3 tab480.00
day old blues ver4 tab430.00
dusty btab650.00
dusty crd640.00
dusty tab540.00
dusty ver2 btab600.00
dusty ver2 crd560.00
dusty ver3 crd570.00


fans btab660.00
fans crd830.00
fans tab610.00
fans ver2 btab580.00
fans ver2 tab730.00
fans ver3 btab620.00
fans ver3 tab690.00
four kicks btab620.00
four kicks crd580.00
four kicks solo tab500.00
four kicks tab590.00
four kicks ver2 btab590.00
four kicks ver2 tab560.00
four kicks ver3 btab420.00
four kicks ver3 tab460.00
four kicks ver4 btab530.00
four kicks ver4 tab470.00
frontier city btab610.00
frontier city crd470.00
frontier city tab570.00
frontier city ver2 crd450.00
frontier city ver2 tab480.00
frontier city ver3 tab530.00
frontier city ver4 tab390.00


genius btab540.00
genius tab710.00


happy alone btab560.00
happy alone crd680.00
happy alone tab450.00
head to toe btab590.00
head to toe tab490.00
holy roller novocaine btab540.00
holy roller novocaine crd430.00


i want you btab570.00
i want you crd470.00
i want you tab720.00
i want you ver2 btab470.00
i want you ver2 crd460.00
i want you ver2 tab420.00
i want you ver3 crd550.00
immortals btab570.00
immortals crd460.00
immortals tab490.00
immortals ver2 btab480.00


joes head btab490.00
joes head crd500.00
joes head intro tab580.00
joes head tab460.00
joes head ver2 btab540.00
joes head ver2 tab480.00


king of the rodeo acoustic crd540.00
king of the rodeo btab590.00
king of the rodeo crd570.00
king of the rodeo tab660.00
king of the rodeo ver2 btab530.00
king of the rodeo ver2 tab450.00
king of the rodeo ver3 btab620.00
king of the rodeo ver3 tab540.00
king of the rodeo video lesson560.00
knocked up btab510.00
knocked up crd560.00
knocked up intro tab520.00
knocked up tab510.00
knocked up ver2 btab470.00
knocked up ver2 crd490.00
knocked up ver2 tab570.00
knocked up ver3 btab580.00
knocked up ver3 tab620.00
knocked up ver4 tab470.00


manhattan btab570.00
manhattan crd570.00
manhattan solo tab560.00
manhattan tab580.00
manhattan ver2 btab510.00
manhattan ver2 tab490.00
manhattan ver3 btab400.00
manhattan ver3 tab520.00
manhattan ver4 btab360.00
manhattan ver4 tab470.00
manhattan ver5 btab490.00
mary btab560.00
mary crd540.00
mary intro tab510.00
mary solo tab570.00
mcfearless btab640.00
mcfearless drum tab510.00
mcfearless tab480.00
mcfearless ver2 btab480.00
mcfearless ver3 btab510.00
mi amigo btab1140.00
mi amigo crd560.00
mi amigo tab630.00
mi amigo ver2 tab670.00
mi amigo ver3 tab620.00
milk btab610.00
milk tab540.00
milk ver2 tab780.00
milk ver3 tab610.00
milk ver4 tab570.00
milk ver5 tab560.00
mollys chambers btab560.00
mollys chambers crd530.00
mollys chambers live tab620.00
mollys chambers tab520.00
mollys chambers ver2 btab550.00
mollys chambers ver2 tab560.00
mollys chambers ver3 btab520.00
mollys chambers ver3 tab530.00
mollys chambers ver4 tab480.00
mollys chambers ver5 tab490.00
mollys hangover crd580.00
mollys hangover tab620.00
my party btab520.00
my party intro tab630.00
my party tab620.00
my party ver2 btab520.00
my third house btab460.00
my third house tab460.00
my third house ver2 btab460.00
my third house ver2 tab500.00
my third house ver3 tab460.00


no money btab640.00
no money intro tab530.00
no money tab630.00
no money ver2 tab520.00
notion btab560.00
notion crd580.00
notion drum tab530.00
notion intro tab890.00
notion tab790.00
notion ver2 btab780.00
notion ver2 crd590.00
notion ver2 tab600.00
notion ver3 btab660.00
notion ver3 tab640.00
notion ver4 tab500.00
notion ver5 tab570.00


on call btab620.00
on call crd570.00
on call tab680.00
on call ver2 btab530.00
on call ver2 crd650.00
on call ver2 tab500.00
on call ver3 btab670.00
on call ver3 tab590.00
on call ver4 btab630.00
on call ver4 tab800.00
only by the night album tab530.00


pickup truck btab590.00
pickup truck crd520.00
pickup truck tab620.00
pickup truck ver2 btab650.00
pickup truck ver2 crd510.00
pickup truck ver2 tab450.00
pickup truck ver3 btab560.00
pickup truck ver3 crd430.00
pickup truck ver3 tab520.00
pickup truck ver4 crd560.00
pickup truck ver5 crd490.00
pistol of fire btab600.00
pistol of fire crd640.00
pistol of fire solo tab560.00
pistol of fire tab640.00
pistol of fire ver2 btab530.00
pistol of fire ver2 tab490.00
pony up btab730.00
pony up tab670.00
pony up ver2 btab550.00
pony up ver2 tab640.00
pony up ver3 btab720.00
pyro acoustic crd440.00
pyro btab670.00
pyro crd640.00
pyro intro tab660.00
pyro tab660.00
pyro ver2 btab660.00
pyro ver2 crd570.00
pyro ver2 tab580.00
pyro ver3 btab540.00
pyro ver3 crd560.00
pyro ver4 btab580.00
pyro ver4 crd550.00


radioactive btab650.00
radioactive crd640.00
radioactive tab610.00
radioactive ver2 crd530.00
radioactive ver2 tab480.00
ragoo btab650.00
ragoo crd570.00
ragoo tab610.00
ragoo ver2 btab620.00
ragoo ver2 crd560.00
ragoo ver2 tab550.00
ragoo ver3 btab590.00
ragoo ver3 tab510.00
ragoo ver4 tab650.00
ragoo ver5 tab540.00
razz btab550.00
razz tab610.00
red morning light btab460.00
red morning light crd460.00
red morning light intro tab440.00
red morning light solo tab490.00
red morning light solo ver2 tab530.00
red morning light tab530.00
red morning light ver2 crd620.00
red morning light ver2 tab600.00
rememo acoustic tab680.00
rememo btab550.00
revelry btab590.00
revelry crd590.00
revelry drum tab700.00
revelry tab560.00
revelry ver2 btab560.00
revelry ver2 crd540.00
revelry ver2 tab530.00
revelry ver3 btab590.00
revelry ver3 crd610.00
revelry ver3 tab800.00
revelry ver4 btab610.00
revelry ver4 tab470.00
reverly crd500.00
runner btab680.00
runner crd700.00
runner tab870.00
runner ver2 tab630.00


sex on fire acoustic crd640.00
sex on fire btab680.00
sex on fire crd720.00
sex on fire tab550.00
sex on fire ver2 btab460.00
sex on fire ver2 crd720.00
sex on fire ver2 tab550.00
sex on fire ver2 video lesson580.00
sex on fire ver3 btab710.00
sex on fire ver3 crd580.00
sex on fire ver3 tab570.00
sex on fire ver4 btab570.00
sex on fire ver4 tab560.00
sex on fire ver5 btab540.00
sex on fire ver5 tab500.00
sex on fire ver6 btab560.00
sex on fire ver6 tab560.00
sex on fire ver7 tab810.00
sex on fire video lesson460.00
slow night so long btab570.00
slow night so long crd410.00
slow night so long intro tab520.00
slow night so long tab510.00
slow night so long ver2 btab520.00
slow night so long ver3 btab490.00
slow night so long ver4 btab610.00
soft btab610.00
soft tab630.00
soft ver2 tab480.00
southbound intro tab510.00
southbound tab590.00
southbound ver2 tab430.00
spiral staircase btab600.00
spiral staircase tab510.00
spiral staircase ver2 btab590.00


talihina skies crd530.00
talihina sky btab640.00
talihina sky crd620.00
talihina sky tab730.00
talihina sky ver2 btab490.00
talihina sky ver2 crd650.00
talihina sky ver2 tab460.00
talihina sky ver3 tab640.00
taper jean girl btab540.00
taper jean girl crd530.00
taper jean girl tab530.00
taper jean girl ver2 btab480.00
taper jean girl ver2 tab520.00
taper jean girl ver3 tab450.00
the end btab680.00
the end crd550.00
the end intro tab640.00
the end tab730.00
the end ver2 btab540.00
the end ver3 btab520.00
the face btab660.00
the face crd580.00
the face intro tab490.00
the face intro ver2 tab540.00
the face tab620.00
the face ver2 btab520.00
the face ver3 btab510.00
trani btab550.00
trani crd570.00
trani tab690.00
trani ver2 tab470.00
true love way btab580.00
true love way crd590.00
true love way solo tab510.00
true love way tab460.00
true love way ver2 btab520.00
true love way ver2 tab530.00
true love way ver3 btab490.00
trunk drum tab660.00
trunk tab620.00


use somebody acoustic crd490.00
use somebody acoustic tab580.00
use somebody acoustic ver2 crd460.00
use somebody acoustic ver2 tab520.00
use somebody acoustic ver3 crd630.00
use somebody acoustic ver4 crd510.00
use somebody btab610.00
use somebody crd540.00
use somebody drum tab550.00
use somebody solo tab910.00
use somebody solo ver2 tab620.00
use somebody solo ver3 tab640.00
use somebody solo ver4 tab540.00
use somebody tab700.00
use somebody ver2 btab560.00
use somebody ver2 crd540.00
use somebody ver2 drum tab530.00
use somebody ver2 tab700.00
use somebody ver2 video lesson520.00
use somebody ver3 crd700.00
use somebody ver3 tab810.00
use somebody ver4 crd610.00
use somebody ver4 tab530.00
use somebody ver5 crd520.00
use somebody ver6 crd520.00
use somebody ver7 crd540.00
use somebody ver8 crd490.00
use somebody video lesson660.00


wasted time btab690.00
wasted time tab530.00
wasted time ver2 btab580.00
wasted time ver2 tab420.00
where nobody knows btab420.00
where nobody knows crd530.00
where nobody knows tab520.00
wicker chair btab600.00
wicker chair crd550.00
wicker chair tab510.00
wicker chair ver2 tab620.00
woo hoo btab690.00
woo hoo tab650.00


youth and young manhood album btab580.00
youth and young manhood album tab510.00